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Murrit Turkin

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>([best getc#a self tig#tened up and ur jigglers packed t#e fuck in cuz s#it do i got t#e lig#t to ignite one #elluva fire inside your brain matter] DCRC icon.png
Introduction DCRC icon.png First Appearance DCRC icon.png


Thief of Time


9 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity

He/They/She (Agender)



Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces H's with "#", circumfixes every message with ">([" and "]". Speaks in a irregular, erratic manner with heavy use of slang, references, nicknames, insults and memes. When serious he stops using slang and "#" for H's, but keeps the circumfixes and lack of capitals.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Acerigger Switchem - Ancestor
Dismas Mersiv - Kismesis (Bonded, Matesprit crush.)


Land of Wave and Record


Mammory Master ♫
Extra Worse ♫
Mantle Piece ♫
Deep Sea Trouble ♫
Mind In The Shutter ♫
Royale With Cheese ♫
That's Right! ♫
Radical Statical ♫
Disenchanted ♫
Indefinite Progress ♫
Good Old Hornless Jerryatric ♫
Minute To Win It ♫
Murrit's Theme ♫
Land Of Wave And Record (Demo) ♫
Path Of The Righteous Man ♫
Face Yourself ♫
Eigenstate ♫
Purple Hot Mess ♫
Mx. Misery ♫
Fictionalized ♫
Crafting the Craftables ♫




Murrit Turkin, also known by his Skorpe handle, unclaspedKahuna, is one of the main characters and Aspect Holders in Vast Error. Her associated alchemic sigil is Lead, and she is a deconstruction of the "incomprehensible character mess" fantroll archetype.[1]

They were the fifth troll introduced and the fourth player to enter the game. As a Time player, it was part of his initial duty to kick-start The Game's entry process and make sure all of his fellow players were ready to join, along with the session's Space player.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The surname Turkin could be a reference to Valentin Turkin (1887-1958), a Russian screenwriter and critic. This can be loosely related to Murrit's general interest in pop culture and propensity to record her friends' daily lives.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

During their time in school, Murrit was a part of the seadweller-specific classes, which put them under the designation of "honor student". Despite this, he was a notable troublemaker, frequently targeting Dismas Mersiv with his various antics. He silently tailed Dismas and Albion Shukra in their mission to get Jentha Briati out of her mould, convincing the three to let him join them in the yard. After Murrit shoved Dismas off a piece of playground equipment, Jentha was greatly upset, causing her to have a survival ability meltdown, which resulted in the death of many students and staff at the school, as well as the disappearance and presumed death of Dismas.

Murrit proceeded to take full blame for the incident and was expelled by the Principal. They journeyed in exile until eventually finding a tropical island to settle down on.

For a time following their expulsion, Murrit took to selling pieces of the ruins near their hive in order to get by. At around 4.5 sweeps old, they struck a deal with White Noise to rebuild the temple and notify his group of friends after he finished, in exchange for being awakened on the moon of Derse, where he was apprehended by a group of con men known as the Dead Shufflers and held hostage against the Black Queen. The game's Jack Noir, known as Scathing Sharper, quickly took a liking to Murrit and as such acted as a sort of mentor to her, teaching her how they operated and turning her into a feared member of their gang, and in her waking life, a feared member of the remaining seadweller hierarchy.

Some time afterward, Murrit played a fateful virtual poker game within which they reunited with Dismas, prompting them to sell the Shufflers out into servitude or hiding and completely recreate their personality from scratch into an eccentric, sleazy front. The two entered into a kismesissitude after some time, working as partners with Dismas as a hitman, and later, Murrit would lead Dismas to a destitute Jentha, reuniting the two who would then become moirails.

At an unspecified point after this and before the events of the story, Murrit watched on his monitors as Ellsee Raines attempted a ritual that went horribly wrong. The things Murrit saw shook them to their core, causing them to dedicate effort to excluding her from the upcoming game.

Act 1[edit | edit source]

On the night of The Game, Murrit spends most of his time preparing and organizing his plans to get everyone into the game successfully, pushing everyone along accordingly. This includes attempting to explain the circumstances to DCRC icon.png Taz Poemme in the most excruciating manner possible, re-explaining their past in relation to White Noise to Dismas DCRC icon.png as he is led outside by Murrit to be filmed fighting his lusus, spying on their friends DCRC icon.png on their various CRT monitors, and playing a different game with a friend to pass the time.

Murrit eventually makes his way back to the Frog Temple, which he has labeled and desecrated as his "hentai dungeon", after navigating a series of elaborate traps DCRC icon.png designed by himself to keep him on his toes. In the temple, along with several runes is a giant closed flower pod on a pedestal with a timer counting down, minutes from completion. Being a bit early for the big reveal, Murrit fetches their Doncamaticomp from their fetch modus, answering a message from Laivan Ferroo about the current state of preparation for the game. Murrit promises to play a game of Anthropormunicipality with Laivan DCRC icon.png as the countdown on the flower pod's pedestal ends.

The flower opens and lets out a bright beam of light that splits into twelve, forcefully installing The Game on the main cast's computers. This prompts Taz to message Murrit in frustrated confusion before being told outright to figure it out herself.

Not long after, Murrit sends a mass memo DCRC icon.png to the main cast (with the exception of Ellsee) informing them of the nature of The Game. They then receive a message DCRC icon.png from who they think to be Arcjec, though it's revealed to be Ellsee messaging them through Arcjec's Skorpe account, demanding to know what was going on and why she was excluded. Murrit proceeds to drop his quirk and sharply demand that she stay away away from the rest of the cast and the game if she actually cares about any of them, ceasing to message her further.

During [S] Arcjec: Enter. DCRC icon.png, Murrit is shown playing aforementioned rounds of Anthropormunicipality with Laivan as promised.

Act 2[edit | edit source]

Murrit was included in Ellsee's memo, but immediately withdrew from it. After the memo, Laivan messages Murrit asking why she left, to which Murrit asks that Laivan just trust them on it.

The scene switches to Murrit's Boobdrone (Based Occulatory Operation Buddy Drone) harassing Dismas, half submerged in a stream with a broken arm after the recent altercation with his lusus, with its auto chatter function. Not long after, the automatic function shuts off and Murrit returns, piloting the drone. In an effort to make Dismas feel better and get him to move, they bring Jentha into a Skorpe call, who proceeds to heavily chastise Murrit for telling her Dismas had been killed in order to get her to join the call in the first place. Murrit has another Boobdrone push an ore-powered minecart onto the nearby rails, hoisting Dismas onto it to get him back to his hive in order to be Murrit's server player.

Later, on the sandy beach in front of her hive, Murrit's entrance into the game is put in jeopardy DCRC icon.png. Their paragon repository is trapped in a cube of ice, unable to be melted in time to release their Denizen before the meteor hits. Suddenly, the ice block and the hourglass inside it shatter, unleashing the Denizen of Time inside. As Murrit rushes into the portal DCRC icon.png, after him, two characters are shown, one with symbols in the color of the Time aspect on his palms.

After his entry, Murrit is shown having an argument DCRC icon.png with Metatron regarding the Game and White Noise on the Land of Wave and Record as his consorts watch. Murrit questions Metatron's ties to White Noise, asking if they weren't playing their part in setting up the game correctly, citing their view on killing off a part of the group to keep the rest of them safe. Metatron replies that if they'd actually kill her, their entire session would fail, to which Murrit replies that they weren't made aware of. Metatron presses Murrit to describe what he saw, accompanied by a flashback of Ellsee's ritual gone wrong, something White Noise had not been able to see before.

Act 3 Act 1[edit | edit source]

In the reopened memo, Murrit ignores multiple tags from Arcjec only to respond at the last minute, deflecting accusations and banning themself from the memo to avoid further questioning. She's then shown bringing several personal items onto her planet via Boobdrones while having a conversation with Tee Hanos, one of her planet's consorts. Tee Hanos reveals Murrit's responsibility of the ruination of the Land of Wave and Record, giving a warning that if they didn't undo the damage, the platypus consorts would have their head.

Tee Hanos entrusts Murrit with the last S-Grade resource on the planet, a Time Fractal, which is imbued with pure Time essence by Gusion himself. Murrit proceeds to call up Metatron for his crafting services, having him add up all the loot they obtained in their time as a member of the Dead Shufflers, rocketing their level up to 13 immediately. She then spends time making a large variety of items, outfits, weapons, and a new hairstyle to boot. He then uses the Time Fractal as well as all his other remaining resources to craft the Retrogauntlet DCRC icon.png, a device that allows him to directly interact with and learn from the past. In [S] Murrit: REW/FFD DCRC icon.png, she uses the Retrogauntlet to travel back in time and follow his path of undoing the damage. After destroying what appears to be robots in the distant past on the planet, they travel to an unruined version of the same planet named Land of Waves, Recording. She wanders around the planet and comes across an old temple, in which they find a room with the Duodechaxiom DCRC icon.png, it's screen glowing purple with the eye of Mimesis.

Alt!Murrit[edit | edit source]

In an alternate probability, instead of crafting the Retrogauntlet, Alt!Murrit follows the advice of a certain someone, creating a device that allows for the viewing of and interaction with the infinite branches of the probable future: the Duodechaxiom DCRC icon.png. Tee Hanos remarks on this choice DCRC icon.png, claiming that Alt!Murrit is straying from their path, to which Alt!Murrit retorts by claiming that they're just going to make their own.

In [S] Murrit: REW/FFD DCRC icon.png, Alt!Murrit uses the Duodechaxiom to view all branches of the future, and it can be assumed she travels to the future of his own session. In their session, as explained in a later conversation, the Magnum Opus was >([busted from the start], leaving their only remaining option to be fighting Gaiaeon head-on. Even with everyone having achieved all the preparation they could muster, everyone but Alt!Murrit was killed in the battle. With no other choice, they run away into Gaiaeon's last blind spot, that being Land of Murk and Quagmire.

Alt!Murrit is first seen messaging Laivan DCRC icon.png from her session's Land of Murk and Quagmire in an echo of a conversation between Dismas and the true Murrit shown a few pages prior. Alt!Murrit is shown at the end of their probability, covered in Ellsee's blood and having achieved self-actualization. Laivan dismisses Alt!Murrit's claims as a bit to get under his skin, attempting to brush her off until she pleads that this is all she has left, to which Laivan relents. In this conversation, Alt!Murrit tells Laivan about her probability and it's circumstances.

She then goes on to explain the nature of probabilities and everything she learned in her thirty-two nights of playing The Game. They assert that the only probable outcome of their confrontation with Gaiaeon where they reign successful was that of the true timeline, Laivan's timeline, and trusting Laivan to make the right choices before being destroyed by Gaiaeon's scream at the end of the probability.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Murrit is a troll with a complex and overly esoteric personality, being generally hard to decipher due to his penchant for misdirecting and confusing people on purpose. He presents an over-the-top front of being a skeevy and perverted troll with a love of all forms of debauchery. They deliberately speak in a way that is annoying, slang-filled and inconsistent that often leaves the people they interact with confused and frustrated. Under the surface, however, Murrit is shown to care immensely for her friends, both out of an obligation to get them into the game and actual genuine attachment. They even go as far as making an attempt on one of their lives in what they see as saving the others.

Murrit is very convicted in his beliefs and is notably difficult to sway, as demonstrated by the misunderstanding regarding Ellsee's failed ritual. They show an incredible amount of commitment to everything they do, from their idiosyncrasies to their actual convictions, even (and at times especially) if it is to their own detriment.

Murrit has little to no interest in the hierarchy of blood-castes and sea-dweller nobility. She finds both concepts completely irrelevant and outdated on a dying planet with a critically endangered sea-dweller population (to the frustration of a certain other magenta-blooded troll). True to this disdain for the pecking order, Murrit tries to treat (and mess with) everyone equally, rarely giving anyone any special treatment.

Among Murrit's interests are collecting ancient media (but especially televisions and video tapes), spying on his friends and collecting video footage of their mistakes so that he can make wacky videos for his eyes only, playing Anthropormunicipality with Laivan, taking apart machines and figuring out how they work and how they can be exploited for his own purposes, antagonizing/helping Dismas, and pretending to be into hentai.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Dismas Mersiv[edit | edit source]

Murrit and Dismas went to school together, where Dismas would frequently be the target of Murrit's horseplay. After the incident and Dismas's disappearance, the two reunited and have been in a kismesissitude ever since. The two worked as partners in a presumably illegal capacity in the past, with Dismas acting as Murrit's hitman of sorts.

Murrit appears to take a tough-love stance towards Dismas, regularly helping Dismas in a roundabout, incomprehensible manner through the use of his Boobdrone and in person. Dismas generally acts like he's completely tired of Murrit's bullshit, but goes along with it anyway and does seem to be able to talk to him without resorting to usual rival-istic behavior.

Murrit's feelings on the relationship differ greatly from what their quadrant designation suggests, and it is confirmed that they actually have a flushed crush on Dismas, who Murrit considers to be the best thing to ever happen to them[2]. However, due to the gravity of this fact and her fear of ruining their relationship due to Repiton's societal and cultural norms surrounding romance, Murrit keeps this a secret.

Jentha Briati[edit | edit source]

Jentha has held a stark animosity for Murrit since the two met in school, being the one to stand up against him when his bullying went too far. However, it was Murrit who reunited Jentha with Dismas sweeps later. She still holds a firm distaste for their character, their idiosyncrasies being especially hard to keep up with due to her myriad of disabilities. Despite this, she still holds a firm ground against Murrit in defense of her moirail.

Generally, she doesn't seem to hate Murrit completely despite their many clashing traits, at most tolerating him.

Laivan Ferroo[edit | edit source]

Before the game, Laivan and Murrit were considerably close friends, with the two sharing a passion for Anthropormunicipality and a destiny in leading everyone to play the game they recovered from the Frog Temple. Murrit seems generally more lax around Laivan, giving him a much less difficult time than others and being more willing to divulge to him.

Shortly after the game had begun, however, their dynamic started to see a shift. With Murrit making an attempt on Ellsee's life and refusing to take responsibility, Laivan began to find Murrit much less forgivable or tolerable, leading to a building animosity that saw a peak when Laivan was messaged by Alt!Murrit DCRC icon.png. Laivan is very short with Murrit in this conversation, chastising her for her behavior and her actions, to which Alt!Murrit insists she literally can't take responsibility for. Only after laying their intentions bare with all the emotional honesty they could muster does Alt!Murrit gain Laivan's begrudging attention.

Taz Poemme[edit | edit source]

Taz is one of the few trolls to elicit any genuine honesty from Murrit, and Murrit calls their relationship a camaraderie of sorts. They both seem to recognize that their respective demeanors are mere posturing in favor of their actual personalities. Murrit wasn't there with Taz during the worst parts of her life, though, which leads him to ponder on what she's been through and whether he could relate to it (a thought he immediately represses on instinct) DCRC icon.png.

Ellsee Raines[edit | edit source]

Due to Murrit's viewing of an occult ritual to contact her ancestors, Murrit seems to outright fear Ellsee, and distrusts her even more so, to the point that Murrit actively tries to keep her out of the game and makes threats on her life. Ellsee is the only troll who Murrit has referred to by name, rather than a double entendre-rifled, reference-heavy, or insulting nickname.

In Alt!Murrit's conversation with Laivan, however, she claims that she and Ellsee were "close", refusing to talk about her much more than that given her undeniably strong grief surrounding her Ellsee's death.

Calder Kerian[edit | edit source]

Murrit does not like Calder at all. Murrit makes a huge point of annoying or ignoring Calder whenever possible, even basing their "love" and persistence of enjoying hentai to mock his male-centric ideals and hoity toity attitude. Conversely, Calder is frustrated with Murrit's refusal to behave like a proper sea dweller, and regularly tries to boss Murrit around, even though he at one point deeply respected him.

Arcjec Voorat[edit | edit source]

Arcjec generally dislikes interacting with Murrit, but appears to trust her regardless, believing her to not be a liar, at least in regards to The Game. Murrit is apparently fond of Arcjec, finding him to be fun and easy to provoke. After Murrit makes an attempt on Ellsee's life, however, Arcjec (much like everyone else) shows a growing contempt for Murrit's refusal to take responsibility or be mature about the situation at all.

White Noise[edit | edit source]

Murrit met White Noise at about 4.5 sweeps old. White Noise had approached the destined Time player in her dreams and gave her the choice of whether to pursue her destiny or not, clearly outlining the conditions of such a contact would require of Murrit and what it would give her in return. Murrit having been an accomplished gambler and con-man at the time could quickly tell that White Noise was no swindler and was not one to be swindled either. Interested in the prospect of finding their ideal self, Murrit accepted and has worked in tandem with Laivan to fulfill their end of the bargain with White Noise ever since. As part of their deal, Murrit's Dream Self awoke on Derse, and they've dreamed on Derse ever since.

The Dead Shufflers[edit | edit source]

Murrit was once a member of the Dead Shufflers. After he awoke on Derse, his Dreamself was kidnapped by the group in hopes of using him as leverage against the Dersite royalty. However, when their leader, the Scathing Sharper took a liking to the young Murrit, he invited the seadweller into their fold. Murrit was a natural fit for the cut throat group, and began taking on their activities in their real life as well. However, after reuniting with Dismas, Murrit eventually lost interest in that kind of life, and sold the group out. He hasn't looked back since.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Murrit's Skorpe handle, unclaspedKahuna, is a blatant reference to his played up obsession with breasts. 'unclasped' means something 'revealed' or 'undressed'; 'kahuna' is a euphemism for breasts. The Hawaiian word also ties into their "tropical" design.
  • His drones known as Boobdrones, are short for: Based Occulatory Operating Buddy Drone. They also all have functions that, when set on auto-pilot, do different things. The one that Murrit sent out to Dismas in Act 1 spouts random factoids about female troll chests.
  • Murrit has almost never used the same nickname for a character twice, except DCRC icon.png for Taz DCRC icon.png.
  • Murrit switches what pair of shutter shades they wear every wice per half a sweep.
    • She has 52 varying pairs, which is more than likely to represent how many wices there are per half-sweep. Though it could also be a reference to how many cards there are in a full deck.
  • Murrit is a huge fan of Repitonian pop-culture, from various eras of the planet's long history. Aspects of his character and hive contain numerous references to various Repitonian media (actually just Repitonian versions of a number of Earth media from the 80s and 90s).
    • In her introduction, the televisions not on static play tapes of Pulp Fiction, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, ALF and End of Evangelion.
    • Murrit seems to be frequently associated with the virtual band Gorillaz. Her hive is reminiscent of and likely based on the futuristic island house on the cover of Plastic Beach, while her computer, called the Doncamaticomp, is a reference to the instrument and title of their single Doncamatic.
    • He has been shown to be a fan of the Repitonian version of Danganronpa. It is unknown whether this is a legitimate interest of theirs or not.
    • Murrit seems to have a distaste for newer episodes of the Repitonian version of The Simpsons, which has been running for hundreds if not thousands of sweeps on Repiton DCRC icon.png.
  • Murrit is a Violetblood, a Derse dreamer, and a Hero of Time, meaning on Alternia his sign would be Aquaries, Sign of the Heroic..
  • Murrit appears in Hiveswap Friendship Simulator: Volume SeventeenHiveswap Friendship Simulator: Volume Seventeen in the one of the backgrounds of Nihkee Moolah'sNihkee Moolah's route.
  • Murrit runs a Filler account under the username smurt.
    • Almost half of Repiton's population follows them.
  • Instead of actually replacing a lightbulb, Murrit would install a disco ball instead and gaslight you into thinking you wanted it.[3]
  • Murrit, Dismas and Jentha play UNO together.[4]
    • Murrit always cheats at it.
  • Murrit lands as a dog on the cat-to-dog spectrum.[5]
  • Murrit's favorite food is hot wings.[6]
  • Instead of having one specific main, Murrit would randomize their played class with each life on Team Fortress 2.[7]
  • Murrit smells like gasoline, margarita and some plastic.[8]
  • Murrit would main Joker, Hero and R.O.B. in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[9]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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