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Jentha Briati
Jentha Briati.png
i c cant even m make my own p premade dinners without a p p panic attack DCRC icon.png
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Heir of Light


8 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity




Screen Name


Typing Style

No capitalization or punctuation. Has a "s stutter" that manifests as a tendancy to sometimes type the first word of a letter one-to-two times, each try separated by a space, before actually typing the word.

Strife Specibi



Mosura Briati - Ancestor
Dismas Mersiv - Moirail

Live(s) in

Jentha's hive


Land of Tall Grass and Sunflowers


J-Jitterbug ♫
Home ♫
My Protective Light ♫
Furbish ♫
Lite-Brite ♫
Hesitating (UF) ♫
Aurora ♫
Torchlight ♫
Strobelite Striker ♫




Jentha Briati, also known by her Skorpe handle furbishFacilitated, is one of the main characters and Aspect Holders in Vast Error. Her associated alchemic sigil is Tin, and she is a deconstruction of the "useless" fantroll archetype.[1]

Jentha's survival ability is nuclear discharge, but it seems mostly inactive right now after repression.

She was the twelfth troll introduced and the ninth troll to enter the game.


The surname Briati most likely comes from Sanskrit term brhati, a drug used within a branch of Ayurveda which attempted to increase life span and strength, but as a feminine adjective, the word also means various synonyms of strength.


Four passes

Jentha's early life is revealed in a flashback segment in Act 3 Act 1. Jentha was kept in high-level containment DCRC icon.png due to her extremely powerful survival ability, which allowed her to discharge and manipulate nuclear energy inherent to her cells. At an early age, it discharged automatically, prompting the reduplication cavern staff to keep her separate from other trolls her age, something that The Principal sought to make up for in some way DCRC icon.png.

Jentha met Dismas Mersiv during his time in school after he was sent to detention for a fight with Murrit Turkin. Instead of being connected with a teacher to write an apology note, the Principal connects Dismas with Jentha and they have a conversation DCRC icon.png, most likely the first Jentha has ever had with a troll her own age at the time, which she begins by correcting Dismas's typing errors. The two grew close over these messages, leading Dismas to recruit Albion Shukra in a mission to get Jentha out of her mould and take her to the playgrounds. On their way, it is revealed that Murrit had been tailing them the whole time, taking necessary steps to ensure they weren't caught by acting from the shadows. He uses this as leverage to convince them to let him join them, to which they all reluctantly agree.

After playing for some time, Murrit pushes Dismas off a construct, greatly upsetting Jentha and causing her survival ability to explode DCRC icon.png due to her lack of control over her emotions. This causes a massive incident that results in the deaths of several students and staff at the hands of a skulltitan, whom Jentha inadvertently grants power with her nuclear energy. Dismas distracts the lusus from attacking Jentha in a show of grubhood bravery as the Principal arrives to resolve the situation. Dismas is sent off to the dunes with the skulltitan through an application of Space alchemy, and Jentha is put to sleep by another type of alchemy.

Following the incident, priority was set on repressing Jentha's survival ability as hard as possible, leaving her severely traumatized and disabled (eyesight issues, a stutter, debilitating anxiety and depression).

Six sweeps

Once she reached six sweeps, she was sent off to live in an apartment in Stronghold 21 before deciding to instead wander the world for anywhere to fit in. She settled in the utopian ruins of The Renaissance, the same place turned to ash by her ancestor sweeps prior, where she meets a metamorphier lusus that takes her in. The lusus weaves a cocoon for themself DCRC icon.png shortly after, and is yet to emerge.

Jentha, all alone with nothing left, had already resigned herself to the fact that she was going to die alone before Dismas was led right to her by Murrit under the guise of an assassination mission. From then on, the two found solace in each other, entering a moirallegiance.

Act 2

Jentha's first spoken line happens during one of Ellsee Raines's memos, Rinkadink Thinking TimΣ DCRC icon.png, when Jentha accidentally sends the letter "h" into the chat. The two have a humorous exchange in which Jentha silences and unsilences herself multiple times, before she finally bans herself from the memo altogether.

After her proper introduction, Jentha is interrupted from watching a stream when Occeus Coliad messages her, seeking advice about his personal woes. Later, she is brought into a Skorpe call with Dismas and Murrit after her moirail's altercation with his lusus, Murrit having sent her into a panic by claiming that Dismas was dead. Dismas calms Jentha down and Jentha berates Murrit for their behavior as Murrit loads Dismas onto an ore-powered minecart to get him back to his hive in time to be their server player.

Later, Jentha tries to assist Sova Amalie with her entry, whacking the inky creatures who are harassing her with some of the Game's pillars in an effort to drive them away. Panicked, Jentha messages Occeus to ask for help , but her attention is drawn away before he can respond: a glowing light shines behind her, taking the form of Af, the Denizen of Light, much to her starstruck wonder and the annoyance of White Noise, who bemoans the denizen's tendency to "go off script".

During the events of [S] Ellsee: Enter. DCRC icon.png, Jentha is led through utopian ruins as Af sets up her portal for her. They activate it, prompting Jentha to follow, and she is taken into her fully formed land, a planet comprised of grassy fields with yellow flowers and bright blue skies. Her platform and talk with her denizen are not shown.

Act 3 Act 1

In the reopened memo XDXD Rebeating the dead omenbeast. XDXD DCRC icon.png created by Arcjec Voorat, Jentha complains DCRC icon.png about being dragged into The Game and her planet, calling it a like a p playground for grubbies.

Jentha wanders her planet only to find no possible means of progress, finally relenting and asking Af for assistance DCRC icon.png. They talk at length about Jentha's land and the fact that it was designed with no way to progress intentionally, as Jentha's quest will be much different from everyone else's. Af plans to give Jentha the final land quest task right out the gate and allow Jentha to achieve self-actualization much sooner than everyone else.

Af proceeds to remark on the traumatic nature of Jentha's past, something she had seemingly either forgotten about or chose to pretend never happened, which segues directly into her recollecting her aforementioned backstory DCRC icon.png.

Personality and Traits

Jentha is a reserved and anxious troll who lives closed off to the outside world, being described by White Noise as incredibly hard to find on many occasions. Her lost survival ability coupled with the absent nature of her lusus have left her with a persistent feeling of helplessness and uselessness. Nonetheless, she tends to be bitter and insulting when talking to most people, possibly as a way to overcompensate for her anxiety - a fact which she's shown being regretful of on certain occasions. Jentha often tries to be as unpleasant to talk to as possible when she wants to be left alone, which is a fairly common occurrence, as Jentha has thin patience for people that are not Dismas.

She collects and cares for "outcast" toys, notably a collection of furbies. Due to having a lot of time to herself, she also has great skill in board games, along with a selection of the best movies made. She seems to harbor a "nursery" of toys for kids and other nostalgic interests.


Dismas Mersiv

Dismas and Jentha are in a moirallegiance, and their relationship is notably Jentha's only known committed relationship. Despite being anxiety-ridden and constantly struggling to get her thoughts into words, she is much calmer when in Dismas' presence, and he is very good at intuitively understanding her feelings. The two are very close and openly worry for the other's well being.

Dismas also provides for Jentha's material needs, as her anxiety has stopped her from being able to find a source of income on her own, a fact she is extremely grateful of.

Murrit Turkin

Jentha is often frustrated and distrustful of Murrit, due to his frequent antagonization of Dismas. She finds them to be obnoxious and annoying, but seems to have no problem with putting her foot down on behalf of her moirail when she feels the situation calls for it, outright insulting and calling the seadweller out whenever they act particularly terrible. Despite this, she doesn't seem to truly hate Murrit, thinking of her as an overbearing "stupidhead" rather than a malicious person.

Occeus Coliad

Occeus is Jentha's server player. She doesn't care much for him, having told him to go "jump off a cliff" when he came to her in distress. Occeus doesn't seem to pick up on the fact she's intentionally rude toward him, interpreting her snide comments as genuine, heartfelt advice. Despite her demeanor, he seems to put trust into Jentha, and when under enough stress, Jentha admits that she needs his help and feels guilty about being rude toward him before.

Sova Amalie

Sova is Jentha's client player. Not much is known about their relationship, though they have cooperated during Sova's entry process. Sova has shown concern for Jentha even when being brushed off, and Jentha has snidely referred to Sova as the one who c cares so much about e everyone.

Arcjec Voorat

While not much is known between Jentha and Arcjec as of right now, it can be deduced the two do actively talk with one another in some capacity. In the memo XDXD Rebeating the dead omenbeast. XDXD DCRC icon.png Jentha mentions an unfinished funko trade with them and on Austin's Retrospring, it's said that the two exchange opinions about certain media that Arcjec keeps away from everyone else.[2]


  • Jentha is canonically asexual, as confirmed by the DCRC official Tumblr.[3]
  • Being a Derse dreamer, a yellowblood and a Hero of Light, Jentha's would-be extended zodiac sign is Gempia, Sign of the Perspicacious.
  • Jentha runs a Filler account under the username grembox.
    • The account uniquely does not list pronouns, whereas everyone else's accounts do (Calder's Sideline account being the exception). Additionally, Jentha's Trollodex card lists "[PENDING APPROVAL]" next to her pronouns, implying an intentional lack of clarity on Jentha's part.
  • The name of Jentha's furby from when she was a child, Toh-Loo-Kah, is Furbish for "Like Me"
  • Jentha accidentally 'foreshadowed' Dismas and Albion's future transition by immediately critiquing their given names. Time will tell if this is a genuine sixth sense.
  • She is implied to be Autistic.
  • Jentha usually picks the thimble piece in Monopoly.[4]
  • Originally, Jentha was supposed to go by the nickname Jitters, the reader never learning her real name.[5]
  • Jentha refuses to change lightbulbs when necessary. She always asks someone else to do it.[6]
  • Jentha, Dismas and Murrit play UNO together. [7]
    • Under standard rules, Jentha is good at the game and will always win.
  • Jentha lands as a cat on the cat-to-dog spectrum.[8]
  • Jentha's favorite food is the Repitonian equivalent of Sour Patch Kids.[9]
  • While Jentha wouldn't enjoy Team Fortress 2, she would main (and tryhard) Soldier with Black Box and Concheror as weapons.[10]
  • Jentha would main Olimar, Villager and Pikachu in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[11]



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