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Glomer Hicner

Glomer Troll Call.png


Good luck GrowinG your own lunch in peewees neon fuckinG playrooM dipshit
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Emanant Aspect



9 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity




Screen Name


Typing Style

Capitalizes M and G in reference to Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons.


Crytum Lydian - Matesprit
Endari Vernir - Moirail
Gerbat Batrav - Ex-Moirail


Raison D'ohtre ♫
Nightlife ♫




Glomer Hicner is a secondary troll in Vast Error. His associated alchemic sigil is Distill.

In Glomer's trollodex entry, his bullet points are listed as:

  • puts the "h" in school
  • extremely tired of wearing the Bart Simpson suit
  • vegan and proud

Etymology[edit | edit source]

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Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Haustoria[edit | edit source]

When Glomer and Gerbat graduated, the two were roommates and good friends, sharing a lusus. Eventually, Gerbat moved out, and even though Glomer was upset, they communicated online.

In Haustoria[edit | edit source]

Glomer frequently talked to Gerbat over the course of Haustoria. Even if Gerbat didn't respond frequently, Glomer would still send him messages about his own life.

In a video call between Glomer and Gerbat, Glomer listens to Gerbat vent about what's been happening in the village. In the same conversation, Gerbat asks for them to become moirails, Glomer accepting the offer with delight.

Around a sweep later, he gets messaged by Gerbat, who starts venting about some issues in the village. Glomer gets upset about his distance and the way he only messages him when needing talk to someone for support. He says that he has had panic attacks over the lack of communication, and Gerbat states that while he isn't breaking off the moirallegiance, he isn't sure when he will message Glomer again. Assumably, this is when they broke up.

In Snowbound Blood[edit | edit source]

Glomer wanted to be an actor, but those ambitions never came to fruition, and as a result, he ended up working in the Reduplication Caverns. However, due to his aspirations, he neglected learning the skills required for the Reduplication Caverns, and Glomer now works as a Substitute Teacher but is treated more like an errand boy for Hamifi Hekrix. His responsibilities range from merely watching over young trolls to dressing up as Bart from The Simpsons to setting up Wriggling Day events, including baking the cakes.

Glomer's highly demanding job is only alleviated by his friendships with The Boys, consisting of Bytcon Krypto his moirail Endari Vernir, and his matesprit Crytum Lydian.

In Vast Error[edit | edit source]

Glomer, alongside the rest of The Boys, appears in I2S2. When Necron discovers that the Harbingers of the Alpocalypse are planning an attack during Sestro's inauguration ceremony, he and The Boys race to Stronghold 21 to try and prevent the massacre. After the battle, they retreat to Eidolic Acres DCRC icon.png.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Glomer is shown to be highly stressed and tired due to having an unfulfilling job. This causes him to be much more disillusioned and pessimistic with his life. In a conversation with Necron Exmort, he expresses that a broken world anyway so any effort spent not coMplaininG about it is totally wasted iMqho. He admits to Necron that he's unwilling to change the world for the better because his job drains him of energy to even care. Coupled with his failed acting career, he feels resigned to Corporate for the rest of his life.

Glomer describes himself as not as talkative as his friends Endari and Bytcon, but Secily notes that this may just be because he hasn't had the chance to open himself up to others openly.

Despite being a Jadeblood, he does not feel like he's part of the Jade family. Due to his demanding job, Glomer will take any opportunity to give himself more time away for breaks and respite, such as aiding Secily with her investigation.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Crytum Lydian[edit | edit source]

Crytum is Glomer's matesprit. When Crytum first moved to the Stronghold he found himself lost and attempted to fill the emptiness with work and hobbies and he credits Glomer for being able to anchor him. In addition, both had previously troubled moirallegiances.

Endari Vernir[edit | edit source]

Endari is Glomer's moirail. Although sarcastically, Glomer states that endaris presence illuMinated My sorry excuse for a life and restored My belief in MoiralleGiance. Their relationship is coined by mutual trust and respect.

Gerbat Batrav[edit | edit source]

Gerbat is Glomer's former moirail. The two were close roommates and shared a lusus, but eventually Gerbat moved out, to Glomers disdain. When Gerbat needs someone to talk to during the events of Haustoria, he suggests becoming moirails, to which Glomer reacts with great enthusiasm. However, it quickly becomes clear the moirallegiance is doomed to fail when Gerbat continuously ignores Glomer's attempts at conversation. They eventually split up. Glomer repeatedly expresses his bitterness over the way the relationship ended in conversations with Secily, Necron, and Endari. To his great shock, he meets Gerbat at Eidolic Acres after the attack on Stronghold 21 DCRC icon.png.

Hamifi Hekrix[edit | edit source]

Hamifi is Glomer's superior in the Reduplication Caverns. Hamifi gives Glomer his tasks, but regards Glomer as an incompetent slacker. Glomer says she has to repeat herself three times to him just to make sure he understands and he pretends to listen on occasion. She considers Glomer to be a disgrace to the caste, especially when she tells Secily, whom Hamifi thinks is Glomer in a Bart costume, not to drop the grub she was holding.

Secily Iopara[edit | edit source]

Due to Secily's demanding attitude and her inability to comprehend Glomer's lack of enthusiasm, the two have trouble finding common ground. Glomer's main motivations for helping Secily are boredom and appreciation of Secily's attempt to help Endari.

Necron Exmort[edit | edit source]

Glomer is quick to unload his failed aspirations and relationships on Necron when they infiltrate the Reduplication Caverns together. However, their different views on life keep them from seeing eye to eye. In his inner monologue, Necron calls him a real buzzkill. Glomer is displeased to meet Necron in I2S2 DCRC icon.png.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His would-be classpect is Page of Breath.
  • His failed acting ambitions and some of his sprites are references to the Undertale character Burgerpants.
  • He is 5'9.

References[edit | edit source]

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