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Arch Nemesis

Gender Identity

They/Them (Nonbinary)




Scathing Sharper - Beloved Nemesis
Dead Shufflers - Targets of frequent narrative harassment
White Noise - Older brother


Mimesiswing ♫
Guess My Name ♫
Ghost Writer (Extended) ♫
Pink Champagne On Ice ♫
Idle Playthings (Mimis Music) ♫
Anode Tube ♫
The Instant White-Hot Wild ♫



Mimesis is the narrator of Intermission 2 Side 1 and Scathing Sharper's arch nemesis. They preside over the Hotel California, a liminal space found in the Furthest Ring that houses many different probabilities outside the bounds of White Noise's narrative. There are no set rules inside the Hotel, just whatever Mimesis decides to make of it at any given moment, with the downside that they seem to be stuck within the space.

Mimesis frequently shapeshifts on a whim, taking on several characters' appearances over the course of the Intermission, though they seem to be partial to a bipedal fox-like form.

They are knowledgeable about the working mechanics of The Game, making references to the universal resets each session goes through, the Aspect Holders' roles and Gaiaeon's attempted interferences.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before the events of the Trolls' session, Mimesis cordially invited the Dead Shufflers for a final showdown inside the Hotel California, after what is implied to have been a long antagonistic relationship with the group. The Dead Shufflers wander around the Hotel trying to find them, only to be sidetracked with various shenanigans involving the Hotel's reality bending mechanics and probabilities.

In the end, Scathing Sharper is the only one to come out of the ordeal alive, finally meeting with Mimesis as they decide to show themself. The two then have a conversation wherein Mimesis makes Jack an offer he can't refuse: to bring them the upcoming session's Time player, in exchange for "free will" outside the bounds of the narrative. Mimesis then kills Jack with a bullet to the head, stating that he "always comes back".

While presumably waiting for the Trolls' session to start, Mimesis takes a brief interest in the lives of some of the extended cast, deciding to act as the narrator for Thaumatrope to pass the time.

After White Noise has an altercation with Gaiaeon following the Aspect Holders' entrance into the Game, Mimesis takes over the narrative in order to showcase the previously transpired events to the audience. They then directly address White Noise, asserting that the two have some sort of unexplained connection that has yet to be expanded upon.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Mimesis has a boisterous, loud personality. They seem to enjoy being the center of attention, relishing in their brief moment of narrative control in the comic. As opposed to White Noise, they adopt a much more casual and sardonic narration style, poking fun at transpiring events and unabashedly interjecting their own opinions into the text. They also seem to have an a liking for 80s pop culture, as well as the vaporwave aesthetic.

Though they maintain an air of nonchalance, they seem to feel genuine resentment toward their current predicament, much of it directed at White Noise.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Scathing Sharper[edit | edit source]

Mimesis and Jack have a long history of antagonizing each other. While Jack seems to hold genuine contempt for them, Mimesis takes great pleasure in their confrontations—presumably because they tend to have the upper hand in the encounters. They regard him with an amused, hostile fondness. Their relationship also seems to have somewhat pitch undertones. This is evident not only their especially abundant, albeit somewhat mocking, pet names for Jack, including such things as “Jackie baby” and “sweetums”, but also in their especially personal methods of tormenting him, including shapeshifting into multiple people that Jack is implied to have had current or past romantic interest in. Their use of the phrase “hooking up” to refer to their confrontation may also imply that, if nothing else, they at least find some sort of non-platonic enjoyment in their encounters.

White Noise[edit | edit source]

Though the particulars of their relationship are currently unknown, Mimesis and White Noise seem to know each other. Certain lines in the narrative, however, such as Mimesis referring to Gaiaeon as "Daddy Dearest", may imply that the two are siblings, or in some other way related. Mimesis speaks with derisiveness about White Noise and his role as the ostensive narrator and overseer of the Trolls' session, criticizing his methods and gleefully mocking him. They imply that White Noise cut off communications with them a long time ago.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mimesis has a tendency to give people spur-of-the-moment nicknames. They have referred to Jack as "Jackie baby", "Jackie boy", "Jacks-a-lot" and "Jackie lad" over the course of the intermission, having also called Gaiaeon "Daddy Dearest" and White Noise "Whitney".
  • Mimesis is strongly implied to have once gone by the devil, and, based on their reaction to being called such, they view it as a deadname.
  • Mimesis is one of the only characters to have a canonical voice, they are voiced by Marcie Hobbs.

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