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Turnin Kaikai
🎦 im sorry u cannot enrichen urself in my world of delicacies but perhaps u can learn to not be such a jelly party pooper and let me enjoy the snackz from my secret garden DCRC icon.png
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Emanant Aspect


Gender Identity

They/Them (Nonbinary)



Screen Name


Typing Style

Speaks in slang, prefixes their messages with a camera emoji.


Racren Innali - Matesprit
Sestro Enthal - Moirail


Psychymify ♫
Jettison (Redux) ♫
Loving This Life ♫




Turnin Kaikai, also known by their Skorpe handle, engrossedIndulgence, is a secondary troll in Vast Error. Their associated alchemical sigil is Digest.


"Kai-kai" is an Australian slang for eating. It could also have been derived from "kaykay", which means "skateboard" in Turkish, based on their interest in stunts.


They appear in [S] Ellsee: Enter performing a daring stunt as the meteor gets closer towards Repiton shortly before the planet is teleported to The Medium.

Many details of Turnin's past are currently unknown, but they used to play in a band with their matesprit, Linole, Vellia, and Nezrui.

Personality and Traits

Turnin is a famous internet celebrity on Repiton. Their content consists of stupid stunts, eating challenges, and physical pain inflicted for fun. They may also be into gaming, as they have a series with their best friend, jerma985, where Turnin attempts to make Jerma mad while playing video games. They are shown to constantly put their life in danger for the sake of social media, and even display a cocky and playful attitude while doing so. They claim that they don't care much for the money and tributes they receive, and that doing "stupid shit for the hell of it" is their end goal.

Turnin is able to eat literally anything and everything, due to the ultra-metabolism that they acquired from birth, allied by the naturally strong Repitonian stomach. One of their favorite snacks is lemons, which is known to be toxic to the Repitonian body due to the stomach and citric acids counteracting and destroying the stomach's flesh. Even though they regularly commit actions that would usually be fatal to the average person, they always seems to end up fine. It's even become an in-joke in one of Turnin's communities to constantly talk of their "recent death".

Despite their larger-than-life personality and presence in Repitonian culture, Turnin seems to be a generally passive troll, answering neutrally on personality tests and having a people-pleasing nature. They have a problem with disappointing other people, and possess a habit of constantly saying yes to things before they think it through. Turnin claims that as long as other people are happy, they're happy as well. They see benevolence in the aspects of life, and believe that things will usually turn out okay. When some of their interactions with fans turn out negatively or weirdly, they prefer to see it in a different way.

Turnin has backgrounds in hardcore music, being a vocalist in a band of such nature. Despite this, they claim that they aren't that into the music genre and claim that they don't find it enjoyable. They tried to add vocal harmonies into the band's songs, but it didn't end up so great in the end. To this day, they are unable to enjoy the genre.


Racren Innali

Turnin's matesprit. Turnin and Racren go back an undefined amount of time (possibly sweeps) due to being in a band together. They seem to be close, as tabloids notice whenever Racren doesn't show up in one of Turnin's streams. Racren is unconvinced by Turnin's indestructible attitude and reminds them of the harm that they inflict on their body. Turnin seems to not care.

Turnin questions why Racren stays working on the Black Moon despite them having the funds to support the both of them for life. They are excited whenever they come down back to Repiton and have tried to convince him to stay permanently multiple times, but to no avail.

Sestro Enthal

Sestro is Turnin's moirail. The two appear to have a bit of a strained relationship, as their last Skorpelog occurred only a few wices ago. Turnin cares greatly for Sestro and claims that they've never missed one of his events for 7 sweeps. Turnin says that they struggle with being a good moirail as they aren't very good at coming up with what to say in serious situations.

Hamifi Hekrix

One of Turnin's childhood friends. Hamifi disapproves of Turnin's destructive nature and tends to argue with and even press charges against Turnin, which Sestro normally mediates.

Hamifi recognizes Turnin's role in Sestro's life, and deems them irresponsible for their careless and flaky attitude towards their obligations.


Turnin's ex-bandmate. Turnin says that Vellia resents them for becoming famous without her. They also talk about her passive aggressiveness and attempts to guilt trip them for their fame. They tend to leave her on read a lot.


  • Their would-be classpect is Seer of Breath.
  • There's a song based on them (or possibly by them) titled "Turnin Kaikai Could Devour Me Whole and I'd Thank Them"
  • Turnin runs a Filler account under the username XxTURNxDOWNxX.
  • Turnin's design was heavily inspired by the Super Danganronpa 2 character Kazuichi Souda.[1]



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