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Murrit's hive is located on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere.

Murrit's hive
Murrit hive.png
Murrit's hive on Repiton.






Murrit Turkin

Respiteblock[edit | edit source]

Murrit respiteblock.png

The room consists of sets of television and tape recorders used for his own entertainment.

It also has drones (which some of them are sprawled on the floor) and monitors set up to keep an eye on his friends and also record their misfortunes to be edited into surreal comedy mashups and post it anywhere later.

He also has a shelf for his collection of shutter shades in the corner and beside of it are a stack of poker chips littering on the floor, a brass knuckle a tape recorder.

He also has a Dismas body pillow lying right next to his recuperacoon.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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