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Oricka Rourst
Oricka Troll Call.png
discorpse isnt a WEBSITE sestupid its a chat client!! the two are completely different things!!! :shoutpole:
First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Emanant Aspect



14 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity

She/Her (Female)



Screen Name


Typing Style

Talks in all lower case with no commas or periods. Frequently uses Discorpse emojis and says them out loud when not typing.


Necron Exmort - Matesprit


Aeh... Geu Lageune..... (Damn Fish, You Live Like This?) ♫
Administering Fist Aid (Please Hold Still) ♫




Oricka Rourst is a secondary troll in Vast Error. Her associated alchemic sigil is Brass.

In Oricka's trollodex entry, her bullet points are listed as:

  • mild-mannered machinator
  • first aid first-timer
  • expanses away, but close to home

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Oricka's name is a reference to the character Oreko from .flow, a Yume Nikki fangame. Oricka could also possibly come from the Czech work "říčka", which translates to "small/tiny river".

Biography[edit | edit source]

Oricka falls under the very endangered violetblood caste of Repiton. It's stated that her lusus is dead and that she lives in a cave resembling it.[1]

After an incident implied to have involved an unnamed "mob", Oricka, with the help of Secily, went into hiding in a bluff near the shores. The scars adorning her body and face appear to have originated in said incident.[2] Since then, she was forbidden from building weapons. [3] However, by the time Secily arrives at her hive, Oricka seems to not pay it much mind. [4]

Her hive is as messy as the landfill near which she resides, although she doesn't at all seem to mind the clutter. [5]

Upon receiving some alarming message by a mysterious Discorpse user by the nickname obnoxiousAntidote, Oricka sets up her defense lasers, unknowingly putting Secily in harm's way.[6]

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Oricka is shown to be very excitable, optimistic, and talkative. She is fond of using both puns and nicknames for people she cares for.

Secily describes her as a "Mechanical Genius"[7]. Oricka has built a large array of gadgets, including Secily's visor. She has also modified her helmet to display various emoji as she speaks, which is reflected in her quirk.

She refuses the aid from the Repiton Corporation and despises it.[8] She also refuses to use the Corporate-run Skorpe chat client, opting to use Discorpse instead.[9] She tends to have a very "raunchy" outlook on Repitonian systems.

Oricka is very ashamed of her past ambitions and is always experimenting with new machines to help others. She constantly exhibits the "turning a bad situation into a good one" mindset, always having the need to feel useful instead of helpless.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Necron Exmort[edit | edit source]

Oricka is Necron's matesprit. They have known each other for about ten sweeps [10][11], and they are shown to have strong feelings for one another. [12][13] Despite this, Oricka and Necron are not bonded as of the events of Snowbound Blood Volume 7.[14]

Secily Iopara[edit | edit source]

Oricka and Secily seem to have a decently close relationship after the events leading up to her detanglement from the unnamed 'mob.' Referring to her almost exclusively in nicknames, the two know a lot about each other- With Oricka building her YVES, based off of her departed Hummingbird Moth lusus.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her would-be classpect is Maid of Heart.
  • There is a Big Daddy suit in the background of the entrance to her hive.
  • She built Secily a drone named YVES that was based on Secily's lusus.
  • She resembles .flow character Oreko, a character also known for building machines.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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