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Denizen of Light

Gender Identity

He/She/They (Nonbinary)




Land of Tall Grass and Sunflowers


My Protective Light ♫



Af is the denizen of Light and patron denizen of Jentha Briati, the Heir of Light.


Af gets their name from an angel of punishment, specifically angel of destruction, which governs the death of mortals. The name means 'anger'.[1]



As Jentha was messaging Occeus for help during her entry process, Af showed up inside her hive. This prompted White Noise to bemoan the fact that they don't know how to "stay on-script". He proceeded to help her with building her entry gate, facilitating Jentha's entry into the Medium.

Land Creation

Jentha's land wasn't created through the conventional means; Af mentioning that he actually circumvented the typical conversation that generates a land in its entirety. DCRC icon.png Af decided on what she thought would be best for Jentha without that exchange.

During the game

Af presumably followed Jentha for a while, as she was depicted sitting on a large sunflower DCRC icon.png above Jentha's head during one of Arcjec's memos. Af masked their presence for a while afterward, letting Jentha explore her land on her own until she inevitably found nothing of note and called them for assistance.

Personality and Traits

Af has been shown to be cheerful and mischievous to the point of disregarding White Noise's instructions if it suits them. He is generally quite upbeat, smile unfaltering even when it comes to Jentha's cynical remarks regarding him and The Game itself. They have an acute sense of humor, lightly teasing Jentha at times.


Jentha Briati

Af's player. Initially shown awed by Af's presence, Jentha seems to have soured on the denizen since her entry, saying that they are a traffic c cone denizen that l looks at me like im some sort of p prize.



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