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The ruling monarchs of the two carapacian kingdoms and their subjects.

Carapacians are a species of Game constructs created by White Noise that reside in The Medium, namely on the moons Prospit and Derse. They have been present in every Game session, though their role in it has changed over time.



True to their name, carapacians have shiny, sturdy exoskeletons. They resemble chess pieces, varying wildly in shape and size depending on the purpose they're meant to serve.

All Carapacians retain their memories from past sessions[1][2], implying that they can be "rebooted" once a Game comes to its conclusion in the event of an individual's death.

Purpose in the Game

Past sessions

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Current session

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Major Carapacians


  1. austinado and Sparaze. Vast Error, Much like your kind, this handful of suckers just keeps coming back. [...] Whatever the plan ends up being, no matter how many tweaks are made and scenarios accounted for, there's no chance. You've been around the block enough times to know..p. 1305 DCRC icon.png. 23 April 2020.
  2. austinado and Sparaze. Vast Error, And always, you would eventually find yourself right back to where you started. Memories intact, the fire of loyalty and revenge searing through your chest plate, commandeering your mind..p. 1874 DCRC icon.png. .

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