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Main Cast Ancestors

The Annalist, writing.

The Annalist

Main article: The Annalist

The Annalist was Sova's ancestor, alive during the Renaissance.

According to Sova, she was held under forced labor and exploited for her unique abilities, suffering from many hardships. Sova's hive contains many of her scrolls from the Renaissance, which she used as a memoir.

She was, at some point, on the run and camping with Zekura Raines, Thesal Voorat, and the Jagerman.

Silhouette of The Fomenter.

The Fomenter

Main article: The Fomenter

The Fomenter was Dismas' ancestor, alive during the the Renaissance.

He met Cyprim Shukra sometime after Zekura passed on her blood curse to Thesal, and they entered a matespritship. The two of them intended to find Zekura and Thesal together, but before they could some unknown war struck and he was killed in battle, supposedly to protect the land he loved.

Silhouette of The Unknown/The Forgiven.

The Unknown/The Forgiven

Main article: Thesal Voorat

Arcjec's ancestor, known by his titles as The Unknown and The Forgiven, lived during the Renaissance. He received the blood curse from Zekura that was originally promised to Cyprim. He was, at some point, on the run and camping with Zekura, the Annalist, and the Jagerman, eventually forming a matespritship with Zekura. His hatchname was Thesal Voorat.

The Supernova

Main article: Mosura Briati

Mosura Briati, also known by her title as The Supernova, was Jentha's ancestor, alive during the Renaissance. She has yet to appear in the comic, though she was briefly mentioned by Clarud Enthal, claiming her to be responsible for bringing the Renaissance to an end, in a catastrophic event involving her survival ability.

The Vivifier with The Annalist.
Silhouette of The Vivifier.

The Vivifier

Main article: Zekura Raines

Ellsee's ancestor, Zekura Raines, also known by her title as The Vivifier, lived during the time of The Renaissance.

According to Cyprim, it is believed that the Vivifier has been around since the creation of Trollkind itself. She encountered Cyprim during her travels, entering a pale relationship with her. The two then worked together to bring about the conditions of the Game. This ended when she met Arcjec's ancestor and shared her blood curse with him. She was, at some point, on the run and camping with Thesal, the Annalist, and the Jagerman, eventually entering a matespritship with Thesal.

Cyprim Shukra.png
Silhouette of The Exemplar.

The Exemplar

Main article: Cyprim Shukra

Albion's ancestor, Cyprim Shukra, also known by her title as The Exemplar, was the twelfth and final of the Star Children. She was killed by her revolting followers while communicating with Albion within The Cell.

When she was about the same age as Albion, Cyprim was brought into The Static and approached by White Noise. Without revealing his identity, he told her about Albion and her friends and enlisted Cyprim's help in shaping their future. White Noise then gave her a part of the Green Sun which allowed her to see into the future.

Soon after White Noise became her mentor, Cyprim met Zekura and entered into a pale relationship with her, working together to bring about the conditions for The Game's fruition. She eventually gave up her position as the pure oneself, as she believed that she was to carry the curse by blood alongside Zekura, bound to Repiton until their descendants were born. However, on the night Cyprim was to receive the blood curse, Zekura came across the hanged corpse of Thesal and passed the curse onto him instead, resurrecting him. Cyprim was extremely upset by this, losing control of her emotions for the first time in her life. By the time she recovered, both Zekura and Thesal were gone.

She was eventually found by Dismas's ancestor and entered into a matespritship with him. By the time they decided to seek out Zekura and Thesal, an unknown war broke out and the Fomenter was killed in battle. Soon after his death, the Renaissance ended and Cyprim used her remaining power to contact Albion through The Cell where she gave her visions of the past and future. a warning not to trust White Noise, and a final warning to keep Ellsee out of the game. As Albion's emotions turned violent, Cyprim was killed by her ex-followers for seemingly unknown reasons.

The Jagerman eating by the fire.

The Jagerman

Main article: The Jagerman

The Jagerman was Laivan's ancestor, alive during the the Renaissance.

He was, at some point, on the run and camping with Zekura, Thesal and the Annalist, where his hunting skills provided their meals.

Fortmistress Deadlock

Main article: Fortmistress Deadlock

Fortmistress Deadlock was Taz's ancestor, alive during the Renaissance. She has yet to appear in the comic, though she was briefly mentioned by Pozzol.

Acerigger Switchem

Main article: Acerigger Switchem

Acerigger Switchem was Murrit's ancestor, alive during the Renaissance. He has yet to appear in the comic, though he was mentioned in Snowbound Blood: Volume Seven during Necron's route.

An infamous historical figure, he was a manipulative person who took great pleasure in causing pain, bonding indiscriminately with trolls and then leaving them to suffer the symptoms of withdrawal.

Caesar Consceleratus Persolus.png

Caesar Consceleratus Persolus

Main article: Caesar Consceleratus Persolus

Caesar Consceleratus Persolus was Calder's ancestor, a tyranical ruler during the Renaissance. Caesar is responsible for the extinction of the Fuchsia blood caste and endangerment of the Violet blood caste.

Secondary Cast Ancestors

The Executive

Main article: Clarud Enthal

The Executive is Sestro's ancestor, and the troll who founded the Repiton Corporation. He helped facilitate the hatching of Ellsee and Arcjec and had his life artificially extended using the Vivifier's blood in exchange. His hatchname was Clarud Enthal.

In Occeus’s Snowbound Blood route, it’s hinted that he’s the one who hired Occeus.

The Commandant

Main article: Arcamu Iopara

Secily Iopara's ancestor was mentioned in Snowbound Blood: Volume Nine. His title was not stated in Snowbound Blood but has been confirmed by members of the Vast Error team. He was the right-hand man of Caesar Consceleratus Persolus who committed many atrocies under his orders. Secily's sword, Proserpina, originally belonged to him.

His hatchname was Arcamu Iopara.


The Bravura

The Bravura is Rypite's ancestor. He was a famous artist, inventor and presumably researcher during The Deconstruction Era and The Reconstruction Era. He was extremely wealthy, allegedly having five mansion-sized sheds just for storing gear, and is credited for popularizing sciences.

His hatchname was Gascon Koldan.

The Holistic Blight

The Holistic Blight is the ancestor of Edolon Vryche and was the soulmate of The Executive.