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Ellsee Raines
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Oooh, so this lΣsson is actually about you, huh¿¿ PrΣtty sΣlfish to flip it into your own problΣms likΣ that. DCRC icon.png
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Mage of Life


8 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity

She/They (Nonbinary Transfem)



Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces all E's with "Σ". Uses ¿¿ and ¡¡ as ending punctuation.

Fetch Modus

Replica Replica (Replica of Arcjec's replica modus)


The Vivifier - Ancestor
Arcjec Voorat - Siblings
Occeus Coliad - Matesprit (Bonded.)
Taz Poemme - Kismesis crush

Live(s) in

Ellsee's hive
Arcjec's hive (Implied, formerly.)


Land of Vigor and Tundra


Blood Right ♫
Invigorated Wasteland ♫
Remember? ♫
LC Rains ♫
Secure ♫
Disenchanted ♫
Anywhere Can Be Paradise ♫
Ellsee's Theme ♫
Anesidora ♫
Mechanical Heart ♫
Fresh Start ♫
Null Mode ♫
Insecurity ♫
To Heaven, We Burn ♫
Occult Hymns ♫




Ellsee Raines, also known by their Skorpe handle, existereOracle, is one of the trolls and is one of the main characters and Aspect Holders in Vast Error. Her associated alchemic sigil is Mercury and her horns are long, thin and sharp. They are a deconstruction of the "All Important Plot Character" fantroll archetype, and they are the most important character in Vast Error according to White Noise.

She, her ancestor, and her lusus are the only beings on Repiton to have ever had lime colored blood. Their blood has potent life-bearing properties and could be the secret towards gaining untethered immortality as expressed by Occeus. It could also potentially carry some sort of curse to those who have the blood in their system.

She was the seventh troll introduced and the first troll introduced in Act 2. She was also the twelfth and final troll to enter the game.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The name Ellsee comes from Hebrew origin, meaning "God is my oath". Ellsee is also a variant form of Elizabeth, meaning "God's promise".

Biography[edit | edit source]

Six Sweeps[edit | edit source]

Not much is currently known about Ellsee before the story begins. It is implied that they used to live with Arcjec Voorat, however. Along with this, she was a member of his friend group.

Act 1[edit | edit source]

While wearing a dark full-body cloak, Ellsee was seen approaching Arcjec's hive and throwing a rock at his window. While seen to happen in Act 1, it's brought up that it happened right after Ellsee's introduction in Act 2.

Act 2[edit | edit source]

Ellsee is first introduced at the start of Act 2, where they are sitting in their tent/hive. She receives a message from her matesprit Occeus Coliad, who she had messaged days ago and has only just responded. The two discuss the implications of Occeus' possible breakthrough in his work, apologizing for neglecting Ellsee. He emphasizes the importance of his work to revitalize the planet, and Ellsee voices support, but is left feeling insecure. Out of a feeling of inadequacy and loneliness, they reach out to Arcjec, asking him if they are likeable. Arcjec, despite insisting that he's the last person anyone should seeking out for advice, offers some anyway. The conversation leads to Ellsee to find the resolve to finally meet Arcjec in person and introduce herself properly.

Ellsee hiding from Arcjec.

After arriving at Arcjec's hive, Ellsee tries to get his attention at his window by throwing a rock. The shock of seeing an unknown troll at his window leads Arcjec to fall out of his second floor window into the mud below and passing out.

Ellsee loses her nerve and begins to walk home, but quickly circles back around when she sees that a meteor is flying towards it. They find his hive in shambles, but bizarrely mostly intact, with Arcjec nowhere to be found. She then learns of the game and the fact that Murrit Turkin had intended to exclude her from it. They return to their hive and reach out to Occeus again in a panic. Occeus tries to comfort a distressed Ellsee until he reads the memo himself.

Occeus is distressed at the absurdity, yet possible reality of the situation presented by The Game and the fact that it necessitates abandoning Repiton and making all his work to save it irrelevant. Having learned that he's meant to work with Calder Kerian in the game, an outraged Occeus messages the sea dweller. As Occeus fumes, Ellsee is left in the dark. She messages Murrit for answers, but he coldly tells her that he knows that she cannot be trusted, and for everyone else's sake, that she should get lost. Realizing that they won't be getting any help for the time being, they try to forget that conversation.

Shortly after, Ellsee message Arcjec and is relieved when she gets a response from him. The two discuss the events of the night, with Ellsee forced to admit that they know more than they've let on to Arcjec. As the conversation ends, Arcjec tells Ellsee that when things have calmed down, they should meet and just hang out, and that she should tell him what she's been meaning to say.

Ellsee makes their own memo and pointed includes everyone, attempting to share their own knowledge of the game that they obtained through a cryptic old book they inherited from their ancestor. Sova Amalie chimes in with her own theories and mentions that she has encountered similarly cryptic scrolls that appear to pertain to the game as well. However, Murrit immediately leaves the memo after it is made, and Calder and Taz Poemme don't take long to follow suit out of their own dislike of Ellsee. Additionally, the whole memo quickly goes off topic. Laivan Ferroo later mentions to Murrit that Ellsee had told Laivan that she was quite personally hurt when Murrit left the memo.

They later frantically messaged Occeus, telling him that after they had responded to him, they went to Arcjec's hive again only to find out that his hive is in shambles and a huge meteor was heading towards it. She then tells him that she quickly went inside, in hopes of finding and save him only to find out that he was nowhere to be seen and his lusus was screaming for his owner. They also tell him about Murrit's memo that they had been excluded from, the Game, and that he will be working with Calder.

Ellsee is included in Arcjec's memo and angrily responds to Murrit's message.

Ellsee has entered the game as of [S] Ellsee: Enter. DCRC icon.png; however neither her land or platform are shown.

Act 3 Act 1[edit | edit source]

Ellsee appeared in one of Murrit's flashbacks, wherein they were doing a ritual before an unknown event had happened, which made Murrit scared of them and decide to keep them out of the game.

Finally, Ellsee is on screen again not too long after the start of Act 3 Act 1, where they participate in Arcjec's memo. Though she doesn't respond until she's tagged by Arcjec, who demands to know where she is and what she's doing. Ellsee reveals that after all of the portal hopping they'd been doing, they were exhausted and took a nap in the snow in their land. Later in the memo, they talk to Occeus about the work they had done together to work towards making Repiton more liveable, and if that work meant anything.

After, a flashback is shown of what Ellsee was up to before the memo started. Her land is finally named the Land of Vigor and Tundra, and she proceeds to fall asleep on the snow, just like she said she did.

Ellsee dreams of the past, when they lived with Arcjec, and the things they did together. Ellsee and Arcjec are shown dancing together before Arcjec stumbles, causing them both to fall down in a fit of laughter. Arcjec says he's hungry, so the two of them go and get food. Ellsee discusses how she forages for food, and Arcjec lightheartedly argues that the natural food she brought is gross. Ellsee insists that they prefer their organic foods over Arcjec's processed food, and the conversation shifts. Arcjec compliments Ellsee's new look, saying that it's coming along nicely and that it suits them. She's is very happy about this, and she states that she agrees. Ellsee briefly mentions that it took her a while to find a look she was comfortable with, but that she's happy with her appearance now. The topic changes and they discuss Arcjec's cancelled plans, which he seems to be unbothered by. Ellsee talks about how they wish they could go with Arcjec, but they're not allowed to. The two of them go back and forth about Arcjec being allowed to go to the stronghold while Ellsee has to stay at home, and Arcjec suggests sneaking them out. They decline the offer, saying they'd both get in trouble, and Arcjec agrees that they're probably right. Ellsee stays silent for a moment while Arcjec draws. Finally, she asks them how they're always okay with everything, including bad things like their cancelled plans. Arcjec thinks for a moment, before saying that he doesn't have an answer. He says that he just is the way he is, and Ellsee is just the way she is, and that's okay. Ellsee reveals that she wishes she was more like them, since they have friends and get to go out and do things. Arcjec argues that those are their friends too, but Ellsee insists that they're only really there for him. Arcjec doesn't let that slide, however, and he proceeds to talk about how Ellsee is great. He promises that even if everyone else forgets how amazing they are, he won't. Arcjec stumbles over their words, but tells Ellsee that they're a family, which makes her happy.

Ellsee's dream is promptly interrupted by White Noise. They fall into The Static, where they see Bonehilda and Boner, and finally White Noise himself. He asks if Ellsee remembers him, but she just gets startled. She throws her staff at him, causing his left arm to fall off.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Ellsee is a rather eclectic troll with similarly eclectic interests. She is a practitioner of potion-crafting and various forms of magic. They are however a strong opponent of fortune telling and considers anyone who claims any knowledge of the future to be a charlatan, despite having possibly practised it themself in the past. She is also a dancer by trade.

As the only living troll on Repiton to have her blood color, she lives a nomadic life on the road, discretely avoiding the undue attention of anyone who would want to get their hands on her blood's life-giving properties. This kind of life has led them to become a staunch survivalist.

The neglect she faces from Occeus' workaholic tendencies have lead her to become somewhat insecure, exacerbated by the natural physical withdrawal she faces as a result of her not seeing her partner in some time (a result of sexual intimacy in Repitonian trolls).

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Occeus Coliad[edit | edit source]

Occeus is Ellsee's matesprit, and they are one of the few trolls in the cast to have bonded with one another.

Due to Occeus' workaholic nature and his desperation to preserve his planet, Occeus is unfortunately rather neglectful of Ellsee, leaving them to suffer from symptoms not unlike withdrawal in his absence (as is the case for Repitonian trolls who have been intimate with another and do not see each other for extended periods of time). Occeus regrets this, and realizes that Ellsee deserves better, but will nonetheless prioritize his work over her. This neglect has left Ellsee to feel increasingly insecure in Occeus' absence.

Ellsee often volunteers the use of her lime blood for Occeus to use in his biological experiments, due to the blood's unique life-bearing properties. Occeus is the only troll that Ellsee trusts with her blood.

When the two were young and before Occeus became the workaholic he is now, Ellsee and Occeus spent more time together in-person. Because they weren't able to go out in public, they found their own activities, such as dancing.[1]

Arcjec Voorat[edit | edit source]

Ellsee is not bothered by Arcjec's cantankerous attitude or even his depressive apathy, and seems to be genuinely fond of him, to the point that they actually find his insults to be kind of funny. She is even comfortable enough to reach out to Arcjec for advice despite Arcjec insisting that he isn't the best moral support (he tries to give her advice anyway).

The two appear to share some sort of deeper connection that Arcjec isn't aware of. Ellsee often tries to introduce themself to him, but regularly fails to do so out of nervousness. It's worth noting that their ancestors had known each other in life.

Taz Poemme[edit | edit source]

Taz is Ellsee's pitch crush. While they both do not like each other, but Taz does not reciprocate the pitch feelings. Ellsee is quite annoyed when she has to think or interact with Taz, and Taz appears especially impatient with Ellsee. This distaste goes back to when the two were younger.[2]

Murrit Turkin[edit | edit source]

Murrit appears to greatly dislike or distrust Ellsee for reasons unknown to her, to the point that he actively tries to keep them out of the game.

Calder Kerian[edit | edit source]

Like pretty much all the other female trolls, and all the other trolls in general, Ellsee does not like Calder and considers him to be a chauvinistic prick. Calder is demeaning and talks down to Ellsee at any opportunity, refusing to let her prove her worth.

In the Pre-Game, the two had reached into an agreement with Ellsee providing any means of information that can help them win the Game in exchange, Calder will make sure that Ellsee is included and wanted in any situation the trolls are in.

Laivan Ferroo[edit | edit source]

Laivan and Ellsee are longtime friends, and the two are on amicable terms. Laivan is very upset when people mistreat her and belittle her, and is willing to come to her defense when others put her down or ignore her.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ellsee apparently commits arson regularly.
  • Despite being the 7th troll introduced, Ellsee is technically the second troll seen in Vast Error, as they were seen shortly after Arcjec's introduction.
  • The life-giving properties of Ellsee's blood, and her association with mercury reference the archaic belief that mercury had healing properties found in various school of ancient medicine and alchemy. It was once believed that mercury was the key to eternal life.
  • Ellsee's screen name, and name in general, have a lot of foreshadowing to them.
    • The word existere obviously means "a person or thing that exists".
    • The word oracle means "a priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity", basically meaning that an oracle is someone who speaks for a god of some sort.
    • So Ellsee's screen name altogether means "an existing prophet/prophecy".
      • Given Ellsee's dislike of divination, they share having a screen name which is no longer indicative of their interests with Arcjec Voorat, further showing the connection between the two.
  • Ellsee is a Prospit dreamer, a limeblood, and a Hero of Life, meaning her extended zodiac sign would be Cansci, Sign of the Reliever.
  • Ellsee runs a Filler account under the username sibillas.
  • When tasked with replacing a lightbulb, Ellsee procrastinates on it, finding another source of light instead.[3]
  • Ellsee lands as a dog on the cat-to-dog spectrum.[4]
  • Ellsee's favorite food is rocky road ice cream.[5]
  • Ellsee would main Pyro in Team Fortress 2.[6]
  • Ellsee would main Daisy, Samus and Bayonetta on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[7]

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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