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The Narayan Alphabet.

The Symbols of Narayan, or Narayan Code, is a set of symbols seemingly related strongly to Aspects, and by extension, Alchemy.

All of the symbols are created using a base consisting of four blank circles split into quarters which intersect to create four ellipses. These four quadsected circles are contained within one larger circle which is also split into four sections. Each of the 20 half-circles in the base either have a positive or negative value. Different combinations of horizontal and vertical quarter-circles are either filled in or left empty within this original structure to create a single Narayan symbol. The symbol meanings seem to relate greatly to aspects, in both theme and application.

There are a few Narayan symbols vital to the game function, likened to information in a code. They are: exist, static, cycle, entropy, and rebirth.

Entry Codes

The Game interface that allows input of Narayan Codes.

Each of the trolls need to have their server player input their a unique set of Narayan symbols into the Etchelizer DCRC icon.png as their entry code into the Medium at the beginning of the game. The symbols relate to the player's Aspect.

The meanings of the Narayan codes used as entry codes for the main 12 trolls are as follows:


The empty Narayan base for the symbols is seen on the hands of Alchemists, and these markings are shown to glow in different formations of Narayan symbols when the user is Alchemizing and interacting with their aspect.

When Weird Al is lifting Lefty on page 1088 DCRC icon.png, his hands glow to make the Narayan symbols of force and motion.

Other characters that have the Narayan symbols on their hands include Sestro Enthal, Edolon Vryche, Thesal Voorat, and The Executive.