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The Game is an interactive pursuit that is created and maintained by White Noise. It is hosted in a one-sided

The troll session game logo.

pocket dimension that wraps around itself known as The Inciphipshere which is housed inside The Static. Twelve characters bound to the Aspects of Existence are always meant to leave their planet and play this game as their world is nearing the end of its life cycle. These twelve players of The Game are different from reset to reset (yet still bound to their aspect) and each version of The Game is based upon the species culture when released and played.

Standard session features

  • Skaia, the central celestial body within the Incipisphere.
  • Prospit, a planet that orbits Skaia like a moon. Home to the forces of light, and ruled by the White Queen.
  • Derse, a planet that orbits Skaia with a larger orbital path. Home to the forces of darkness, and ruled by the Black Queen.
  • Planets. Every player has their own unique planet orbiting Skaia in the Incipisphere. These planets start out as blank white voids until they are brought to life by the planets Denizen after deciding what best suits their player and will help them grow.
  • Denizens are immense, powerful beings that teach and test their corresponding players. They are the keepers of the Aspects and form the Land of their player after they are released from their holding during entry.

Troll session features

From what we know as of now, the use of the planet Repiton being part of the session and the use of the Green Sun in the creation of the failsafe are troll session exclusives.



  • From Hell and Back - Avert meteor crisis and enter the Medium.
  • "The Talk" - Meet your denizen and form your personal land.
  • First Things First - Milestone achieved: Gain level.
  • Who Are You, Again? - Receive your first quest from a consort.
  • Shifter, No Shifting! - Defeat a teleporting enemy.
  • Think locally - Save a consort village.
  • Big challenges - Defeat your first high-level enemy.
  • Loadsamoney - Collect 1 million bits through shards.
  • Release The Hoard - Claim the most inventory space.
  • Alternative Equivalencies - Unlock ADVANCED CRAFTING.


From the info we have so far, the purpose of The Game is to resurrect Kheparia and force character development onto the players, in this case being The Trolls.


  • The achievement Shifter, No Shifting! is a reference to Dora the Explorer, where the phrase "Swiper, no Swiping" is said frequently when the character Swiper attempts to steal something.