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Sova Amalie
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(i'm an open book! metaphorically speaking) DCRC icon.png
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Sovara Amalie


Page of Heart


8 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity




Screen Name


Typing Style

Speaks in (parentheses and italics). Proper punctuation, except for single periods at the ends of sentences, which are excluded. All lowercase letters except for names, which are typed in ALL CAPS. Quirk resembles stage directions in a script.

Fetch Modus



The Annalist - Ancestor
Albion Shukra - Matesprit

Live(s) in

Sova's hive


Land of Daze and Lattice


Alone In The Rain ♫
Poetic ♫
Through It All ♫
Aortian Embrace ♫
The Eternal Siren ♫
Hearts In The Wrong Place ♫
Ringlorn ♫
Absolute ♫
INTERMISSION: Lyreflower ♫
Three Minutes To Midnight ♫
The Curtain Rises ~ Millenium Actress ♫




Sova Amalie (short for Sovara), also known by her Skorpe handle sanguineAllegory, is one of the main characters and Aspect Holders in Vast Error. Her associated alchemic sigil is Silver and she is a deconstruction of the "tragic victim" fantroll archetype.[1]

She was the eleventh troll introduced and the eighth troll to enter the game.


"Sova" means "owl" in many Slavic languages, matching Sova's lusus and frequent bird motifs. The full name Sovara may come from the Greek word σοβαρά (sovará), meaning "seriously". "Amalie" resembles Amélie, a French given name meaning "work", and may also be a reference to the film and musical Amélie, a story about a young girl who decides to change the lives of those around her for the better while struggling with her own isolation.


Early life

According to her introduction, she spent most of her life after school "caged" in a manner she doesn't like to talk about. She later escaped her captivity, and with the help of Laivan Ferroo and Serpaz Helilo, made herself a new home in a secluded cabin out in the woods.

Act 1

Sova sends concerned messages to her matesprit over the course of the entry night, which Albion reads after her fateful revelation from the Star Guardian but does not reply to.

Act 2

Sova first speaks in Act 2 when she responds to Ellsee's memo, Rinkadink Thinking TimΣ, offering to help decipher the information contained in her ancestral tome. In this same memo, she also catches up with Laivan and Serpaz.

Later, Albion messages her to apologize for not responding to her earlier messages. As she shares her worries, Sova reassures Albion that she can't bring herself to be mad at her. Sova then tells Albion that she loves her, and that that is all that matters. Albion agrees with her.

After [S] Engage. DCRC icon.png we are shown Sova's formal introduction page. She receives a message from an enthusiastic Serpaz, who's happy that the two of them will be spending time together because of the Game. As they chat, Serpaz calls Sova a total angel!!!, a term which triggers Sova's memories of Dexous, her former "caretaker". Serpaz urges her to let the past go, but fails to properly assuage Sova's distress.

In need of a distraction, Sova decides to read the latest scroll Albion has translated for her: a recounting penned by the Annalist of a parable told to her by The Vivifier. Before Sova can finish her reading, however, she is interrupted by a loud rumble coming from outside her hive. Thinking it might be her lusus, Cooperi, she decides to investigate, but is met with a dark, wispy creature standing by her window instead.

She goes inside her sanitization block to hide, checking Ellsee's second memo and asking the others about the strange monsters lurking outside, though she is interrupted by a message from Occeus Coliad before she can get very far. They have a brief chat and he advises her to "clear her sight" and ignore the creatures, as they thrive .o.n y.o.ur attenti.o.n.

She is contacted by Edolon Vryche shortly after he restrains Serpaz in order to expedite her entry process, though not much of their conversation is shown. Later, Sova is seen talking to an anxious Jentha Briati as Cooperi fends off the Abyss creatures, while they try to work through her entry process.

Sova successfully enters the Medium during [S] Ellsee: Enter. DCRC icon.png Her talk with her denizen is not shown.

Act 3 Act 1

The act opens with a dream sequence, as Sova navigates a nightmarish space that leads toward a huge steel birdcage. She is jolted awake by a series of ominous whispers, having gone back to her hive after speaking to her denizen. Sova then travels back to the Medium, where her planet, the Land of Daze and Lattice, is revealed.

Metatron is there to greet her, and they discuss the game, Sova's potential journey through it, and Jegudial, her denizen. After some prompting from Metatron, Sova agrees to show him some of her writing, an in-progress script of a play called Upon the Twelfth Hour. As she wraps up the reading, a Skorpe notification pops up, letting her know that Arcjec created a new memo. She catches up with the other players, as they discuss the events of the past day and their progress through the Game so far.

Personality and Traits

Compassionate and forgiving, Sova is an avid reader and history buff who always tries to see the best in people, being quite fond of musical theater and stage plays. She dabbles in playwriting herself, holding a deep passion for the craft but being too self-conscious to share her work with her friends.

Due to a sheltered upbringing, she considers herself socially hindered, having not had extensive interactions with other trolls for most of her youth and often misusing common turns of phrase. Sova is also "a bit of an emotional pushover who puts other people before herself."[2]

It has been implied that Sova deals with PTSD due to her difficult past with Dexous.


Albion Shukra

Sova worrying about Albion.

Sova is in a flushed relationship with Albion Shukra, having shown deep worry and care about her well-being. Albion regularly translates the ancient scrolls that Sova inherited from her Ancestor, and is mentioned to have helped Sova with her adjustment period after she escaped from Dexous. Sova seems to regard Albion with an almost awe-struck admiration, which can lead to her brushing aside some of her matesprit's more negative traits.

It has been confirmed that the two are not bonded, as they are still a relatively new relationship.[3]

Laivan Ferroo and Serpaz Helilo

Sova is good friends with both Laivan and Serpaz and the couple seems to be somewhat protective of her. They were the ones who helped Sova obtain her current belongings and residence. There is a framed picture of the three of them together inside Sova's hive.

Between the two, Serpaz appears to be slightly closer to Sova, likely due to her outgoing and jovial personality compared to Laivan's more laidback and quiet nature. While well-meaning, Serpaz is pretty bad at advising Sova when she is dealing with her emotional hang-ups and trauma, due to the off-beat way she tends to deal with her own sadness and pain.

Occeus Coliad

Sova seems to be on good terms with Occeus, the pair treating each other with mutual consideration of their respective boundaries. He is shown messaging her in hopes that she can listen to his woes, but is understanding when Sova states that she can't handle offering advice at that moment in time.


Sova in Dexous' captivity.

Sova has a difficult past with Dexous. It is implied that Dexous forced Sova to sing for him and an audience, eventually causing her to develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Reminders of Dexous, such as the word "angel", can trigger Sova, leading her to emotionally withdraw and experience flashbacks.

Jentha Briati

Jentha is Sova's server player. Not much is known about their relationship, though they have cooperated during Sova's entry process. Sova has shown concern for Jentha even when being brushed off, and Jentha has snidely referred to Sova as the one who c cares so much about e everyone.


  • Sova's chat handle, sanguineAllegory, means "red story", with sanguine meaning "blood red" and an allegory being "a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one".
  • Sova and Albion are the only two members of the main cast who enjoy pineapple on pizza.[4]
  • Being a Derse dreamer, a redblood and a Hero of Heart, Sova's would-be extended zodiac sign is Aro, Sign of the Lost.
  • Albion and Sova run a joint Filler account under the username blissfullyharmonic.
    • They sign off their posts as *mod*starshine* and (MOD CHORINE), respectively.
  • Sova has to stack objects on top of each other to reach the lightbulb when changing it. This leads to her almost dying every time.[5]
  • Sova lands as a dog on the cat-to-dog spectrum.[6]
  • Sova's favorite food is strawberry shortcake.[7]
  • Sova's least favorite musical is Hamilton.[8]
  • Unlike the rest of the cast, Sova wouldn't understand how the menus work in Team Fortress 2 and wouldn't be good at it to play.[9]
  • Sova would main Jigglypuff, Yoshi and Inkling in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[10]



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