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Thaumatrope is a currently ongoing side-webcomic set in the Vast Error universe, created, written and drawn by XamagXamag, featuring writing contributions from Alienoid and austinado and editing contributions from eddieDraws. Unlike the main comic, Thaumatrope is overseen and narrated by Mimesis, who occasionally interjects to make comments about the unfolding events.

The first chapter, Syzygy TT icon.png, focuses on the backstories of Rypite Koldan and Sirage Feltri, exploring how they met and came to be matesprits.

The second chapter, Haustoria TT icon.png, focuses on the backstories of Lutzia Cullex and Gerbat Batrav, exploring the plant disease which afflicts Gerbat and a number of other trolls in his village.

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