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Clarud Enthal
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☊ The memories of my ancestors before me may have fallen, but with the aid of my emanant aspect, I can ensure that what they left behind will never be lost. DCRC icon.png
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The Executive

Emanant Aspect



144 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

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Prefixes text with "☊"


Sestro Enthal - Descendant


Executive Decisions ♫
Iridescent Memories ♫




Clarud Enthal, known by his title as The Executive, is the ancestor to Sestro Enthal and former CEO and founder of the Repiton Corporation.


'Enthal', when translated from German, means 'contained'. The name Enthal may also come from the word enthalpy, a property of thermodynamic system that is the sum of a system's internal energy typically used to measure heat. Clarud may stem from the latin clārus meaning "Clear" or "Upstanding."[1]


Early Life

Clarud witnessed the destruction of the Deconstruction Era in his youth. Horrified by the methods of Alchemy of the time, he cultivated a society where they were deemed forbidden. DCRC icon.png During this time, Clarud would bond with a fellow who would become his matesprit. It is implied that Clarud created an institution regarding aspects. Some time after this during the Reconstruction Era, support of Clarud cause would fade due to the their inability to use or control their aspects. Clarud's matesprit would die supposedly due to a lack of control of one's aspect. DCRC icon.png

Clarud would be visited by The Forgiven and The Vivifier at his house where they asked for his assistance in the hatching of Ellsee and Arcjec. To ensure he lived long enough for their hatching the Vivifier extended his life with her blood.

9x sweeps later he would come to form the Repiton Corporation.

Before Snowbound Blood

Clarud was kept alive through continuous circulation of The Vivifier's blood well past the average lifespan of a troll, living so long as to meet his own descendant. This was kept secret from all of Repiton, including those closest to him. Despite his unique situation, Clarud rarely saw Sestro, instead living alone in his office on the highest floor of the Corporation's main building, scarcely seeing anybody. The only person he saw regularly during this time was Rodere, who took care of him and administered medicines.

During Snowbound Blood

Clarud's health was in continual decline, and the missing philter of The Vivifier's blood was crucial to his survival. He placed chief regulator Secily Iopara in charge of this Priority Aleph case, Snowbound Blood.

As the wices went on with no developments from Secily on the case, he called her up to his office, sensing her desire to quit. He told her everything, from the philter being real to his reliance on it to his boredom with life, and managed to convince her to stay by stressing that her life can still have meaning, unlike his.

After Snowbound Blood

Without the philter, Clarud knew he would soon die, and called both Sestro and Hamifi to his office. Eventually he dismisses Hamifi, and reveals to Sestro that all of his studying on the history of Repiton was to prepare him for being the vessel of Clarud's memories. Using his Mind alchemy, Clarud implants all 144 sweeps of his memories and experiences into Sestro before he dies. From this point onward, a constructed version of Clarud lives inside of Sestro's mind, holding him back with metaphorical ropes.


Sestro Enthal

Sestro is Clarud's descendant. The two were on fairly thin ice leading up to Clarud's death, interactions between them panning out to be quite uncomfortable. Narration remarks Clarud as "someone [Sestro] wished [he] could have loved"[2] upon his death.


Clarud was taken care of by Rodere before his death.

Secily Iopara

Clarud is Secily's employer.


  • He is likely the oldest troll in history, behind Zekura and Thesal.
  • Hamifi's Ancestor was his moirail



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