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Consorts are animal (or animal-like) inhabitants of each player's planet in The Medium.

Types of Consorts[edit | edit source]

Rabbits[edit | edit source]

Sova's consorts on the Land of Daze and Lattice are rabbits.

Pangolins[edit | edit source]

Dismas's consorts on the Land of Labyrinth and Surge are pangolins.

Snakes[edit | edit source]

Arcjec's consorts on the Land of Mirage and Monochrome are colorful snakes.

Okapis[edit | edit source]

Ellsee's consorts on the Land of Vigor and Tundra are okapis.

Horses[edit | edit source]

Serpaz's consorts on the Land of Spiral and Fracture are horses (omenbeasts) dressed in fancy clothes.

Beavers[edit | edit source]

Laivan's consorts on the Land of Construct and Deluge are beavers.

Gargoyles[edit | edit source]

Occeus's consorts on the Land of Bane and Gargoyles are gargoyles that his Denizen can see through.

Scorpions[edit | edit source]

Taz's consorts on the Land of Growth and Gravity are scorpions.

Platypuses[edit | edit source]

Murrit's consorts on the Land of Wave and Record are cyborg platypuses.

Swans[edit | edit source]

Calder's consorts on the Land of Murk and Quagmire are swans.

Known Consorts[edit | edit source]

Guy[edit | edit source]


First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Guy is a colorful snake consort residing on Arcjec's planet, the Land of Mirage and Monochrome. He is the consort that Arcjec first met upon his entry to The Medium. He is overly energetic and has a deep sense of familiarization to Arcjec.

Tee Hanos[edit | edit source]

Tee hanos.png

First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Tee Hanos is a cyborg platypus consort residing on Murrit's planet, the land of Wave and Record. He serves as the leader of the other platypus consorts, and tasks Murrit with restoring LOWAR to its former prosperity using Time powers. Tee Hanos' name, appearance, and dialogue are a reference to the Marvel villain Thanos.

Granite[edit | edit source]


First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Granite is a pangolin consort residing on Dismas' planet, the land of Labyrinth and Surge. He is the consort that Dismas first meets upon his arrival at his second checkpoint. He is described as the strong, silent type, silently assisting Dismas in a cheeky yet kind manner.

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