Cadlys Rankor

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Cadlys Rankor
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Are you asking me to retrieve arms from chest?
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Hermit, Masked Hermit

Emanant Aspect



13 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity




Typing Style

Strikes through all his os. When he's serious he speaks in all caps and strikes through everything.


Potion Seller. Enough Of These Games ♫



Cadlys Rankor is a secondary troll in Vast Error. His associated alchemic sigil is Crucible.

He was first revealed in the February 18th Trollodex, alongside Bytcon Krypto. Their bullet points were:

  • monotone magnanimity
  • what's your classpect lol
  • you're not his all-mother


Cadlys is a corruption of the word "catalyst". Rankor most likely comes from the word "rancor", meaning "bitterness".


In Haustoria

Nearing the end of Haustoria, they start talking with Gerbat about the disease in the village. None of their conversations are exactly known, but Cadlys is noted to be great help. They suggest to Gerbat that the possible source is the tree planted by Kheparia followers, otherwise known as the Grove of Essence. The two also worked together to figure out spore presences, the fact the disease is more alchemic and a tea that helps detect whether someone is sick.

In Snowbound Blood

Cadlys is an avid chemist, creating potions and acids of many different kinds and selling the ones they consider to be failures on the dark web for a living. He makes these concoctions in the safety of his bunker, located somewhere within a graveyard of skulltitan bones near Occeus' hive. They also live with their bonded matesprit, Mariel, and Dia, a young troll the two of them took in at some point in the past.

His goal is seemingly to create "aqua vitae", the water of life, which Secily notes as a liquid said to cleanse rivers and "bring those who are suffering back to reality once more." Their motive may be to heal Repiton and restore it.

During the events of Snowbound Blood: Volume Six, Cadlys invites Secily inside his home to talk, although he cannot offer more than anecdotes about his experiences having Noxious as a client. At the end of their route, they point Secily toward Oricka's matesprit and known vigilante across Repiton's criminal underbelly: Necron Exmort, the Ashbringer.

As of Intermission 2 Side 2, Cadlys appears to be taking refuge at Eidolic Acres with some of the other Snowbound Blood characters.

Personality and traits

Cadlys is the type of person to conceal his true self, as seen by his literal mask and his metaphorical mask, his wide grin. They tend to be casual about most things. However, when it comes to things such as a certain concoction named Takeaway that he has stored away, the mask comes off and he presents himself as cold and dead serious, changing his quirk as a result.

They also became a bit vulnerable when talking about Dia, most likely having a very personal connection to whatever happened to her.


Mariel Solana

Also referred to as Marie, Mariel is a troll designed by Zamboozle. She is known to be Cadlys' bonded matesprit.

Delivy Amatii

Delivy is a troll designed by GreaserParty. She is Cadlys' moirail.

Diania Lextio

Commonly referred to as Dia, Diania is a troll designed by GreaserParty. She is a troll that Cadlys took in, due to the fact that she lost everything. They hold a familial bond.


Cadlys says he has not spoken much with Noxious outside of trading goods with him.




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