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Gerbat Batrav
Gerbat Troll Call.png
Г just what are you trying to acheive here? J
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Emanant Aspect



10 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity




Screen Name


Typing Style

Prefixes and suffixes his speech with Г and J respectively. His prefix counts as the start of his sentence, so he doesn't capitalize non-proper noun words afterwards. Frequently misspells words (said to sound like a strange accent).


Glomer Hicner - Ex-Moirail


Don't Shake The Hand Unless You Mean It ♫
You've Opened The Door. ♫



Gerbat Batrav is a secondary troll in Vast Error. In addition to Vast Error, they also appear in Snowbound Blood: Volume Seven, as well as the second chapter of Thaumatrope, Haustoria. His associated alchemic sigil is Herb.

In Gerbat's trollodex entry, his bullet points are listed as:

  • flora and fauna fixer-upper
  • keeps it simple, basickley
  • taller than anyone you know
  • it isn't easy being green


Gerbat comes from herb, his alchemical sigil, and Batrav is a portmanteau of the Russian words trava, meaning grass, and batrak, meaning peasant farmer/worker.


Before Haustoria

Before the events of Haustoria, Gerbat was roommates with Glomer, until he moved away to help at a hydroponics facility. However, he promised to come back to visit from time to time.

In Haustoria

At the start of Haustoria, Gerbat is shown to be living in a village with several other trolls. The village is struggling with an unidentified plague which causes plants to grow on the body of the afflicted. Lutzia Cullex, a runaway around Gerbat's age who claims to be an expert in blood and diseases, begins staying at the village, promising to help with curing the disease.

Gerbat, along with the rest of the villagers, help with building a lab for researching the disease. They inform Hamifi of their decision to stay in the village to research the disease, and file a formal research request to Corporate in order to receive equipment and medical supplies to use for the research. At the same time, he messages Glomer to cancel their plans of meeting up for an event in Stronghold 21 named "Formidufest", due to his concerns of spreading the disease plaguing the village. Glomer is upset about this, but Gerbat is sure that Glomer will forgive him.

Gerbat, Lutzia, and Pramen are shown to be the ones primarily conducting the research on the disease.

Some time later, Alcest, the village elder, is rendered unable to move by the disease, and tells Gerbat of his moose lusus' decision to take care of Gerbat after his passing. Shortly after, Alcest falls into a coma. Gerbat calls Glomer, and talks about his feelings with drifting apart from the jadebloods, as well as his feelings of regret surrounding Alcest's condition, and then asks Glomer to be his moirail, which Glomer excitedly accepts.

Later, the villagers attempt to find Kimosh, who had wandered off due to the plant disease impairing its brain functions, to no avail, and immediately after, Urodea, who lost her voice due to the disease, begins to suffocate. Gerbat and other nearby villagers attempt to help, but she ultimately dies in front of them. After this, they check on Alcest, who has also passed away.

The villagers deliberate on whether or not they should burn the bodies; Gerbat initially sides with those intent on burning the bodies, but they ultimately decide to bury them due to the spores which came from the deceased.

Later on, Lutzia asks Gerbat how analysis of the spores was going, to which Gerbat tells her that they "made [him] feel insane". Upon further analysis under a microscope, they find that the spores look incomprehensible.

Some time later, Gerbat posts on a forum which seems to be named the "Horticulture Forums" with all of the information that he knows about the disease.

In Snowbound Blood

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Personality and traits

Gerbat is a fairly laid-back and calm individual who, upon meeting Secily, treated her with cautious hospitality. Despite his intimidating height and chronic affliction, he's shown to be quite kind and humorous as seen with the hot-dog plant scene. Despite his kindness, he has a protective side as well, stepping in when Cretas was in danger and removing Secily from the settlement without further violence.


Moose Lusus

Gerbat has an unnamed moose lusus. He used to be the lusus of Alcest, the head of the village that Gerbat lived in during the events of Haustoria, until Alcest fell into a coma due to the plant disease. Gerbat and his lusus are said to get along well.

Cretas Mglina

During Gerbat's Snowbound Blood volume, he refers to Cretas as a friend. At this time, Cretas seemed to be undergoing withdrawal, thus causing Gerbat to help him cope.

Glomer Hicner

Glomer is Gerbat's former moirail. Gerbat and Glomer were roommates for some time after graduation, until Gerbat moved away to help at a hydroponics facility. When they were living together, they shared a lusus, but this lusus stayed with Glomer. During Haustoria, both of them get into a moiraillegiance, and some sweeps seems to be broken off as Gerbat was too busy within the village and couldn't talk to Glomer often. He's stated he wishes to works things out with Glomer, though.

Lutzia Cullex

Gerbat seems to have been close friends with Lutzia. The two first met when Lutzia promised the village to cure their disease, and Gerbat was sent to her to make a new friend. They've been shown to interact and be together often since, exchanging support and trusting each other heavily over the sweeps. It's unknown if the two kept contact after Lutzia left the village.

Hamifi Hekrix

In Haustoria, Gerbat and Hamifi messaged each other about the village disease since it started. He sent information and updates about the disease to her, in hopes of getting more qualified help from Corporate. Despite Hamifi saying she cares, both of them currently seem to be on bitter terms, with her denying further assistance due to the hazard of visiting the village.


  • His would-be classpect is Sylph of Life.
  • Gerbat was originally created by Vast Error writer Xamag. The canonicity of his original information to Vast Error is unknown.
  • On the character select screen for Chapter 7, the sprite seen when Gerbat's character selection panel is hovered over is not used within his route. It can, however, be found in the gallery of their
  • Gerbat is shown to use the handle herbOrb when posting on a horticulture forum.
  • In the maze found in Valtel's route of Snowbound Blood: Volume Eight, an illusion of Gerbat may be encountered upon reaching a dead end.
  • Gerbat prefers his hot dogs without condiments.



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