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Aumtzi Maught
[I'm going to give you the tools to break your ch a i n .]




8 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity

He/Him (Male)



Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses proper syntax. Prefixes and suffices his text with "[" and "]". The last word of a given sentence will have increasing added spaces between each letter, until it peters o u t . When cornered, uses parenthesis instead of brackets, doesn't draw out the last word, and uses more emphatic punctuation.


(No ex i t .) ♫
Too Slow ♫



Aumtzi Maught is a secondary troll in Vast Error. His associated alchemic sigil is Dissolve.

He was first revealed in the February 11th Trollodex reveal, alongside Secily Iopara. His bullet points were:

  • non-toxic
  • a vital part of the journey
  • this story has rules. will you follow them?


Maught could be derived from an Arabic word موت (mawt), which means death. Perhaps it can be linked to his obsessive perception of disinfection, or his intimidation.


Not much is known about him other than he's been actively harming others for at least a sweep[1]. He spends his time on the internet entering whatever group he can find not out of genuine support of the beliefs, but out of a desire to harm its members. He has driven at least 20 trolls to suicide by way of targeted harassment, fraud, blackmailing, and other illegal activities.

Personality and Traits

Aumtzi is shown to be pessimistic, with a negative view of the world not unlike Glomer. Unlike the similarly morose man, however, he takes a more proactive approach to his hatred for the world in the form of harming others. He favors the vulnerable such as children and the mentally sensitive. He is well-spoken, denoting his impressive intelligence. However, a downside to this is that he has an unfortunate habit of circuitous monologuing.

Aumtzi has a penchant for sanitizing the areas he presumably dwells in, as seen in Volume 11, where his hideout has been doused with so much bleach that it irritates the eyes and respiratory systems of Secily and Necron. This is due to his mysophobia (colloquially known as "germaphobia"). He is fixated on the idea of purity, specifically purifying what he sees as a "sick world". He puts on a façade of politeness when conversing with potential victims to appear affable and charming.


Secily Iopara


  • His would-be classpect is Thief of Life.
  • He is mentioned as being "thin, frail, with the hunch of someone who spends too much time in front of a computer screen.". This could be a lighthearted jab at the hacker/online troll stereotype.
  • Aumtzi's "polite schtick" is a tactic used by many real-life predators and murderers to provide a false sense of security with their victims. Lots of criminals slip under the radar by acting this way and many people don't know the danger they're in because of it.
  • Aumtzi is one of the only characters to have a canonical voice, he is voiced by VeritasUnae (who also provided his lair's theme song “No E x i t .”) on the Snowbound Blood Vol.11 Reveal trailer.
    • The voice he's provided, however, is how he sounds from under his mask. Without the mask, a canon voice has not been provided, but it's described as being "Higher-pitched, shaky; almost squeaky on the vowels."



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  1. NECRON: †† Been on the trail of that All-Motherfucker for a sweep or so now, and I ain’t gotten any closer to catchin’ him. †† Stated in Volume 7, when Secily asks Necron about Noxious.