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Hamifi Hekrix
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Sestro may take a more lax approach to deploying Corporate assets, but I'm never one to let a good thing go to waste.∞
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The Hex, Hexy, Queen, Girlboss

Emanant Aspect



10 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity

She/Her (Trans Woman)



Screen Name


Typing Style

Speaks with proper grammar and syntax. Suffixes all messages with "∞".


Sestro Enthal - Matesprit (Bonded.)


Shh! The Adults Are Talking ♫
Corporate ♫
Falling Upward ♫
Corporate Merriment Jingle 32 ♫
The Girlboss Blues ♫




Hamifi Hekrix is a secondary troll in Vast Error. Her associated alchemic sigil is Precipitation.

In Hamifi's trollodex entry, her bullet points are listed as:

Etymology[edit | edit source]

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Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Haustoria[edit | edit source]

It's shown that Hamifi and Gerbat Batrav have been already talking and even friends before the events of Haustoria, them both being about six or seven sweeps old. Gerbat sent Hamifi images of the growth formed from the village disease, in which, she forwarded to Rodere to see if she could identify it.

During Haustoria[edit | edit source]

In the first conversation between her and Gerbat seen, Hamifi tells him that Rodere or her associates couldn't identify the growths. Hamifi tells Gerbat that he should be worried and that she isn't happy about what's happening. Hamifi suggests to him that he could ask for personal financial support because of the case, but Gerbat denies the offer. He asks her if the village could get medical supplies and equipment, which she agrees and gathers the necessary papers. Before ending the conversation, she reminds him to contact Glomer Hicner about his sixth sweep allowance getting cut off.

Between the two on-screen appearances of Hamifi, it's implied that Hamifi and Gerbat have had multiple conversations over the multiple sweeps and that Gerbat has signed a contract making Hamifi not just a friend, but now a superior.

Nearing closer to the events of Snowbound Blood, Hamifi informs Gerbat that they've started receiving similar cases to his. While none of the reports were in Stronghold 21, she notes that the locations were far from the village and that they carry their own value. She tries to convince Gerbat to take down the online posts he's made about the disease, as she claims it'll only cause panic and because that it goes against their contract, Gerbat would lose his backing. He refuses, wanting the public to know about his situation. The two come to a disagreement about needing assistance and she tells Gerbat she can't do anything anymore, as she put in as much help as she could. Hamifi says she cares, but just isn't able to make exceptions, especially for jades distant from Corporate. She tells Gerbat she will only continue helping him if he confirms the village is safe to visit, but tells him that she's open to just talk casually if he wishes.

Snowbound Blood[edit | edit source]

Volume One - Volume one begins Operation Snowbound Blood, the field investigation of a triple homicide and theft of what is presumed to be a vial of the Vivifier's own blood. Hamifi Hekrix is introduced in a mysterious demeanor. Upon RECALLING Hamifi, the player is informed of Hamifi and Sestro's relationship, and that Hamifi is the effective second-in-command of corporate.

Volume Five - In Volume Five, Hamifi sends you personally (with help of an anonymous tip) to investigate Occeus Coliad. The time-frame can be placed somewhere before page 833 of Vast Error, in which Hamifi fires Occeus. Hamifi is shown in this route dressed to a significantly fancier degree than usual, adorning a colorful bruise to go along with the ensemble, from this we can further confirm Sestro and Hamifi's close relationship. They had a planned outing after the meeting with Secily, which explains her attire.

Hamifi seems intimidated by Occeus' feats in hematology in this route. As mentioned by her, it's most likely because it has the ability to threaten her position/role, and many others', in jadeblooded culture in reference to reduplication. It's also likely her intimidation comes from the lack of understanding of Occeus' accomplishments, as he desperately tried to keep Ellsee a secret from everyone possible. At the time Hamifi was just informed of even The Vivifier being real, and did not know about Ellsee Raines.

The anonymous tip Hamifi received was most likely from Aumtzi Maught.

In the second half of Volume Five, Hamifi is unintentionally visited by Secily after a visit with her moirail. Sestro, at this time, is in a comotose state. Hamifi states that he had, literally, "worried himself sick" when Secily's signal went dead a few days prior. Secily intended on visiting him to talk about the unfortunate demise of her late-matesprit. This situation catches her off guard, and proceeds with concern for Sestro. However, that doesn't mean she would put down a topic so important to her. Once she and Hamifi leave Sestro's office, after a passive aggressive remark, she asks Hamifi if she knew what happened to Ahlina. This confrontation seems to be hard for Hamifi, as she has her gaurd up throughout the interaction. Her responses are slow, and very thought through. She remarks to Secily that she had not expected this type of anger from her, "You've never been sentimental. You taught me how not to be". Secily is once again caught mildly off guard and eases her tone in the conversation. They share a few close words, indicating quite a bit about Hamifi and her experiences growing up. She believed she had to pick up the slack for Sestro, as once Secily did, as Hamifi does now. She's unsure if Secily trusts her because the topic was intended for Sestro's ears, not hers.

Volume Nine - In volume nine, we're given more insight to jadeblooded culture and by proxy, Hamifi. Hamifi's usual demeanor changes completely around wigglers in this volume. She's seen calm, undisturbed, and happy. She seems to enjoy playing with and taking care of the children more than anything else, which makes her unprecedented in Volume Five make sense.

We also learn more about Hamifi's relationship with Secily. Secily wonders to herself while watching Hamifi play with the children if this is how Hamifi wished that she was.

Volume Eleven - In volume eleven, Hamifi suggests that Secily Iopara not put herself in danger. Her concern is made clear through her sharp(er) tone and shaky demeanor. Hamifi briefs, "I have worked tirelessly to protect the people I care about, Including you.", showing just furthermore her concern. This also implies that she's chronically overworked, and from what we know from previous routes, this is very true. Hamifi's concern for Secily's wellbeing is only amplified by the fact she (Secily) practically raised Hamifi and Sestro.

After a very emotionally-driven altercation between the three , Hamifi once again declares that concluding Operation Snowbound Blood is not permitted or well advised. Secily resigns from her position as Chief Regulator to continue pursuing a conclusion.

Vast Error[edit | edit source]

She was first seen in Sestro's office as he gazes at Stronghold 21 whilst standing behind him, holding a clipboard.

After the fiasco on Stronghold 21, she and Sestro head back inside and Sestro explains to her about what he had discussed with Rodere, mostly about the current condition of the The Executive.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

She often comes off as cold due to her professional nature. However, due to being a jadeblood, she has a sort of maternal fondness for those who are younger than her.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Sestro Enthal[edit | edit source]

According to Rodere, Hamifi was literally made for Sestro, most likely to be an assistant. They are bonded matesprits. Hamifi and Sestro were raised together, and are the same age. Due to Sestro's common stress-induced comatose state, Hamifi cares for him during this. She also takes any corporate, and perhaps otherwise, responsibilities of Sestro's while he's incapable of work. The two are very close, and likely have been for nearly their whole lives.

Occeus Coliad[edit | edit source]

Hamifi was Occeus' superior. In Snowbound Blood, she requested Secily to investigate Occeus both as her personal request and a tip they had received coming from one of the insiders.

In Vast Error, she decides to have a transmission with him regarding his recent failures with his experiments for the past few blinks (months). She tells him if the results remains the same, they had no choice but to drop his work and give out his payroll.

Secily Iopara[edit | edit source]

Although she is Secily's superior, Secily is known to have practically raised Hamifi and Sestro. She notes in Snowbound Blood, Glomer's route, that she had never really seen a grub much younger than 6 sweeps, so it's safe to assume this is when she first meets them. In Thaumatrope, you see Hamifi around this age, perhaps a bit older. Secily seems to have almost always been by her and Sestro's side.

Gerbat Batrav[edit | edit source]

When they were young, Hamifi and Gerbat were friends. Two conversations can be seen throughout the events of Thaumatrope and it's told that they've had more off-screen. Hamifi cares about Gerbat and has tried as much as she can to help him with the on-going village disease, but after sweeps, she says she has limits and could not send help from Corporate anymore. She did offer being there for him just to talk, but if Gerbat kept in contact after that isn't known.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her would-be classpect is Witch of Blood.
  • She is canonically transfem, as confirmed on twitter.[1]
  • She is 6'0

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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