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The Hemospectrum is the spectrum of blood colors possessed by trolls. It comes with a certain set of social and biological implications.

Social Aspects[edit | edit source]

Although current-day Repiton no longer upholds any sort of strict, blood-based caste system, the impacts of the old hierarchy can still be felt by its population. As a carry over from the Renaissance, certain groups hold contempt for the lower shades (namely, the Mirthamaniacs), even if those beliefs are highly frowned upon by society at large. Furthermore, higher shades hold a certain level of inherited privilege from the Renaissance, being able to trace their lineages back much more easily and claim any respective material inheritances left behind by ancestors.

Due to Caesar's actions from the same time period, the fuchsiablood caste was eradicated, and the violetblood severely diminished. As a consequence, the surviving violetblood seadwellers are considered a protected group by the Repiton Corporation. Unlike the other blood shades, they are given lifelong grants and housing, so as to guarantee the preservation of the nearly extinct caste.

Jadebloods are also relatively lower in number, being the only caste in the hemospectrum to hold a sense of unity among themselves. They are expected to, in one way or another, contribute to the reduplication process and/or the rearing of grubs in the schooling facilities underground.

It is customary for Repitonians to both type in and adorn certain parts of their outfits in their blood color.

Biological Aspects[edit | edit source]

Although blood shades are split into specific categories and subcategories, Repitonians display an effectively limitless variety of specific blood colors. It is near impossible to find two trolls who share the exact same shade of blood.

Repitonians spanning the redblood to greenblood spectrum will, more often than not, possess certain innate lineage specific abilities geared toward survival. They are usually defensive in nature. Examples include: the Voorat ability to "play dead", the Mersiv healing factor and the Briati nuclear discharge.

Tealbloods seem to be more susceptible to mutations, such as Secily's perfect recall and Turnin's metabolism, but this has not been explicitly stated.

Purplebloods possess PsyOPs (Psychic Occult Powers): powerful abilities that affect either the purpleblood's own mind or that of any intended target(s). The violetblood and the extinct fuchsiablood castes have certain aquatic mutations (facial fins and gills).

Repitonian tears, gums, and tongues are the same color as their blood, though more diluted in color.

Blood Shades[edit | edit source]

Redblood[edit | edit source]

Red Scarlet

Red is the lowest blood caste, being subdivided into Scarlet, Rust and Maroon.

Bronzeblood[edit | edit source]

Bronze Clay

Bronze is the second-lowest blood caste, being subdivided into Clay, Cola and Umber.

"Cornsyrup"[edit | edit source]


"Cornsyrup" is a one-of-a-kind blood color that exists outside of the hemospectrum. Not much is known about this blood caste except that its coloration appears to be a mixture of brown and lime blood. It was passed down to Arcjec Voorat from his Ancestor.

Yellowblood[edit | edit source]

Yellow Gold

Yellow is the third-lowest blood caste, being subdivided into Gold, Mustard and Cider. Yellowbloods often possess very powerful and unusual survival abilities not found in the other lower shades, such as Sabine's soundwave manipulation.

Limeblood[edit | edit source]


Zekura Raines
(The Vivifier)

Lime is a one-of-a-kind blood color that exists outside of the hemospectrum. Ordinary trolls can never possess lime blood, even as a mutation. The only trolls who have ever shared this blood color are The Vivifier, Ellsee Raines and their lusii, Chimeraparent.

Greenblood[edit | edit source]

Green Clover

Green is the fourth-lowest blood caste, being subdivided into Clover, Olive and Ochre. Due to an evolutionary quirk of nature, greenbloods usually possess survival abilities that manifest as a psychological fixation of some sort, such as on the concepts of "control", "watchfulness" or "cleansing".

Jadeblood[edit | edit source]

Jade Fern

Jade is the fifth-lowest blood caste, being subdivided into Fern, Viridian and Moss. Being relegated to overseeing the reduplication process and running the caverns, jadebloods usually develop a stronger sense of unity and familial attachment than most other blood shades.

Tealblood[edit | edit source]

Teal Cyan

Teal is the middle-most blood caste, being subdivided into Cyan, Turquoise and Cyprus.

Blueblood[edit | edit source]

Blue Aegean

Blue is the fifth-highest blood caste, being subdivided into Aegean, Cobalt and Prussian.

Indigoblood[edit | edit source]

Indigo Denim

Indigo is the fourth-highest blood caste, being subdivided into Denim, Navy and Midnight.

Purpleblood[edit | edit source]

Purple Amethyst

Purple is the third-highest blood caste, being subdivided into Amethyst, Jam and Aubergine.

Violetblood[edit | edit source]

Violet Orchid

Violet is the second-highest blood caste, being subdivided into Orchid (extinct), Magenta and Byzantine.

Fuchsiablood[edit | edit source]

Fuchsia Rose

Fuchsia was once the highest blood caste, being subdivided into Rose, Cerise and Wine. Now extinct, this shade was once the rarest of all blood colors, holding the highest echelons of powers in repitonian society during the Renaissance. It is currently unknown how many fuchsiabloods were alive beforehand and how many lineages existed under the caste.

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