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Lusus naturae, (shorthand Lusus, plural Lusii, also referred to as custodians), are animals who look after young trolls, fulfilling the role of a typical parental figure. Lusii are either naturally occurring, or artificially reduplicated by Corporate. Artificial lusii often take on more of the traditional caretaker role, while a relationship with a natural lusus tends to be more symbiotic in nature.

Lusii are naturally blackblooded, changing to match the blood color of their charge after a bond is formed. A lusus' eyes fill in with this color as well.

Aspect Holder Lusii[edit | edit source]

Cooperi attacking.

Cooperi[edit | edit source]

First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Cooperi, also called Coop, is Sova's lusus. Cooperi is part of the Stryx family, a type of owl-like lusii valued for their feathers. Cooperi could be seen helping in defeating homunculi before Sova entered the Medium. Cooperi was left behind on Repiton as she couldn't fit through the entry portal. Despite this, Sova has promised Cooperi they'll see each other again.

Dismas' lusus.

Skulltitan lusus[edit | edit source]

First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Dismas' lusus. An abusive Skulltitan lusus whom Dismas frequently gets into fights with. This lusus is strong enough to leave notable scars on his charge. He kidnapped Dismas when he was young, and forced him to mine for radioactive ore to feed him.

Awakened from below Repiton's crust by Jentha's nuclear energy, this lusus was the runt of his litter. As the lusus fed off of the nuclear energy to be more strong, he was sent to the dunes alongside Dismas using Space alchemy. While the lusus was supposed to be put down (if when found, a lusus bond with Dismas hasn't formed), due to the fact both of them were never found, he managed to survive.

He was ripped apart by Weird Al after being possessed by the Denizen of Mind in order to activate Dismas' portal.

As a species, Skulltitans are large lizard-like lusii and similar to the pop culture icon Godzilla by size and abilities. The lusii seem to carry significance in culture on Repiton, being mentioned as early as page 8 DCRC icon.png as a comparison of a large, destructive creature and having several movies and merchandise based off of them DCRC icon.png. They're hard to kill without any proper technology.

Arcjec's lusus, agitated.

Opossum lusus[edit | edit source]

First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Arcjec's lusus. Much isn't known about him. When Ellsee visits Arcjec's destroyed hive, she finds the opossum lusus, devastated and worried about Arcjec.

Jentha's lusus first meeting her.
A cocooned metamorphier on a building.

Metamorphier lusus[edit | edit source]

First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Jentha's lusus. A large caterpillar-like creature that is exceptionally long. They spun themself a cocoon shortly after meeting Jentha, and have not emerged since.

It's said that the evolution of Metamorphiers depends on what their ward requires, breaking from their cocoon when they're deemed needed. It's not clear how accurate this is to the species.

Chimera lusus.

Chimera lusus[edit | edit source]

First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Ellsee and Zekura's lusus. The leonine head is named Ari, the gazelle head is named Ayala, and the serpent head is named Nachash.

Presumably alive since Zekura was, as they were in the shadows while The Executive was walking through his hometown. DCRC icon.png


Guardianspirit[edit | edit source]

First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Guardianspirit, also referred to as the Star Guardian, was Albion's lusus. Presumably given only to the Star Children, and only able to manifest in the Cell.

After fulfilling their promise to Cyprim -- deceiving Albion in order to unlock her rage -- they faded away entirely.

Lefty greeting Serpaz.

Lefty[edit | edit source]

First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Serpaz's lusus. A Compecado lusus with the ability to suck negative emotions out of Serpaz.

She was dissolved into doom essence after being sacrificed by Weird Al to activate Edolon's doom powers.

Laivan's lusus, Mutt.

Mutt[edit | edit source]

First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Laivan's lusus. The only artificial lusus out of the main cast. Entered the Medium with his charge.

Occeus' Ouworm lusus.

Ouworm lusus[edit | edit source]

First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Occeus' lusus.

Taz's Minkmom.

Minkmom[edit | edit source]

First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Taz's lusus. The two seem to have a somewhat testy relationship.

She was devoured by the mutated Lusii of the Black Depths, revealing Taz's entry codes.

Murrit's lusus on his deathbed.

Neomacrodon Lusus[edit | edit source]

First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Murrit's lusus. He dies for an unknown reason.

Calder's lusus.

Anglerfish Lusus[edit | edit source]

First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Calder's lusus.

It is implied that Calder first bonded with a male anglerfish lusus; when it went on to mate, it attached itself to the body of a female anglerfish lusus, as per the parabiotic reproductive process of some anglerfish species. The female anglerfish now acts as Calder's surrogate lusus. [1]

Other Lusii[edit | edit source]

Crocodile Lusus[edit | edit source]

Yeshin's lusus. They are implied to have an abusive relationship with their charge, since they are responsible for Yeshin's limp.

Hummingbird Moth Lusus[edit | edit source]

Secily's lusus. YVES' design is based on them.

A fully pupated mosquito lusus.

Mosquito Lusus[edit | edit source]

Lutzia's Lusus. They spend most of Lutzia's earlier life in a larval state, only pupating when Lutzia is about to enter adulthood. After their pupation, they are tall and strong enough to allow Lutzia to fly with them.

Platycat[edit | edit source]

Crytum's lusus. Crytum didn't have a lusus growing up, but got Platycat as an emotional support lusus after moving to Stronghold 21.

Ro-Man Lusus[edit | edit source]

Rypite's Lusus. He is a lusus who appears in Thaumatrope, and is based on Ro-Man Extension XJ-2.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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