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Lusus Naturae

Repiton is a dark, green, brown and black planet on which trolls originate from. It has several biomes including sandy deserts, tundras, forests, and oceans. It is the only planet bearing life in its universe. It appears to have two moons and a sub-moon, one black and one white with a gray moon attached.

Map of Repiton. Stronghold 21 is noted to be the closest marked location to the green dot representing Ellsee.


Repiton is the final sustainable planet in a long line of universal cycles and resets due to Kheparia's entrapment within the single planet she was able to create before being nearly murdered by Gaiaeon and the introduction of The Game. It is presided over by White Noise as its Eternal Guardian as were all other planets before it.

It is the only planet within the solitary universe with living creatures; said universe being in the shape of a creature that trolls do not know exists. Every planet with life on it is bound to have twelve players representing the twelve aspects of existence play a version of The Game, crafted by White Noise, with the intent of restoring and saving Kheparia. The players from Repiton are the final frontier for this mission and the last planet White Noise will be able to oversee as he is nearing death due to inevitable diminish of power from the Green Sun, which gives him life and is the source of his power.

The planet bound to playing The Game will only do so once the planet is nearing its demise. As such, Repiton is a wasteland on life support filled with black and overly toxic oceans, powerful radiation, parasitic undead, and no ruling class to keep things in order. These conditions being set by the cast's ancestors to set everything in motion for their descendants as an incentive for when they play The Game. The planet has been described politically as a 'feudal anarchy' by its creators.

Repiton was supposedly meant to be destroyed during the entry of the players as it has in past game sessions for further incentive, however, it has been stated by Zehanpuryu that this is not the case with the trolls session and that Repiton will be of later use. The reason for this is currently unknown.


Repiton has two moons and one sub-moon, one black and one white with a small gray moon attached. It has been stated that since the end of The Renaissance, the black moon essentially has been used to collect trash, while the white moon is a paradise retreat for the wealthy. Radiation on the black moon bleaches a troll's hair white after to long term exposure. There seems to be no life on these moons other than the trolls stationed there, and their true purpose is currently unknown.


Main article: Troll

Repiton is the only life-bearing planet in its universe. The primary species that live on this planet are known as Trolls; a species of grey-skinned, orange-horned, humanoid aliens who have a major role in Vast Error as well as its source materialsource material. The creators have stated that Repiton has no distinct age demographic, nor are there trolls on other planets as every exploratory mission has ended in failure, leaving a majority of those who attempt to find a new home dead.

Repiton has alternate dimensions to some extent, most notably the 'Horrorcore Dimension' first said to have been tampered with during the the Renaissance, releasing parasites and Compecados onto Repiton. Weird Al and Hulk Hogan re-opened these rifts sometime before the game, releasing the Horrorterrors used by the Mirthamaniacs and Harbingers of the Alpocalypse for their plans.

Inhabitants of Repiton are known as Repitonians.


Repiton seems to be inhabited by a variety of lusii, based on real life animals. While most lusii seem to be native to Repiton, some are said to come from rifts to the horrorcore dimension. These lusii, known as Compecados, over time developed the ability to bond with trolls. Along with them came parasites, able to pilot troll corpses as zombies, however it is unknown if these are true lusii.


  • Repiton is a shortening of the word "repetition". In relation to the constant universal cycle at play due to Kheparia's demise. It could also be a play on the use of archetypes within the comic, as these tropes are repetitive within the stories Vast Error is based on.
  • The Black and White Moons are a distinct reference to Neon Genesis Evangelion (a notable source of inspiration for Austin) in which the eggs of the angels Adam and Lilith are referred to as 'The White Moon' and 'The Black Moon'. These were transport vessels for said angels to come to Earth.
  • All signs on Repiton are based on elemental alchemy and its processes. There is currently no set limit on how many sigils there are on Repiton.
  • The Black Depths have been said to be a reference to how 'Lake Springfield' looks after Homer Simpson dumps a silo full of pig crap into it from in The Simpsons Movie.[1]
  • Horses and horse-esque creatures are seen as ill omens and harbingers of doom on Repiton. This is another reference to the use of the creatures within Homestuck.
  • The planet is not shown at the beginning of the comic and is instead introduced much later in order to make beginning readers believe that Vast Error is set on AlterniaAlternia.
  • Murrit mentions watching out for the other members of the main crew 12/6, implying Repiton's time goes by 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.


  1. @deconrecon_ on Twitter on Feb 4, 2019."its design and concept was actually inspired by 'the simpsons movie'"

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