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The Naught-Father, The Abyss, The Unreal, The Antithesis, The Endless

Gender Identity

Incomprehensible (He/Him)


Kheparia - Split Equal
White Noise - Son


Beyond The Wall ♫
Glimpses Of Perfection (Loud) ♫
Skinless and Kinless ♫
Perfection ♫
Gaiaeon (Outro) ♫
Naught ♫



Gaiaeon, also known as the Naught-Father, is one of the two deities who preside over the Solitary Universe. He is the split equal of Kheparia, the All-Mother, and holds sway over the intangible and subjective aspects of reality.


The name Gaiaeon comes from the combination of the two words "gaia" and "eon". Eon being a measurement of time meaning "an indefinite and very long period of time" as per the oxford dictionary. The word gaia has several meanings, meaning just the earth itself and referring to a complex entity/goddess in many pagan and wiccan practices involving the earth's biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, and soil. In greek mythology, Gaia is the greek goddess of earth, mother of all life, the very soul of the planet.


Personality and Traits


White Noise

Gaiaeon and White Noise seem to have a complicated relationship. White Noise is shown to react with vitriol at the slightest comparison to his father, as well as being understandably angry to find him peering through the static. He's also the only person in the comic to have directly quoted him. 

Occeus Coliad



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