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Secily Iopara

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1.e4 Even suspected threat can often serve as one of the better excuses with which to placate the distractingly powerful. They can relate to the fear of it. ...e5
First Appearance DCRC icon.png

Emanant Aspect



21 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity

She/Her (Trans Woman)



Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses proper syntax. Her prefix and suffix represent a game of chess using chess notation. These chess games are as long as the conversations she has with a specific person or party, allowing for temporary intermissions as well. Talking to a new person starts a new game.


Arcamu Iopara - Ancestor
Ahlina Robiad - Ex-matesprit (Bonded. Deceased.)
Yeshin Laevis - Kismesis (Bonded.)
Mshiri Libeta - Moirail


beatriz (Secily's Theme) ♫
pessimistic duelist (Secily's Combat Theme) ♫
Total Recall ♫
Or Else. ♫
RECALL: A Winter Long Past ♫ Iridescent Memories ♫



Secily Iopara is a secondary troll in Vast Error and the main protagonist of Snowbound Blood. Her associated alchemic sigil is Talc.

She was first revealed in the February 11th Trollodex, alongside an unknown troll. Her bullet points were:

  • never forgets a face
  • you don't want to be on her list
  • pessimistic duelist


Secily is a variant of Cecily, a real-life name ultimately derived from Latin caecus (blind, dim-sighted). Iopara possibly comes from Iopara Inc., a wind turbine company.


Secily first met Ahlina Robiad, the woman who would become her bonded matesprit, when they were children. She recalls the memory of defending her from some bullies in Snowbound Blood: Volume Eight. Secily's desire to protect and make the world a better place for her childhood love was partially what spurred her to seek a career in the regulatory workforce.

Many sweeps later, as Secily was starting to become a notable regulator, Ahlina was kidnapped and killed after a ransom request sent to Corporate was not met. Secily was then assigned a TEMP, Mshiri Libeta, to help her deal with her grief and withdrawal symptoms. Though frowned upon due to their client-TEMP relationship, the two eventually entered a legitimate moirallegiance.

After she was promoted to Chief Regulator, one of the highest positions she could possibly have in the Corporate hierarchy, Secily was personally assigned by the Executive to be a guardian and mentor to the newly hatched Corporate heir, Sestro Enthal, and his future advisor, Hamifi Hekrix. The three would then go on to have a sort of familial relationship, strained over the sweeps by their respective positions and responsibilities within the company.

Secily was assigned to lead Operation Snowbound Blood, the investigation of the theft of a philter of the Vivifier's blood.

Following Operation Snowbound Blood, Secily was to protect Ellsee Raines and Arcjec Voorat and ensure their survival, per the Executive's request. This mission was off-record and her position as Chief Regulator would have been terminated. However, Secily was kidnapped by the Harbingers of the Alpocalypse and killed by Edolon Vryche before she could proceed.

Personality and traits

Secily tries to project cold, calculating authority and is quite cynical, harboring some pessimistic views on society and its inhabitants. She strives to keep an air of professionalism around her at all times and struggles whenever things aren't under her control, even as her inner thoughts expose that she can be quite humorous (and even silly) when the mood strikes.

She is an extremely guarded individual, although there are certain people with whom she is comfortable letting her armor slip—namely, Mshiri Libeta. At times, Secily also has trouble reading people's tones and facial expressions, which can lead her to assume foul play and hidden motives when there are none. When she feels threatened or upset, she can display quite the explosive temper. Secily tends to prefer working alone, and occasionally struggles doing so with others (although she is capable of it, like with Necron Exmort.)

Secily also has huge issues with loud environments, this is shown by her extreme discomfort at Bytcon Krypto's casino.

She is also an extremely by-the-book individual, finding comfort in rigid structures and routine and loyal to the Corporate institution to a fault—to her detriment and that of others'.Part of her rigid routine could include wearing the same outfit everyday, this is shown by her wearing the same coat, top and pants all throughout the game.

Her skills with technology and using computers are shown to be quite limited, and she will often defend more traditional methods of work, such as using a physical Trollodex as opposed to a numerical one.

Secily has a mutation which allows her to recall any face, event or information she has previously learned as she pleases. In Snowbound Blood's narration, this is likened to information being photocopied directly into her mind.


Ahlina Robiad

Ahlina was, and in many ways still is, the most important person in Secily's life. Everything Secily does, she does for Ahlina's sake; whether it is to honor her memory or avenge her death.

She carries deep regret and guilt over not being able to save her.

Yeshin Laevis

Yeshin is Secily's kismesis. As such, she has a habit of getting under Secily's nerves.

Mshiri Libeta

Mshiri is Secily's moirail, though Secily harbors red feelings for Mshiri. Secily is only known to drop her quirk around Mshiri, who told her in their initial encounter not to play games with her (which led Secily to stop "playing a game" of chess with her quirk). The two met due to Mshiri, as a temporary meditation partner, being assigned to console Secily after the loss of her matesprit. Secily sees a lot of similarities between Mshiri and Ahlina, likely explaining Secily's feelings for her.

Mshiri knows Secily extremely well and can easily read her, despite her cold and guarded mannerisms with others.

Sestro Enthal & Hamifi Hekrix

Sestro and Hamifi are (two of) Secily's superiors. Sestro would like to engage in more casual and personal conversations with Secily if it weren't for Secily cutting him short. On the other hand, Hamifi is just as cold as Secily is when engaging in conversation, and doesn't waste even a sentence on anything other than Secily's direct task at hand.

Secily is mentioned to have practically raised the two, though Secily thinks of them strictly as employers for most of the game. However, when Secily learns that Sestro has entered a weakened state from overexerting himself, she's immediately concerned and questions Hamifi's decision not to call her about it. Hamifi soon after expresses that Secily taught Hamifi to not be sentimental nor trustful, but somewhat smiles when Secily admits that she does trust her. She's shown to have felt guilty about the way she raised Hamifi and Sestro in Volume 9 of Snowbound Blood, where she watches Hamifi play with children while in disguise.

Secily's relationship with Sestro and Hamifi becomes somewhat strained when she learns the truth behind her matesprit's death, despite their lack of actual involvement with the incident, but rather through association. After Secily's conversation with Gerbat, however, she commits to talking things out with Sestro to sort it out.

Oricka Rourst

Secily and Oricka are old friends. They met when Secily was assigned to protect Oricka after the latter got herself in trouble with an unspecified mob. Later on, Oricka would build Secily's visor and YVES. Oricka is very affectionate with her friend, cheering her up, attempting to provide first aid, and calling her a wide variety of nicknames, like stressily, seSILLY, and sessy sweetheart.

Necron Exmort

Secily is introduced to Necron in Snowbound Blood: Volume Seven, after hearing about him from his matesprit Oricka and from Cadlys Rankor. Despite their contrasting personalities and Secily's initial doubts, they quickly agree to partner up to take down Noxious. Though initially careful to maintain professional distance, Secily quickly warms up to Necron, taking him with her to Valtel's mansion and to the Reduplication Caves. Necron, in turn, cares for and respects Secily deeply, calling her damn best Regulator that ever lived, and asking her for relationship advice.

Occeus Coliad & Ellsee Raines

Secily is tasked with investigating Occeus during the events of Snowbound Blood: Volume Five. At first Secily is suspicious about him and confronts him on hiding Ellsee from Corporate, but after he elaborates on how much he cares for her Secily decides to protect Ellsee instead, due to them reminding her of her relationship with Ahlina.

During Sabine's route, she is reminded of Occeus and wonders how they're both doing.

Husske Mayzee

By the end of Snowbound Blood: Volume 3, Secily refers to Husske and the other barn children as her kids. She's clearly fond of them, and they accept her too, since she can hear the static in the corn.


  • Her would-be classpect is Knight of Void.
  • One of her Trollodex entry bullet points is a reference to Optimistic Duelist, a popular Homestuck theorist.
  • Her lusus was a hummingbird moth, as implied in Oricka's route, when she states that she hadn't seen one since her lusus died. This was confirmed in the flashback in Sabine's route.
  • She is canonically trans, as confirmed by the Vast Error official Tumblr.[1] She is also canonically autistic.
  • Secily's quirk contains a chess game that is as many moves long as she has prefixes and suffixes in a conversation with somebody. The result of the game reflects Secily's encounter with the person. In almost every instance, she has ended the game in a draw. She has only ended a conversation with a win twice. Once, a win for white (representing herself) when she kills a troll in Snowbound Blood's prologue. Then, a win for black (representing Edolon) when he kills her in Snowbound Blood: Volume Twelve. It can be assumed that wins represent the death of any involved party.
  • She has some grey hair.
  • Sabine gave her a middle name, Aletheia, which follows the 8-letter ancestor naming pattern.
    • Sabine specifically mentioned this, saying she was old enough for an 8-letter title
    • in volume 2, she is implied to be stimming on her way to meet Rypite Koldan
  • She is around 6'2[2]



  1. @deconreconstruction on Tumblr on May 18, 2019."secily [… is] trans"
  2. @deconreconstruction on Tumblr on Aug 11, 2023."Anywho, Secily is about 6 feet and 2 (or 3) inches tall."

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