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Taz Poemme
Tazsia Poemme A3A1.png
Tazsia Poemme.png
~i will drag your ragamuffin ass, kicking and squirming, ALL over +his homely hell's half-acre, you vermin pelle+.~ DCRC icon.png
Introduction DCRC icon.png First Appearance DCRC icon.png




Sylph of Rage


8 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity

She/Her (Female)



Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces T's with "+", prefixes and suffixes every message with "~".

Strife Specibi



Fortmistress Deadlock - Ancestor
Arcjec Voorat - Matesprit crush
Albion Shukra - Moirail
Ellsee Raines - Kismesis crush
Occeus Coliad - Ex-Kismesis (Formerly auspisticed by Albion Shukra.)

Live(s) in

Taz's hive


Land of Growth and Gravity


Razzmatazz ♫
Ferocity Weaving ♫
Suckerpunch ♫
Secure ♫
Gravitational Pull ♫
Soul Shaded ♫
A Flesh Cage Of Emotion ♫
Taz's Theme ♫
Show's Over ♫
I'm Right Here ♫
No Rest For The Wicked ♫
Last Yulepassing ♫
Inertia ♫
Indomitable ♫
The World's Heel ♫
No One's Prisoner (Taz Is Unbreakable) ♫




Taz Poemme (short for Tazsia) known by her Skorpe handle, perniciousOverkill, is one of the main characters and Aspect Holders in Vast Error. Her associated alchemic sigil is Platinum and her horns are long and winding. She wears her symbol on the back of her vest. She is a deconstruction of the "Terrifying Cultish Murder Clown" fantroll archetype.

She is a well-known member of a wrestling-based cult known as Mirthamaniacs. Her chucklevoodoo holds the power of 'Intimidation' and is constantly active, shown through the purple glints in her pupils.

She was the second troll introduced and the second troll to enter the game.


Her preferred name of 'Taz' is a reference to actual professional wrestler Tazz. "Poemme" may be a trollification of the word poem.


Early life

Taz was kept captive by Pozzol Broyer in the Mirthamaniacs under the statement that it was her destiny as Fortmistress Deadlock's descendant, being forced to kill other children as young as her in the ring and quickly becoming a crowd favorite. The wrestling announcer Vilcus Cendum came to empathize with Taz's struggles, offering to cover for her when she sneaked away to see her friends. Eventually, Taz decided to help Vilcus escape the Mirthamaniacs by faking his death and claiming to have killed him herself. Pozzol saw through the ruse, but offered her a deal: if she wanted to be able to come and go freely, she would have to "go pro" and commit to his orders, chaining herself permanently to the Mirthamaniacs. She took the bargain.

According to Arcjec, she ruined his life by doing something that ended up changing him into who he is today.

It can be inferred that this had something to do with her punching him in the face; when Arcjec began to run away crying from Taz's hive near the end of Act 1, his nose was bleeding rather heavily. When discussed, Taz shows a very stubborn and upset demeanor regarding the subject. However, you can see that she does have tears in her eyes in the panel if you look close enough. This proves that she does potentially regret the incident.

Act 1

Shortly after Taz's introduction, she is messaged by Murrit, who tells her about the completion of a long-term project in the form of a game he wants everyone to play. Although Murrit's esoteric vernacular and vagueness frustrate Taz, she listens until Murrit tells her that she's going to have to get in contact with Arcjec, to which she outright refuses. Immediately after rejecting Murrit's proposal, she ceases messaging the seadweller.

Taz is then called away by the sound of her lusus, a large aquatic mink, that she has been forced to keep from the ocean due the increasingly toxic environment and mutated undersea fauna. The lusus had apparently killed a nameless, bronze-blooded troll who had been loitering near Taz's hive; it was now impaled on a stalactite peaking out of the ocean neighboring the hive. Taz takes a moment to be grateful the poor troll didn't fall into the ocean depths, but admits that they probably were still better off dying on the spikes than being found by Taz, who would have beaten them to death.

Taz then messages her moirail, Albion Shukra, going over the details of her interactions with Murrit. When Albion makes a cryptic (but insincere) remark about knowing the future, Taz asks Albion if she might know anything about it. Albion admits she does not what Murrit might be planning but knows that the night is of great importance, as it's the night Repiton would finally crumble and the night she was expected to save it. Taz, a staunch non-believer of Albion's prophetic destiny, dismisses the notion as bullshit.

Albion then repeats Murrit's sentiment and states that Taz really should try to reach out to Arcjec and finally try to work out their differences, instead of her merely trying to get his attention. Taz continues to be upset at the suggestion. Their conversation ends with Albion going over her destiny to merge with her lusus and salvage the remains of Repiton and the remaining troll species. Taz is left confused and concerned for her moirail. She later receives Murrit's memo pertaining to the game and its nature.

Young Taz covered in lowblood's children blood in the ring while the crowd cheers. Her eyes are glowing in lilac and have a purple swirl in the middle because of her Rage aspect activation

Taz is next seen after Murrit witnesses the release of the flower within in the Frog Temple that neighbors their hive. The resulting release unleashes The Game, which installs itself onto all the trolls' main computers. Taz, dismayed at how her computer has apparently been taken over by The Game (and has also rendered it unable to do anything aside from using Skorpe and the game itself), messages Murrit. She comes to the logical conclusion that Murrit tampered with her computer, which he denies. Murrit, frustrated at Taz's continued refusal to listen to them, simply tells her to reach out to Arcjec, and figure it out. Taz's game screen then switches to show Arcjec's hive. She sees Arcjec passed out on the floor covered in crumpled up paper.

When Arcjec finally awakens, Taz uses the game's cursor to drag Arcjec to his desk and look at his computer. The former friends bicker for some time before Taz forces Arcjec to look at the reality of the situation -- literally. When Arcjec dismisses Murrit's memo as an elaborate prank done by her and the seadweller, Taz retaliates by forcing him to look out his window and look at the meteor hurtling towards his hive. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Arcjec agrees to work with Taz, despite her constant antagonism.

The two reach an uneasy truce (although mutually agree to avoid each other once everything is said and done) and begin working to unravel the secrets of The Game. Arcjec realizes that the symbols they've been writing in their sleep are connected to the game, and they begins inputting the symbols into the game window. While he's doing this, Taz inputs a set of codes she received from Murrit's memo. This allows Taz access to a set of objects to place in and outside of Arcjec's hive. Proceeding outside, Taz places a series of pillars and an archway outside Arcjec's hive, and a mysterious chest in his room. Arcjec opens the chest, which unleashes a powerful gust of wind that sends him careering out of his room (destroying a wall in the process). The wind blows Arcjec right in front of the archway, which activates into some sort of portal. Taz uses the game cursor to push Arcjec into the portal while they're dazed and makes them enter The Medium. Meanwhile, the pillars around Arcjec's hive divert the oncoming meteor into Skaia, preventing its complete destruction.

Act 2

After Arcjec's abrupt entry, Taz briefly asks them to send her a message to ensure her that they aren't dead. She then moves on to work with with Laivan Ferroo on her own entry. She and Laivan struggle to figure out Taz's codes before they are both pulled into a memo made by Ellsee Raines, who attempts to share her own knowledge on the game that she uncovered through her own means. The memo quickly goes off the rails and it isn't long before Taz gets frustrated and leaves. Laivan chides Taz for burning bridges that might have helped with their entry process.

It is at this point that Taz's lusus, overwhelmed by its desire to return to its natural aquatic habitat due to the impending meteor, jumps into The Black Depths. Minkmom is very quickly eaten alive, to Taz's horror. This sends her chucklevoodoo and her rage into overdrive. This rage is punctuated by the fact that her lusus' blood reveals the location of the codes Taz needed, which had been in the rocks beneath the cliffs by her hive. Laivan asks if Taz is okay, and Taz makes it clear that she does not want to talk about it and that they should move on.

Taz and Laivan make quick work of the entry process, and when it comes time for Taz to unleash her denizen, she has Laivan put the rusted and locked cage, her Paragon Repository, in her Torture Fort so that she can go against it on her own terms. Despite trying everything in her power to destroy the cage, it having a lock with no key, she is forced to ask Laivan for help to fetch her Ferocity Weaver which she left outside in the rush. Laivan obliges and gives it to her, and Taz uses it to channel the full power of her rage and chucklevoodoo to destroy the cage and unleash her denizen. The release of her frustrations on the cage manages to calm her down. The denizen quickly enters the portal and Taz follows suit.

Upon her entry, Taz is very quickly berated by Azbogah, the Denizen of Rage. Azbogah tears into Taz for being loud and obnoxious, a pain to be around, and a person undeserving of her aspect with very little capacity to change. After making it very clear that she does not like Taz, Azbogah ends the conversation to generate Taz's land.

In [S] Engage. DCRC icon.png, she was seen exploring her land, Land of Growth and Gravity.

In [S] Ellsee: Enter. DCRC icon.png, she was seen killing a monster using her strife specibus: macekind, as one of her consorts gave her a winding key.

Post EOA2

As Taz makes her first foray into Arcjec's planet, she stumbles across a scene from her youth, brought to life through Land of Mirage and Monochrome's mechanics: her, Ellsee, Laivan and Arcjec, back when they were children, on the day when Arcjec asked Taz if she thought they were going to be friends forever.

After she spends some time reminiscing, Arcjec finds Taz, snapping her out of the flashback. He greets her with a smile and reassures her that he's right there, and the two of them walk off together.

Act 3 Act 1

In the reopened memo XDXD Rebeating the dead omenbeast. XDXD, Taz and Arcjec have some short conversations here and there, despite them standing right next to eachother.

A few hours later, she gets messaged by Albion, and the two exchange their feelings about important personal happenings as they were getting ready to enter The Game.

Some time after that, Taz gets contacted by Murrit to rid of a weapon he crafted: Morning of 4 ft. 2. While reluctantly, Taz accepts the trade, sending back Murrit not even half a gram of sand and a gilded shard. Once delivered, Taz and Arcjec share a feeling of disgust and confusion for the item.

Personality and traits

Taz is a notably angry, headstrong and determined troll who tends to not think her actions through, instead just doing what she feels is best in the moment. This way of thinking has definitely caused her more harm than good, and has seemingly ruined or put a lot of strain on her relationships with the exception of Albion, who is somehow able to pacify her seething disposition. Not even Taz really knows how she does this.

She has a habit of getting belligerent verbally and physically, often throwing insults when provoked or annoyed. She doesn't seem to understand simple concepts in a conversation like jokes or banter, finding the concepts to be stupid and bothersome. She also hates to be interrupted when speaking, especially if it's about something she finds important. Taz isn't one to easily ask others for help, stubbornly doing tasks herself even if she doesn't know how to do it properly. She also refuses to admit when she is wrong and generally convinces herself that she's done a good job after the fact. This is heavily shown throughout her conversations with Arcjec in Act 1.

There are moments when she will yield to her conversation partner, though this is normally only if she finds the issue to be trivial or she is tired of dealing with it and knows her efforts will end up being futile in the end regardless.

Despite her many antagonistic and self-destructive traits, she consistently shows that -- true to her title as a Sylph -- she does have good intentions. It's clear that her aggression and frustration towards others is out of a desire to help those around her, albeit in her own caustic, hyper-aggressive manner. Additionally, due to her incredibly blunt nature, she isn't the type of person to act passively against others or do anything in an underhanded manner, and considers people with those traits a waste of time.

Taz is very sensitive about her full name, and is easily set off when people bring it up. She is also a passionate devotee of the Mirthamaniacs cult, being a major contender in the ring herself. She collects and studies torture devices and weaponry in her hive.


Albion Shukra

Albion is in a moraillegence with Taz, although their relationship appears to occasionally fluctuate into an auspisticism with Occeus, where Albion acts as the mediating party. Albion is notable among Taz's close relationships in that she is the only troll who is able to placate Taz's aggression, with Taz being outright gentle and thoughtful when interacting with Albion. Taz herself isn't sure how Albion manages to do this. Because of this, Taz has stated that she finds Albion to be a "special kind of scary" and "perfect".

Taz has plainly stated that she does not share Albion's religious beliefs and more or less thinks of them to be horseshit. This is likely due to Taz's own beliefs within the Mirthamaniacs.

Arcjec Voorat

Arcjec and Taz have had a difficult relationship since the comic started. Stemming from their largely difficult past and assumedly unrealized romantic entanglements. It is believed that their relationship was at one point abusive or unrequited; mutually or otherwise. After some kind of relationship-ending incident, Arcjec has since vehemently avoided any interaction with Taz for two sweeps. Taz has since desperately tried to reach out to Arcjec. The resulting fallout has evidently deeply affected Arcjec, resulting a drastic change in personality and demeanor, while Taz felt abandoned by Arcjec.

When the two are forced to interact with one another during the events of the game, the two are constantly at each other's throats, barely being able to stay civil with one another even for the sake of their mutual survival. Despite this, even though it is very slight, they did have a couple moments of levity and have been shown to complete their goals as a team rather efficiently all things considered.

Taz repeatedly shows that she does still care deeply for Arcjec, having spent so much trying to rebuild their relationship and her clear unease when she is forced to interact with him on less-than-favorable conditions. This is further indicated by her efforts to save him during his entry and how she messages him to check on his well-being post-entry, despite her being able to see him through her UI. Austin has also stated on Tumblr that they have "extremely red" feelings for each other[1], "miss each other but are too upset and stubborn to admit it"[2], and "are in love and very upset at themselves all the time"[3].

Murrit Turkin

Taz is one of the few trolls to not be immediately put off by Murrit's scummy, perverted facade, to the point that she's actually somewhat fond of the sea-dweller. Despite this, Taz will not put up with any of Murrit's bullshit and is ready to drop his ass whenever he's not being helpful. Murrit on the other hand enjoys toying with Taz and her temper, but does try his best to actually be useful to her once in a while as well. Though he also has his tipping point and has left Taz on her ass just as badly as she has done to him.

This nicer relationship is however, undercut by his constant mention and nicknaming of Taz's breasts in their conversations -- something that Taz surprisingly doesn't seem to get onto him about as one might expect.


Taz often had to fight against her lusus and its natural instinct to return to the sea, due to The Black Depths being extremely toxic and filled to the brim with deadly, multi-eyed and carnivorous sea life. In-fact, Taz acquired much of her fight skills early on due to having to fight Minkmom so much. Taz is understandably devastated when Minkmom succumbs to its natural instincts when fearful of the oncoming meteor and jumps into the ocean when Taz's back is turned, going into a rage as a result.


Upon meeting her, Taz is immediately critical and distrustful of the denizen of Rage, before the Denizen interrupts Taz to speak her mind.

Azbogah deeply despises Taz. From the moment of their first meeting, Azbogah makes her disdain of the Sylph of Rage crystal clear, stating that she considers her player to be: entirely unfit for her role, an insufferable hypocrite who is incapable of change, and a burden on her friends and loved ones. Nonetheless, Azbogah is duty-bound to serve Taz as her denizen, and owes her a debt of gratitude for releasing her.

The two appear to be very similar in demeanor, as both of them are very wrathful and vindictive beings. By virtue of this and by being two halves of the same whole, Azbogah might be guilty of having the very same flaws that she claims makes Taz unfit to be a Rage player, possibly indicating that the Denizen of Rage herself might be a hypocrite.

Occeus Coliad

Occeus and Taz used to be in a kismessistude, and at a further point, an auspisticism with Albion as their mediator. Even though their kismessistude has ended, Taz still appears to show some type of dislike to Occeus.

Ellsee Raines

It is implied that Ellsee harbors pitch feelings for Taz. When Arcjec mentions Taz to Ellsee in a conversation, Ellsee seems to be put-off by being reminded of the jamblood, and later states her determination to prove her worth to the others, despite what Taz or Murrit might say. Similarly, Taz very quickly loses patience with Ellsee (and by proxy, everyone else) when she is pulled into Ellsee's memo, but appears to be especially impatient with Ellsee in particular. Despite all this, Ellsee's feelings are one sided and Taz only has nonromantic hatred towards her.

Laivan Ferroo

Taz does not enjoy speaking to Laivan very much due to their naturally opposite personalities. She is put off by his simple demeanor and nonchalance, finding it frustrating especially when his attention is away from the subject at hand. She compares talking to him to talking to a brick wall.

Laivan seems to be more or less neutral towards Taz, and generally lacks the words to describe her, but isn't above getting frustrated with her when she is being unreasonable, as most people are.


  • 'Pernicious' means to have a harmful effect on someone, most often in a gradual or subtle way. 'Overkill' is commonly used as a term of excessive action or treatment. When combined, the two terms form a reference to Taz's history with Arcjec, destroying something about him in a manner that has left him a changed person to how he was at 6 sweeps. It can also refer to her brutal interest in combat, especially with her torture device collection.
  • Taz's pet rock "The Rock" is obviously named after Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson who she actually has a poster of in her respiteblock, along with Vince McMahon (in his famous 'IT'S ME AUSTIN' speech, no doubt as a reference to austinado) and Hulk Hogan.
  • Taz likes to eat steak and presumably other forms of meat raw.
  • Taz does, in fact, drink Faygo, which to Mirthamaniacs is known as 'Pinfall Fuel'. Her favorite flavor is Peach.
  • The wrestler Taz murdered in her first Fort Match and reassembled with concrete is famed WWE all-star Kane.
  • Based on her blood color, aspect, and dream moon, her true sign on Alternia would be Capricorn, Sign of the Capricious.
  • Taz runs a Filler account under the username razzmatazz.
  • She is the tallest of the main twelve, standing at 6’5.
  • Instead of replacing a lightbulb when necessary, Taz rips out the entire fixture as an excuse to get a new one.[4]
  • Taz lands as a dog on the cat-to-dog spectrum.[5]
  • Taz's favorite food is raw steak.[6]
  • Taz would main Heavy with the Tomislav weapon on Team Fortress 2.[7]
  • Taz would main Ridley, Incineroar and Terry in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[8]



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