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Rypite Koldan
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Guilty As Charged! Rypite Koldan, but it looks like you already knew that. Guess my Rypit-ation precedes me?
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Emanant Aspect



12 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity

He/Him (Male)



Screen Name


Typing Style

Speaks in a bold voice. Uses proper syntax, but additionally capitlizes the first letter of words he thinks are important.


Sirage Feltri - Matesprit (Bonded.)
Hayyan Refero - Moirail Gascon Koldan - Ancestor


Sirage You're Not Gonna Believe This ♫
Wonder Turner ♫




Rypite Koldan is a secondary troll in Vast Error. His associated alchemic sigil is Iron Pyrite.

He was first revealed in the February 24th Trollodex reveal, alongside Crytum Lydian. His bullet points were:

  • a bold Capitalist
  • makes good weather of everything
  • plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery

Etymology[edit | edit source]

"Rypite" is an anagram of "pyrite", referring to his sigil. "Koldan" is a shortened version of "kolchedan", an old word for "pyrite".

Biography[edit | edit source]

Thaumatrope: Syzygy[edit | edit source]

Rypite is shown to be a little bit younger than he is now. Having a vault nearby his hive inscribed with his sigil, Sirage and her previous tomb-raiding group were keen on getting close to him in order to pillage the contents.

He is shown to be a very proactive host, if a little weak-willed, during the ensuing party in which he himself is introduced. He notes that most of the people there just invited themselves, but that it was okay, because they're all having fun. Sirage ends up pulling him outside to get away from the rowdy guests and after their conversation, ends up giving Rypite her trolltag.

The next day, Sirage comes by unannounced, just as Rypite was busy cleaning up the remnants of the party. Despite the inconvenient timing, he simply puts the remaining odds and ends into his captalogue, more than happy to spend time with a new friend. They proceed to watch a movie together that he's incredibly enthusiastic about, much to Sirage's annoyance, and she ends up leaving during the climax due to his energy. Afterward, upon meeting again, Rypite is shocked to be met with the offer of a moirailagence despite how little they've known eachother. Upon acceptance, Sirage proceeds to move in with him and Cepros.

The next time they meet, Rypite asks about their tomb-raiding career. Cepros is keen not to have him tag along but Sirage is quick to include him anyway- Picking a tomb they haven't finished exploring yet, where Rypite successfully clears a single puzzle for a diamond Sirage quickly pockets.

As they venture further down, they run into a group of presumed archaeologists that work for art museum owner Phoene, and Sirage's incriminating picture gets taken as she flees the scene. That picture is used against her as Rypite attempts to help her get an honest job, working for the very person she stole from.

Despite the humiliation, Rypite convinces her to keep trying to live an honest life in a frankly touching sequence within the comic. They share a hug before heading home, and the first sparks of a red crush ignite.

After a few failed attempts, they finally land a trial-run of a management position within a coding company with Rypite smooth-taking the elderly hiring director. They're given a project, and a team, and things start to look up for them both as the team puts together a rudimentary outline. At home, after a productive day at work, Rypite is offered to sleep with Sirage in his borrowed recuperacoon. Things heat up as the two begin to kiss before Rypite is scared off by the implications.

As the deadline grows closer and the team struggles along, tension begins to build at home. Sirage, enraged by Cepros' blatant disregard for their roommate, kicks all their friends out of the hive before going off. She directly confronts Cepros and Rypite about the blatant exploitation going on, and he confesses that he knows full well, and that it's okay for him to pretend that it's real. Cepros then turns the narrative onto Sirage, revealing her initial plans, and prattling on about how he can't be certain she isn't using him either. His mind goes blank as Cepros blatantly asks if he can even trust her not to stab him in the back, and he can't formulate a response, leading Sirage to storm out and disappear.

Without Sirage, the project begins to fall apart. Despite his attempts, he can't get his team to work together, and the deadline looms ahead with only wices to spare and both their positions on the line. She returns in the nick of time, though, with the two sharing a heartfelt exchange about the situation, ending with them both crying in eachothers arms- Despite Sirage claiming that she totally isn't. Much to his relief, her return helps the team get back on track, and by the time the deadline hits they have a mostly functional beta build of their program. Despite the rough edges, the client approves further development, and the two finally secure their jobs.

Outside, Sirage gives him a gift; A microphone to be the radio host he always wanted to be. Feeling bad for not having anything in return, he takes her hands and kneels down, pouring his heart out to his beloved in an emotional scene before they finally head home.

Snowbound Blood[edit | edit source]

In Volume 2, Rypite is visited by chief regulator Secily in regards to the Snowbound Blood case. Despite the nerve wracking experience of being visited by essentially a judge, jury, and executioner, he remains friendly and cordial, answering most of her questions with a pep in his step.

Secily considers crossing him off the suspect list fairly quickly before stumbling into a question he doesn't respond well to. He gets visibly nervous, outright trying to change the subject, before she finally breaks him down. It turns out that his grand 'crime'... Was simply neglecting his duties to give pep talks to his matesprit.

Rypite is swiftly no longer considered a suspect.

Afterwards, Rypite clears his board of important notes and sketches to make room for a brainstorm session to help Secily, despite the approaching deadline for them.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Rypite is good at making an impression, with the voice of an anchorman and the charisma of a successful businessman. He comes off as a stereotypical "Cool Boss," being very upbeat and empathetic. His level of empathy could be considered extreme, however, mourning the loss of inanimate objects as if they were people. This level of empathy can also interfere with his job, inspiring him to temporarily skip work to console his matesprit or erase important work near a deadline to make room for a brainstorming session with Secily.

Rypite's mind seems to be all over the place, coming up with various ideas at once and having to write most on colorful post-it notes as not to forget.

He lives his life through motivational speeches and sayings, frequently quoting (and misquoting) inspirational phrases to others and himself. He also has a love for wordplay and dad jokes. He generally aims to keep conversations light and friendly, going so far as to stall for time when he feels as if he isn't going to like what he's about to hear.

Rypite is incredibly passionate about practically every aspect of his life, including but not limited to his job, his soulmates, his lusus, his friends, weather and outer space. He has a hard time choosing favorites, as they all rank #1 on [his] list of Favorite Things!

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Sirage Feltri[edit | edit source]

Sirage is Rypite's matesprit, and the two are a very happy couple. Rypite adores Sirage to pieces and gushes about her frequently, keeping pictures of her in his office and on his Skorpe theme. Despite fearing the consequences of doing so, he was more than happy to come back from work breaks late to spend time comforting and encouraging her while she was stressed.

Secily Iopara[edit | edit source]

During Secily's investigation, Rypite was one of the many trolls investigated, and also one of a good few to attempt to offer assistance, wiping away all of his work to try and help. Not much headway was made during their brainstorming session, but the gesture was appreciated nonetheless.

For a brief moment, he was considered a possible suspect, but in the end the only secret he had was occasionally taking longer on breaks to offer Sirage support.

Cepros Xirong[edit | edit source]

In Thaumatrope: Syzygy, Rypite and Cepros have a complicated and toxic relationship built on Cepros' exploitative tendencies and general disregard for the people around them. On Rypite's end, he knew there were no good intentions from the start, but went along with it anyway to feel like someone 'cool' actually valued him. On Cepros' end, being close with Rypite ensured a nice place to crash and someone to essentially do their bidding out of hospitality. Of course, the following red advances angering Sirage was also a bonus.

Hayyan Refero[edit | edit source]

Rypite and Hayyan are moirails.

Ro-Man[edit | edit source]

Ro-Man is Rypite's lusus. Rypite got him from an art collection, as Ro-Man was a movie star and was in several movies. The two seem to get along well though, with Rypite being able to bargain with him after he picked up Sirage in a King Kong style.

Phoene Pegmin[edit | edit source]

Rypite considers Phoene an acquaintance and both appear to be on good terms with each other. Phoene displays the artwork of his ancestor in her art museum, which Rypite gave to her on his own accord, and almost hired Rypite to work at her museum before he declined the position.

The Bravura[edit | edit source]

The Bravura, otherwise known as Gascon Koldan, was Rypite's ancestor. Rypite lived in one of Gascon's mansion-sized sheds before moving out with Sirage. While he admires his ancestor and his artwork, he hasn't kept anything he inherited.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His would-be classpect is the Rogue of Space.
  • Rypite and Crytum's trollodex entry was the first to be revealed with an additional comment: "[Not to criticize your investigative skills, Secily, but these two? Re a l l y ?]"
  • Rypite was originally created by Vast Error writer Xamag, although with a somewhat modified design. The canonicity of his original Toyhou.se information to Vast Error is unknown.
  • He has a podcast called "Weather Or Not It's A Good Day", the majority of which is him talking about the weather.
  • As of his Snowbound Blood route, his Skorpe friend request to Sestro has yet to be accepted.
  • In Volume 2 of Snowbound Blood, Secily Iopara describes his voice as "Deep, but not rumbly, like black honey."
  • In Thaumatrope, Rypite is shown to have had a stutter when he was younger.
  • He's also shown to have misaligned teeth and a protruding fang in earlier pages of Thaumatrope.
  • Him and Sirage enjoy a 'guilty pleasure' type of cartoon. The adventure follows Scally, Clover, Plasma, and Bubble against the 'Alchizard,' which reveals Scally's true idenity as the fuchsia-blooded princess Jellia.
  • He is canonically autistic.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Referneces[edit | edit source]

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