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Skaia is a massive celestial body that resides at the core of the Incipisphere.

Skaia's name is a portmanteau of "sky" (possibly alluding to the ancient Greek personification of the sky, Ouranos) and "Gaia" (the ancient Greek personification of the earth, and Ouranos' wife).


Skaia is a cosmic cloud of bright, multicolored matter. It serves a similar role to a star in the center of a star system, and is described as the "nucleus" of the Incipisphere.

Skaia is said to exist as a living force - an essence of unlimited creative potential, containing a well of knowledge. [1]


Repiton and its moons, surrounded by Skaia's nebula.

Previous Sessions

In prior sessions, Skaia encompassed the home planet of the carapacians. The planet would morph into a checkered battlefield, eventually being completely destroyed by the carapacians in order to guarantee their mutual demise.

Trolls' Session

Before the troll session began, Skaia created a shield around itself. After each player entered the Game, the entry meteor that was supposed to hit that player's hive instead hit the Skaian shield, damaging it in the process. After Ellsee's entrance into the Game, the shield shattered, and Repiton was forcibly teleported into the space that Skaia occupies.


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