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Weird Al
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And you're still going to become so much MORE than that, when given your due. DCRC icon.png
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That Weird Alchemist

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Time & Space

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He/Him (Male)




Corruptedcultist ♫
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Bite The Hand That Feeds You ♫



Weird Al is an adult troll and major antagonist in Vast Error. He is the founder and leader of the Harbingers of the Alpocalypse, one of Repiton's leading cults. He acts as Edolon Vryche's mentor, guiding him to unlock his true potential.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Weird Al is named after the real-world musician "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Snowbound Blood[edit | edit source]

Weird Al started his career as a simple entertainer, presumably releasing comparably tame content since acording to Serpaz Helilo, his earlier work is the only thing worth caring about DCRC icon.png. At one point, however, his behaviour and content changed dramatically, leading to him the leader of his newly-formed cult, the Harbingers of the Alpocalypse. The cult is comprised by trolls of different blood colors, with its most notable members being Edolon Vryche, Seinru Narako and Talald Hieron. At one point, Weird Al formed an alliance with Hulk Hogan's Mirthamaniacs, and gifted Serpaz an accordeon via Edolon, who would continue to use it as an excuse to stalk her relentlessly DCRC icon.png.

During Snowbound Blood[edit | edit source]

Weird Al appears prominently in Snowbound Blood: Volume Twelve when Secily Iopara is offered one final duel. He summons a black blade to combat Secily's Proserpina, however, he also uses his control over space and time to quickly gain the advantage over his opponent. After literally and figuratively disarming her, he offers the final hit to Edolon, since he perceives this as a more... poignant ending to this chapter.

During Vast Error[edit | edit source]

His first appearance is on Murrit's hive, along with Edolon as they gather the equipment the 12 main trolls need in order to enter the Game. He is later seen in Dismas' hive as he gives him his personal codes, as well as setting up the portal with the help of the creatures DCRC icon.png. When the process has been completed, he kills Dismas' lusus and kicks Dismas into the portal DCRC icon.png.

Later, he is seen using Lefty as a sacrifice to activate Edolon's powers.

During I2S2, Weird Al launches an attack on Stronghold 21 alongside the Mirthamaniacs, where he indiscriminately kills civilians while leaving the spotlight to Edolon.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Weird Al appears to be exceptionally knowledgeable of Alchemy, given that he has the unique ability to manipulate two aspects. His abilities include the creation of portals DCRC icon.png, levitation DCRC icon.png, and the direct manipulation of space and time to tear objects apart DCRC icon.png. He occasionally uses a black, barbed blade to fight.

He is charismatic as proven by his ability to lead a cult, a powerful alchemist and an accomplished fighter as proven by his victory over Secily Iopara. Secily describes his face as inscrutable.

Despite this, he can also exude more childlike traits.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Edolon Vryche[edit | edit source]

Edolon is an avid follower of Weird Al. In exchange, Weird Al seems to act as his personal mentor, shown to have a positive consideration of Edolon's role in the cult on multiple occasions. Their relation also includes physical affection as proven by the noogie he gives his mentee DCRC icon.png.

Talald Hieron[edit | edit source]

He seems to be fond of Talald, calling her his "cheery little scout" and mediating a conflict between her and Pozzol DCRC icon.png.

Seinru Narako[edit | edit source]

Although little is known about their personal dynamic, it is implied Seinru held Weird Al in some positive standing, given she both joined the Harbingers and later sacrificed themself to advance the cult's goals.

Hulk Hogan[edit | edit source]

It is unclear the exact relationship between Hulk Hogan and Weird Al. Though each have separate goals for their organizations, they seemingly have enough respect for each other as to form an alliance. However, this may be a ruse by either or both sides simply to further said goals.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Alpocalypse is also the title of his real-world counterpart's 2011 album, Alpocalypse.[1]
  • Weird Al's outfit as of Intermission 2 Side 2 is based off of the outfit his real-world counterpart wore on the cover of his album, Mandatory Fun.[2]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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