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Rejoice and Be Merry.
Someone you loved has died.

The memory of it haunts you.


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Intermission 2, Side 1


Act 3 Act 1

The second side of the second intermission is also known as "Rejoice and Be Merry." The story focuses on the secondary cast introduced in Snowbound Blood and what happens on Repiton shortly after the end of Act 2.

The main events of the intermission include the death of the Executive and Sestro Enthal’s inheritance of memories, as well as a mass attack on Stronghold 21 led by the Mirthamaniacs and the Harbingers of the Alpocalypse.

Summary[edit | edit source]

  • DCRC icon.png White Noise regains control of the story from Mimesis, lamenting to the audience and recapping the events of Snowbound Blood
  • DCRC icon.png The view shifts to a young Clarud Enthal (Also known as The Executive, Sestro Enthal’s ancestor) over 100 hundred sweeps in the past. Grieving the death of a lover, he travels to his childhood home.
  • DCRC icon.png To his shock, Clarud encounters the Vivifier and the Forgiven, two legendary figures. They ask him to reduplicate their descendants (Ellsee Raines and Arcjec Voorat, respectively) in the distant future so that The Game will take place.
  • DCRC icon.png Sestro Enthal and Hamifi Hekrix are shown in the present day. They prepare to visit the dying Executive, discussing Secily Iopara’s death and Sestro’s limited relationship with his ancestor.
  • DCRC icon.png The pair enters the room where The Executive is being tended to. He speaks with them alone, revealing that he has kept a secret store of the Vivifier’s blood to keep himself alive for well over a hundred sweeps. The sole purpose of this was to ensure the Aspect Holders would be born. Hamifi and Sestro are understandably upset.
  • DCRC icon.png The Executive dismisses Hamifi, leaving Sestro alone with him. The two discuss Sestro’s visions for the future, as well as how he feels about his responsibilities and The Executive.
  • DCRC icon.png The Executive transfers all of his memories to Sestro, overwhelming him, and promptly dies.
  • DCRC icon.png Racren Innali is now shown. As a crew leader on the Black Moon, he’s been trying to reach Hamifi after Repiton and its moons were suddenly teleported to The Medium. Hamifi orders him to evacuate the moon with the rest of the crew.
  • DCRC icon.png After a call with his matesprit, Turnin Kaikai, Racren tells the crew to evacuate and searches for a young crew member who was outside by himself. He is observing his new surroundings and has realized that he can breathe in the new atmosphere. As Racren looks around, he wonders just where the hell he is now.
  • DCRC icon.png Turnin Kaikai, having just eaten a ridiculous amount of food, scrolls social media and races to the inauguration of their moirail, Sestro Enthal.
  • DCRC icon.png Necron Exmort attempts to call Crytum, who is hanging with Bytcon and Glomer. The three of them are busy worrying about seemingly apocalyptic circumstances, as well as Endari’s whereabouts. Endari rushes in, having been slowed down by various cult encounters and a giant pillar being dropped.
  • DCRC icon.png Necron finally gets a hold of Crytum. Oricka joins, and the three discuss their plans for stopping a cult attack that will take place at Sestro’s inauguration.
  • DCRC icon.png Sabine overhears their conversation and plots to tell everyone at the inauguration that there will be an attack.
  • DCRC icon.png Meanwhile, Rypite and Sirage are waiting for the inauguration ceremony to begin. They discuss it with Hayyan.
  • DCRC icon.png Raurou, paranoid, is patrolling the streets nervously when he spots Talald dashing around a corner and chases her.
  • DCRC icon.png Hamifi attempts to call Sestro again to no avail. Sestro is wandering the main Corporate building, catatonic and hallucinating due to the force of The Executive’s memories. An imprint of The Executive speaks to him, talking about a certain someone wanting to meet him before abruptly returning him to consciousness.
  • DCRC icon.png Sestro wakes up with Hamifi, who encourages him for his upcoming inauguration.
  • DCRC icon.png The Principal speaks with two of their alchemists and orders them to “ensure everyone is safe.”
  • DCRC icon.png Sabine encounters Talald, who knocks him out and leaves him unconscious in an alleyway to be found by Raurou.
  • DCRC icon.png The Boys meet up with Necron, who tells them that they have to help fight the cultists. Necron then provides weapons for the four of them from his truck.
  • DCRC icon.png Weird Al brings Talald back to the cultists, where they go over the attack plans.
  • DCRC icon.png Sestro begins his speech at the inauguration ceremony, only to be interrupted by Turnin, who is then shooed offstage by Hamifi.
  • DCRC icon.png Raurou rescues Sabine, who exclaims that it’s too late to tell everyone about the attack.
  • DCRC icon.png Sestro continues, talking about the flaws in the Corporate system and announcing that he will be dissolving the conglomerate.
  • DCRC icon.png Edolon interrupts the speech, coming onstage and monologuing. Sestro recognizes him.

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