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Edolon Vryche
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Are you happy with your life? DCRC icon.png
First Appearance DCRC icon.png


Dolo (by Seinru Narako)
Ed (by Talald Hieron)
EdoLOSER (by Serpaz Helilo)
Altar Boy (by Serpaz Helilo)

Emanant Aspect



15 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity

He/Him (Male)



Typing Style

Uses the "Book Antiqua" font and types with proper grammar and syntax. Will sometimes use the ":)" emoticon. In person, speaks in all lowercase.


Seinru Narako - Matesprit (Bonded. Deceased.)


Chamber Cultist ♫
Pursuit Of Happiness ♫
Rejoice And Be Merry ♫
Ritual Summoning ♫
corruptedcultist ♫
Catacombs ♫
Requiem For A Dying Planet ♫




Edolon Vryche is a secondary troll and an antagonist in Vast Error.

He is a member of The Harbingers of the Alpocalypse, Weird Al's mysterious apocalyptic laughter cult that forces and brainwashes people into being happy. He regularly tries to coerce Serpaz into joining it. His associated alchemic sigil is Purification.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Edolon's name likely comes from the word eidolon, meaning either "a representation of an ideal form", a ghost, or an elusive entity, all of which fit Edolon's character and motif to some degree

In mythos, eidolones were "daimones (spirits) or ghosts which possessed the living", which may hint at Edolon's change in nature following Seinru's sacrifice.[1]

Vryche may come from "ryche", a middle english spelling of rich, or perhaps, in more modern context may even denote "an enemy player that is quite challenging to eliminate or fight against" or "one who talks in a strange, obtuse fashion regarding online forums".[2]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Snowbound Blood[edit | edit source]

Reduplicated as the descendent of the Holistic Blight, Edolon was raised by the Executive to take over the Repiton Corporation one day. As a shy and insecure child[3], he was deemed unfit for the role and replaced by Sestro Enthal. He eventually ended up in contact with Weird Al and joined his cult, where he quickly rose in the ranks and presumably met his later lover Seinru Narako.

During Snowbound Blood[edit | edit source]

Edolon is present at Secily's final confrontation with Seinru and her fight with Weird Al. After Secily is defeated, he is offered the chance to kill her. He does so by running Proserpina through Secily's heart, dedicating his kill to this filthy world's first cleansing death.

During Vast Error[edit | edit source]

Act 2[edit | edit source]

He first appeared in Murrit Turkin's hive, along with Weird Al, telling him that he will prepare everything that the 12 main trolls needed in order to enter the Game.

Edolon would later assist Serpaz into entering the game, helping with creating the portal and providing the codes needed, then tossing her into her portal. However, he would also kidnap Lefty to be brought to the Harbingers' hideout to be sacrificed to Weird Al with Hulk Hogan present to "unlock the essence of doom dwelling within my soul." and granting Edolon markings of an alchemist. In the same room is his matesprit's corpse who had their throat slit by Edolon as a sacrifice for most likely granting his Doom powers. He would think back to the conversation he had with Seinru, revealing that he was nervous about the whole situation and afraid of losing Seinru, worried that he wouldn't be able to play the role he was given. Seinru would comfort their matesprit, telling Edolon that "As long as you're still here, I'll never truly be gone." While leaving the room Edolon would notice Necron Exmort who was disguised as a cult member at the time, which Edolon would reveal to Necron that the Harbingers and their allies were ready to make their move on Stronghold 21.

I2S2[edit | edit source]

Edolon would make his presence known once again at the corporate meeting after Clarud Enthal's passing, interrupting Sestro's speech after proposing that they dissolve the Repiton Corporation and walking onto the stage Hamifi Hekrix and Sestro Enthal were on. Hamifi tries to remove Edolon from the stage but is stopped by Sestro, who recognises Edolon's face from the visions granted to him by the Executive's memories. Sestro asks Edolon if they had met somewhere before which Edolon would respond with "i was gone before you arrived." Edolon begins his own speech towards the crowd gathered there, revealing that he in fact isthe descendant of The Holistic Blight, who is the man who the Executive was soul mates with, stating that "clarud enthal made me. he raised me as his prodigy." and due to this Edolon believes that he is the "rightful inheritor of the ruined world he left behind." He then goes on to reveal the markings of an alchemist on his hand, and asks for Sestro to do the same, for which he complies. At this point The Principal, who knows of Edolon from before he had vanished 9 sweeps ago, asks his alchemists to bring Edolon back to him. Edolon continues his speech as red portals created by Weird Al surround the area and allow the Mirthamaniacs, Harbingers of the Alpocalypse and Homunculi to spill into the area. Edolon continues his speech as his allies surrounded the area, before declaring that "THIS ROTTEN, DESOLATE CARCASS OF A WORLD... BELONGS TO ME!!!" The next page is [S] Incursion.

Incursion[edit | edit source]

To brief over Incursion, Edolon fights Sestro and Hamifi while the troll crowd that was gathered there was for the Corporate event are slaughtered by his allies. Named trolls in Incursion are Edolon Vryche, Hamifi Hekrix, Sestro Enthal, Culium, Oricka Rourst, Necron Exmort, Endari Vernir, Bytcon Krypto, Crytum Lydian, Glomer Hicner, Turnin Kaikai, Secily Iopara used as a Psyop by Edolon, Hulk Hogan, Weird Al, Sirage Feltri, Rypite Koldan, Hayyan Refero, Sabine Berare, Raurou Dersal, Talald Hieron and Pozzol Broyer. With Clarud making an appearance at the very end after Sestro is defeated.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Edolon is as mysterious as he is creepy. From what little is known of him, Edolon seems to behave like a religious fanatic and is in constant pursuit of new members. He knows how to get under people's skins, and isn't afraid to prey on their insecurities under the guise of concern or innocent questions. Edolon has a deep-seated belief that everyone has a role to play, and chastises those who act outside of their role, saying to Serpaz you need to learn when to lie down and play the part you're meant for, comic relief. and often refers to the main trolls by their Archetypes rather than their names. This belief is born from being denied a continued life as the Corporate heir due to not being fit for the role, he now seeks to regain the power he would've obtained as the Corporate heir through the assistance of the Harbingers.

Despite successfully appearing confident and superior when he has the upper hand, for example when talking to Serpaz, Edolon has shown uncertain and nervous qualities before the sacrifice of his lover Seinru DCRC icon.png. In a similar vein, he appears tense and skittish in front of Secily Iopara, who takes special note of his bad posture and his visible exhaustion. He only grows more self-assured when it becomes clear he is in control of the situation.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Seinru Narako[edit | edit source]

Seinru was the lover of Edolon before they were sacrificed for the cult under vague circumstances. Seinru is one of the few people Edolon allows himself to be more vulnerable around. Seinru at least partially instilled Edolon with the belief that "THIS ROTTEN, DESOLATE CARCASS OF A WORLD... BELONGS TO ME", telling him Everything, from here to obliteration, belongs to you.

Weird Al[edit | edit source]

Edolon seems to respect and look up to Weird Al, following his orders without question and helping spread his cult’s ideology. Weird Al, in turn, seems to act as Edolon's personal mentor, shown to have a positive consideration of Edolon's role in the cult on multiple occasions. Their relation also includes physical affection as proven by the noogie he gives his mentee DCRC icon.png.

Clarud Enthal[edit | edit source]

Edolon resents the Executive for replacing him, but it is clear that their relationship was strained even before the break. Secily remembers Edolon as a shy, silent boy who repeatedly fails the tests of determination Clarud gives him.

Serpaz Helilo[edit | edit source]

Before noticing Weird Al's gradual shift into lunacy, Serpaz accepts an accordion from Edolon on Weird Al's behalf and as a consequence finds herself repeatedly pestered by Edolon with invitations to join his cult. She declines due to her growing distaste for Edolon, who she considers a nuisance and a creep, and the cult he follows, who she claims that they make liberal use of brainwashing to make people laugh. This doesn't stop Edolon from messaging her, however. Serpaz's resentment only grows after Edolon lususnaps Lefty and threw her into her Land's portal.

Albion Shukra[edit | edit source]

Albion made contact with Edolon through Serpaz's Jerrytop, the two would talk with Edolon letting on that he knew about Albion calling her "Seer", Albion would later say about her meeting with Edolon *the*displeasure*still*courses*through*me*like*the*beat*of*a*tepid*drum*

Sestro Enthal[edit | edit source]

Edolon despises Sestro for being his replacement as the Corporate heir and projects a great deal of his hatred for the Corporation onto him viewing him as a symbol of the power he's lost. As such many of his statements towards Sestro relate less to a personal hatred of him and more towards hate for his past lack of independence stating Sestro's idea of dissolving Corporate are only "the idyllic musings of someone who only pretends to speak for himself.". Sestro received hazy memories of Edolon from Clarud through their mutual connection to Mind, but is only confused by Edolon's presence and thought nothing of him personally prior to the events of Incursion.

Calder Kerian[edit | edit source]

Calder and Edolon have been colluding in currently unknown ways for similarly unknown reasons. Edolon's statement on Calder's reason to ally with him, "Let's get you the respect you rightfully deserve.", reveals they have similar motivations. Edolon believes he deserves power owed to him through his previous status as Corporate heir and he believes Calder wants respect owed to him from the loss of sea-dweller royalty.

Secily Iopara[edit | edit source]

Edolon believes himself and Secily share a great deal in common, both being given roles to fill by the Corporation and being gravely hurt by them, Secily through the loss of 90.Qf8 ..Everything but Proserpina. ..Qd8. and Edolon through the loss of alchemical power. Secily disagrees with this notion and frequently affirms Edolon is only a coward and a criminal who extrapolates his own experiences with Corporate for his radical beliefs. Secily did fill the same role for Edolon as she did to Sestro and Hamifi and Edolon stated he wanted to please in the same manner he wished to please the executive, Secily does not look fondly upon that time.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Edolon's blood is described as being Aubergine colored.
  • The cult mascot used in Edolon's supposed Skorpe theme is a reference to Weird Al Yankovic's character on Wander Over Yonder, Dr. Screwball Jones. Both the cult and Weird Al's character attempt to make others laugh through coercion and force, rather than through genuine means. Dr. Screwball Jones is used as the symbol of the cult, and a link to his song 'Let The Pun Fit The Crime' is left in the narration.
  • His would-be classpect is Bard of Doom.
  • Edolon has done multiple poses (two panels even being an exact replica) similar to Nagito Komaeda from Danganronpa.
  • Rom M, composer of multiple DCRC tracks, has released a cover of Barbie Girl, sung by Edolon.

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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  3. "[You've] never heard him utter a single word before", "He was given a test of determination, and he had failed", stated by Secily in Volume 11

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