Upon the Twelfth Hour

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Upon the Twelfth Hour is an in-fiction play written by Sova Amalie. It follows a set of 12 characters all based on the aspect holders. Each character is supposed to be played by the aspect-holder corresponding to them.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

The Songbird[edit | edit source]

The Songbird is based on Sova Amalie.

The Stranger[edit | edit source]

The Stranger is based on Dismas Mersiv.

The Lonely[edit | edit source]

The Lonely is based on Arcjec Voorat.

The Pundit[edit | edit source]

The Pundit is based on Jentha Briati.

The Invoker[edit | edit source]

The Invoker is based on Ellsee Raines.

The Enlightened[edit | edit source]

The Enlightened is based on Albion Shukra.

The Entertainer[edit | edit source]

The Entertainer is based on Serpaz Helilo.

The Forthright[edit | edit source]

The Forthright is based on Laivan Ferroo.

The Practitioner[edit | edit source]

The Practitioner is based on Occeus Coliad.

The Champion[edit | edit source]

The Champion is based on Taz Poemme.

The Watcher[edit | edit source]

The Watcher is based on Murrit Turkin.

The Nobleman[edit | edit source]

The Nobleman is based on Calder Kerian.