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Silhouettes of the twelve main trolls.

Trolls are a humanoid race of aliens originally from the webcomic Homestuck, hailing from the planet Alternia in its source material. In Vast Error, they are from Repiton, the singular life-bearing planet in the entirety of its universe, the Solitary Universe.

Trolls have grey skin and dark yellow eyes. They also have pointed teeth, yellow nails, black lips, and black hair. Their most noticeable features are the horns sprouting from their heads, which resemble candy corn (i.e. red-orange bottoms, progressing gradually to yellow at the tips). These horns can grow in a number of different shapes, sizes, and even numbers, and are usually fairly distinct between individuals.

An individual troll may possess one of several different colors of blood spread across the color spectrum. This is known as the Hemospectrum, a now mostly obsolete, stratified caste system that used to assign social status based on blood color. Low-ranking trolls were regarded as "Lowbloods", whereas high-ranking trolls were referred to as "Highbloods". Most of this system went obsolete post-Renaissance on the planet. Different blood castes also have varying biological aspects, such as differences in body temperature along with the various tactical and animalistic survival attributes among Lowbloods (i.e. playing dead, pseudo-healing factors, etc), and the gills possessed by the nearly extinct seadwellers. Before maturity, trolls have dark grey irises, but these fill in with their respective blood colors as they age. Trolls' tears, gums, tongues, and sweat are also the color of their blood, but in a more diluted fashion.

Young trolls have first and last names with six letters each, the former of the two chosen by the trolls themselves at a very young age, which leads to nicknames being very common on the planet. Certain important historical figures may come to possess titles, typically eight letters long, though there are exceptions to the rule.

Each troll has a sigil, usually depicted somewhere on their clothing or body, which is passed down from their respective ancestor. The sigils of repitonian trolls are all based on alchemical substances, processes and concepts.

Individual Trolls

Aspect Holders

Main article: Aspect Holders

The main cast of Vast Error.

Other Vast Error trolls

The secondary cast of Vast Error.

Snowbound Blood trolls

The main trolls featured or introduced in Snowbound Blood.

Thaumatrope trolls

The main trolls featured or introduced in Thaumatrope.


The Renaissance

Main article: The Renaissance

A period of time demarcated by cultural and social shifts within troll society on Repiton, most notable of which was the slaughter of most fuchsia-blooded trolls and desecration of many scientific and historical records. This culling of the sea-swelling populous led to an overabundance of pollution in the sea, creating what is now known as "The Black Depths".


Main article: Repiton

After countless attempts across several versions of the universe with several species playing The Game, Repiton is now the final planet able to have a chance at freeing Kheparia from her cyclical nature from within the Solitary Universe due to White Noise nearing death. The source of his power, the Green Sun, is close to the end of its lifespan. Without it there can be no more sessions and no more chances to free Kheparia, ensuring the end of all existence to the pleasure of Gaiaeon. White Noise takes this initiative and attempts to craft the most perfect variant of The Game for the trolls to play. It is still unsuccessful through normal means, however, a failsafe can be crafted that allows them to properly finish The Game and achieve their goal. White Noise has taken extreme measures within the cast and, supposedly, their planets' history and ancestry to ensure this.

Repitonian Game Session

Main article: The Game

A majority of the trolls are unaware of their purpose and of The Game itself until the day when Repiton would supposedly end. They are stated to be a team of eleven with the exclusion of Ellsee, but she ends up finding about The Game regardless and, through the words of her ancestor within a journal given to her along at birth, becomes a useful tool in the remaining trolls entry processes due to her knowing the personal entry codes of the cast.

The rest of the trolls game session is yet to be seen.


Repitonian society is a plutocracy, a large portion of which is owned by Corporate. Most Repitonian trolls live in Strongholds, large city states owned and regulated by Corporate. However, there is a large amount of trolls that do not live in strongholds, most of which are living on their own or in small villages. In these groupings of trolls that do not live in strongholds, there are large swathes that take part in Cults, as well as those that live on either the white or black moon. Repiton itself has very few governing structures outside of corporate, so large buildings that are not corporate owned, were most likely built before Corporate existed.


Repitonian trolls do not reproduce in person, nor with the aid of a Mother GrubMother Grub as Alternian and Beforan trolls do. Instead, Repitonian trolls are asked to go to a local reproduction stable a few times within their lifespan and leave behind some form of genetic material for a Service Droid who attempts to make your experience personal and comfortable. The more DNA a troll leaves within the system, the more prominent the genes will become within the donors eventual descendant. Descendants are normally made several sweeps after the donor troll has died, with the donor becoming that trolls ancestor.

Trolls are then made in an artificial birthing process within a corporate facility with the DNA left behind by the donors. They are essentially cloned using a device known as the Reduplicator, using the genes of donors to create new trolls of a similar genetic makeup. The further processes of early life on Repiton are currently unknown, though we can assume there are more notable differences from other types of trolls in Homestuck and Hiveswap. One of which being that trolls may possibly attend some form of "school" along with the fact that they choose their names upon first being born with the aid of creatures known as Accouchement Golems. This fact leading to most trolls having very odd names that don't make any sense as actual words and that some trolls end up greatly disliking their names growing up, leading to nicknames being a very common occurrence on the planet.

According to Occeus, Post-Renaissance trolls only have a lifespan of 28-55 sweeps while Pre-Renaissance trolls had a much longer lifespan.


When two trolls in a "Romantic" romance officially couple sexually and cement themselves fully into their fully-fledged red or black quadrant, the two are then emotionally and chemically bound to one another in the process. To have and to hold one another for as long as they may live.

After this act is complete, the couple must then frequent in each others presence or suffer consequences likened to a sort of addiction withdrawal. This normally never happens unless the partner is extremely absent for long periods or perishes to another.

A sad fact of all romantic entanglements is that they have the possibility to fail. Given the intense nature and selection progress for partners in any quadrant, a majority of these splits are amicable. However, in troll society, it is considered a taboo to split post-physical coupling.

In the event that this happens, with or without support to help you through it, the symptoms of addiction withdrawal can eventually be broken off through self-treatment and care; but it is an extremely tedious, long and painful process.

Though even with this help, the emotional attachment to the lost coupled relationship will never wither afterward.

The act of recoupling a bonded relationship in the same quadrant is also considered a taboo.


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  • Skorpe; A messaging platform commonly used by trolls on Repiton.
  • Reduplicator; A machine that uses the genes of donor trolls to create new trolls.
  • Soda; The beverage of choice on Repiton, the flavors of which have different medicinal properties.

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