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Calder lives at the west end at the bottom of the Black Depths.

Calder's hive






Calder Kerian


Throne Room

Calder throne room.png

The Throne Room has the portrait of his ancestor, which was covered by a magenta curtain.



The Corridor consists a number of chandeliers, a mini fountain and a statue of Poseidon/Neptune, the god of the seas. It also contains the portraits of himself and his former quadrants and friends as it follows: Occeus Coliad, Serpaz Helilo, Murrit Turkin, Arcjec Voorat and Laivan. At the end of the corridor is an elevator which would take him to the Grand Fairway.

It also consists the paintings of:

  • The Kraken
  • The Starry Night
  • The Birth of (Troll) Venus
  • The Creation of (Troll) Adam


Caldur standing in the elevator going up
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Grand Fairway

Calder grand fairway.png


The gate with Calder's sigil on it.


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