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The Cell
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Tranquility is an asset harshly underutilized in the minds of others. That is why yours acts as a personal safe haven. DCRC icon.png



The Cell is an enigmatic location, seemingly detached from the rest of the Incipisphere. Albion and the rest of the Star Children can access it at any time via meditation.


The Cell is a realm of swirling, indistinct colors; in this way, it resembles the nebula of Skaia. Emotions can greatly affect the atmosphere of the Cell; as Albion experiences more turbulent emotions, like rage and grief, the Cell grows progressively darker, its cloudy appearance shifting into that of a storm.


Cyprim Shukra frequently visited the Cell in order to speak with her lusus, the Guardianspirit. However, after a fateful meeting with White Noise, she chose never to enter it again. Moments before her death, she projected her consciousness into the Cell in order to warn her descendant, Albion, of the things to come. During this conversation, Cyprim informs Albion that the Cell is not a safe haven, but a prison.


The Cell is the only place in which the Guardianspirit can manifest. The Star Children and Albion can project their consciousnesses into it, but their bodies stay in a meditative trance in the physical world.

Kheparia can be seen flickering in and out of the Cell alongside Albion's entry codes, DCRC icon.png but it is unclear what this indicates.


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