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The Incipisphere is the dimension created and maintained by White Noise that exists within The Static. The name is derived from the word "incipient", meaning beginning or emerging. Each Incipisphere is central to one session, with different sessions having their own Incipisphere. It is structured as follows:

The Medium

Main article: The Medium

The Medium is the thick of the Incipisphere encompassed by the orbital path of Derse around Skaia, to which a player is transported to upon entry.

The Dark and Light Kingdoms

Main articles: Prospit and Derse

There are two kingdoms that occupy the Incipisphere. Both kingdoms are comprised of a planet with a moon physically connected by a thick chain. The Light Kingdom, called Prospit, orbits near Skaia, with its moon skirting through Skaia as it orbits around Prospit. The Dark Kingdom, called Derse, has its own distant orbit around Skaia past the orbital paths of the players' planets.

Each kingdom is a palette swap of the other, with both exhibiting a complex network of Gothic architecture. Similarly, the inhabitants of Prospit bear a white carapace, while the inhabitants of Derse have a black one.


Main article: Skaia

Skaia is the central celestial body within the Incipisphere.


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