Land of Labyrinth and Surge

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Land of Labyrinth and Surge
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Dismas Mersiv





The Land of Labyrinth and Surge, abbreviated as LOLAS, is Dismas Mersiv's planet in the Medium.


LOLAS is a warm-toned dark grey planet that appears dark purple from afar. It takes the form of a maze with constantly shifting pathways. The walls are columned and appear to be stone, occasionally with light grey foliage growing on them. Green sopor-colored pools, hanging magenta lanterns, and carved murals of Forcas are also present.


The inhabitants of LOLAS are Dismas’ pangolin consorts, powerful hostile creatures, and Dismas himself.


Some time ago, all of the pangolins - save for one - migrated to the surface of the planet in order to escape the monsters in the labyrinth.


  • Unlike most of the others[1], Dismas started at his planet’s core.
  • The nature of LOLAS could allude to roguelikes, a subgenre of video games characterized by a dungeon crawl through procedurally generated rooms.
    • If so, LOLAS could be a pun on Dismas' title: a Rogue being given a roguelike planet.


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