Land of Bane and Gargoyles

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Land of Bane and Gargoyles
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Occeus Coliad





The Land of Bane and Gargoyles, abbreviated as LOBAG, is Occeus Coliad's planet in the Medium.


LOBAG is encased by lime-green skies and clouds. It is covered in a massive storm of raining blood, which pools into jagged gorges on the planet's surface. The terrain is largely flesh-colored, and parts of the land are covered in teeth/claw like structures that ooze blood. Black Gothic style architecture, like bridges and manors, are also present on the planet.


The current inhabitants of LOBAG are Occeus, Rogi, and gargoyle consorts, of which Wormwood can utilize to observe the planet. The planet is also home to large, nightmarish monsters made of blood.


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