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Guess My Name.
[I2S1] SAY IT.


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Act 2


Intermission 2 Side 2

The Second Intermission, Side One is entitled as Guess My Name, though it is not currently shown from the Vast Error adventure map. The story focuses on the Dead Shufflers as they tried to explore the structure of the Hotel California, as well as finding the Arch Nemesis of Jack Noir.

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Hotel California[edit | edit source]

  • DCRC icon.pngThe story starts off with a flash animation, introducing the Dead Shufflers.
  • The Derse is shown for the second time as the scene changes in what appears to be a diner, dead corpse plopping down on the table.
  • A door opens and reveals the members of the Dead Shufflers, as it follows:
  • The next scene shows the Dead Shufflers inside of the cinema as they watch the scene of Barbie and Ken doll dancing from the screen.
  • Hotel California is shown, as well as a new character.
  • Various items and toys are shown throughout the flash.
  • The Dead Shufflers makes their ways onto the Hotel California as Scathing Sharper held out a paper with a drawing on it as they went inside.
  • DCRC icon.png Scathing Sharper introduces himself and explains that he was been invited by his Arch Nemesis, who discloses the name and also to end the source and "cat and mouse" game once and for all. He lets the other member explore the other parts of Hotel California  and steal everything that deems valuable.
  • DCRC icon.png Scathing Sharper inspects the figurines on the table.
  • DCRC icon.png Scathing Sharper tries to vandalize the portrait on the wall, unfortunately, he didn't bring the weapons that he needed.
  • DCRC icon.png Scathing Sharper boots out his Nickelodeon Computer and tries to search
  • DCRC icon.png Scathing Sharper checks on Ask Jeeves about the hotel's policy as he searches for the hotel's floor plan.
  • DCRC icon.png Scathing Sharper reminiscence the fifth member of their group, who apparently betrayed them.
  • DCRC icon.png Scathing Sharper opens the chatroom as he tries to inquire information from their enemies, but is instead directed to the shopping tab.
  • DCRC icon.png Scathing Sharper tries to buy a knife, but pocketed the Barbie's Horse Adventure instead.
  • DCRC icon.png He then reads the small letters on the Queuecard instead.
  • DCRC icon.png He retrieves a card from the Queuecard and toss it on the wall as a door appears. He ventures inside.
  • DCRC icon.png Scathing Sharper enters the Green Room or precisely known as the Felt Manor. The scene switches to Charmed Defalcator, who apparently ties up their lookalikes.
  • DCRC icon.png Charmed Defalcator wears a Elvis Presley costume and tries to intimidate the unknown tied up group.
  • DCRC icon.png Lively Stumbles voted out 3-to-1 on the subject of getting tied up by the little pipsqueak as Charmed Defalcator thinks of other things.
  • DCRC icon.png Charmed Defalcator pulls out Lincoln Mestorial from his Memoransom and settles it onto the Slip N' Slide.
  • DCRC icon.png As Charmed Defalcator was busy dancing, Clawback Declarant chewed his way through the group's self-imposed binding but dies later from an internal bleeding from eating all the spaghetti
  • DCRC icon.png Charmed Defalcator tries to call Defrauding Dealer as the scenario changes back to Scathing Sharper, still in the Felt Manor as he recalled the previous events.
  • DCRC icon.png Trace, Fin and another fleet-footed gangrene ghoul play a game of Monopoly as SS search for more bodies. He then wanders down the hall when HB suddenly appears.
  • DCRC icon.png HB tries to be SS, but the perspective now changes to Defrauding Dealer, who's now taking a drink.

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