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Slow, Yet Infinite.
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This young troll stands in his respiteblock. It just so happens that today, the 22nd bi-lunar perigee of the 3rd dark season's equinox, is the day of this indicated troll's larval awakening, also known as his wriggling day. A night that stands out in infamy among the rest of the litter, mainly just because of the fact that it really doesn't need to exist.


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Intermission 1

The first act of Vast Error is titled Slow, Yet Infinite. The act is an introduction to half of the main twelve trolls with a primary focus on Arcjec Voorat. It begins the world building of the planet Repiton, while setting up the idea of what major actions are needed to enter The Game and what importance the cast will hold in the future.

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  • DCRC icon.png The first troll is introduced as Arcjec Voorat and goes with the troll tag animatedHumorist.
  • DCRC icon.png Someone threw a rock on Arcjec's respiteblock, presumably trying to get his attention.
  • DCRC icon.png Arcjec investigates the sound and panics after he didn't see anything or anyone suspicious on the outside of his respiteblock.
  • DCRC icon.png Arcjec tries to hide under his desk when he suddenly gets a message from WA.
  • DCRC icon.png Skorpe, a major means of communication Vast Error, is introduced. Arcjec's friends are seen in his contact list as it follows: sanguineAllegory , gigantisDebilitation, furbishFacilitated, existereOracle, demiugreQuantified, pliableDecadence, windlessArtificer, macabreExude, perniciousOverkill, unclapsedKahuna and grandioseSaturation.
  • DCRC icon.png WA messages Arcjecs and asked him for two things: if he wanted to join Anthromunicipality with him and UK and if he has any spare glue. Arcjec declines the offer and tells him that he doesn't have any glue.
  • DCRC icon.png Arcjec investigates the surroundings when he suddenly fell out of the window and wallows in a pool of mud. The perspective tries to change to WA, but is busy as of the moment.
  • DCRC icon.png The perspective changes to PO, introduced as Taz. Just Taz.
  • DCRC icon.png Taz is suddenly messaged by UK and explains to her about the Game and wanting all of his friends including her ,to play with. UK also explains that to play the game, she has to contact Arcjec, which she refuses and then ceases messaging UK.
  • DCRC icon.png Taz investigates the sound coming from the outside of her hive and sees that her lusus had killed a troll and is impaled on stalactite peaking out of the ocean neighboring the hive.
  • DCRC icon.png Arcjec wakes up from his dream with another drawing in his hand
  • DCRC icon.png The perspective switches to DQ, introduced as Albion Shukra.
  • DCRC icon.png Albion suddenly gets a message from her moirail, which happens to be Taz. She opens her Spirograph Modus, retrieved her Astral Projector and activates it using her spirit powers. It can also electronically access The Cell.
  • DCRC icon.png She activates the Skorpe and answers Taz, who was explaining about her previous conversations with UK. Albion tells her she doesn't have an idea about it and instead mentions that she has big plans today.
  • DCRC icon.png Albion tells her that she'll be the one to save her and her friends and that the world is ending, which Taz accepts. She then ends the conversation and calls out to her lusus, ready to merge with it.
  • DCRC icon.png The Star Guardian, Albion's lusus, tells her that their planet was meant for destruction and not for salvation.
  • DCRC icon.png The perspective changes to GD, who is introduced as Dismas Mersiv.
  • DCRC icon.png Dismas receives a message from his "partner-in-crime", which happens to be UK, who tells him to need to go outside and tonight was important as UK tries to save his friends from an impending doom and bring the Game into light.
  • DCRC icon.png Dismas encounters one of UK's remote surveillance robots, Boobdrone, and is underwhelmed by it.
  • DCRC icon.png Dismas still doesn't believe in UK until he points out to the sky, a falling meteor heading to the planet.
  • DCRC icon.png The perspective switches back to Albion for a moment before switching back to Dismas, who looks up to his lusus who had recently escaped as he prepares to attack.
  • DCRC icon.png UK is introduced as Murrit Turkin.
  • DCRC icon.png Murrit fondly regards of his past self.
  • DCRC icon.png The narrator vaguely mentions the concept of Quadrants, which depicts four types of romance with their own symbol as it follows:
    • Matespritships/Flushed Quadrant ( <3 )
    • Moirallegiances/Pale Quadrant ( <> )
    • Kismesissitudes/Caliginous Quadrant ( <3< )
    • Auspisticisms/Ashen Quadrant ( c3< )

The shiloutte of The Vivifier and The Unknown/The Forgiven appears.

  • DCRC icon.png Murrit checks back on Dismas, who was apparently still attacking his lusus and briefly checks on ME.
  • DCRC icon.png Murrit receives a message from WA and GS. He answers WA first, conversing about the coming events of the night.
  • DCRC icon.png Murrit answers GS next, which is about the night's event but with a terse and unpleasant tone on it.
  • DCRC icon.png The narrative switches to the Dream Self of WA (referred as "The Blue Dog", who's doing a round of delivering news in Prospit, one of the two kingdoms in the Incipisphere. It also vaguely explains the history of the two kingdoms: Prospit and Derse.
  • DCRC icon.png WA decides to visit the Dream Self of Arcjec.
  • DCRC icon.png Before WA exits the premises, the perspective changes to an unknown location and a new character appears.
  • DCRC icon.png WA and the new character discusses about the purpose of the Game and its existence. The new character hands him the medallion with the Green Sun on it.
  • DCRC icon.png WA finds himself unable to breath and the new character uses his abilities to send him away. The television switches to the sleeping figure of WA.
  • DCRC icon.png WA is introduced as Laivan Ferroo and retrieves the Green Sun on his desk.
  • DCRC icon.png Laivan receives a message from PD and discusses Murrit's plan for the night, which also happened to be their anniversary.
  • DCRC icon.png Albion reaches out to Laivan, who's unfortunately away from his computer.
  • DCRC icon.png Albion receives a message from SA.
  • DCRC icon.png Albion is then thrust back into her vision with her lusus and demands an explanation.
  • DCRC icon.png An unknown person possessed Albion's body and messages Dismas, who apparently retreated in a nearby hideaway by the waterfall and wasn't aware of Albion being possessed.
  • DCRC icon.png The unknown person warns Dismas to not "follow credence of the man who spins words like yarn" and to stop "the limeblooded vessel to his heart", leaving Dismas deeply confused and concerned for his friend.
  • DCRC icon.png The perspective switches back to Murrit, who ventures to the Frog Temple and appears to be bloodied as a result of the traps he set beforehand.
  • DCRC icon.png Murrit approaches the temple's time capsule flower and waits for it to open
  • DCRC icon.png Murrit receives a message from Laivan, who's concerned for Albion after receiving a panicked messages from her.
  • DCRC icon.png The flower opens and in a burst of light, twelve rays shoot off in a variety of directions and towards everyone's computers, forcefully installing the game in the process.
  • DCRC icon.png Taz angrily messages Murrit, saying that he tampered with her computer, which he quickly denies.
  • DCRC icon.png Taz tries to figure out the game mechanics when she sees Arcjec who's passed out on the floor covered in crumpled up parchment. She decides to message him.
  • DCRC icon.png Arcjec wakes up and sees the game's cursor, which drags him to his computer.
  • DCRC icon.png Arcjec inspects the game mechanics and opens Skorpe
  • DCRC icon.png Arcjec opens Taz's messages and begins bickering with her, whilst opening Murrit's memo.
  • DCRC icon.png He dismisses the memo and Taz forces him to look out his window and look at the meteor hurtling towards his hive.
  • DCRC icon.png Arcjec begrudgingly agrees to work with Taz and the two of them begin working to unravel the secrets of The Game.
  • DCRC icon.png Arcjec realizes the symbols he has been writing in his sleep since he was young are connected to the game and begins inputting them.
  • DCRC icon.png The television, still on Arcjec's perspective, suddenly glitches as the unknown narrator speaks up.
  • DCRC icon.png The glitching stops, as Arcjec and Taz inputs their own set of codes in the game window.
  • DCRC icon.png Arcjec prints out the numeric codes.
  • DCRC icon.png Arcjec grabs his scythe and allocates it as his strife specibus. He too then takes the book on top of his thermal hull and captchalogues it in his Replica Modus.
  • DCRC icon.png Arcjec and Taz bickers once again and this time, it's about their past.
  • DCRC icon.png The narrator vaguely states the fate of the twelve main trolls.
  • DCRC icon.png The end of Act 1 encompasses a flash animation.

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