Vast Error: Intermission 1

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Hello Again.
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My dear Bonehilda, my little Boner, I’m sure you are both lively due to all the festivities taking place.


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Vast Error: Intermission 1 (or Hello Again) is the first intermission in Vast Error, serving as a bridge between acts 1 and 2. It follows White Noise from within The Static as he explains to an unknown audience, presumably the reader, a majority of concepts related to The Game and its cast along with answering questions brought up from Act 1. It is currently the shortest act/intermission in the comic with only 19 pages.

Summary[edit | edit source]

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  • DCRC icon.png The newest character introduces itself as White Noise, whom Kheparia created to act as a mediator to the other half, Gaiaeon and the eternal guardian of Repiton. They are also the ones who created the Game.
  • DCRC icon.png White Noise introduces The Static, which they currently resides on.
  • DCRC icon.png White Noise vaguely explains the structure of the Game and 12 players.
  • DCRC icon.png White Noise introduces his wife, Bonehilda and his kid, Boner, to the unknown audience.
  • DCRC icon.png White Noise enters a room, wherein the Incipisphere is located.
  • DCRC icon.png Knowing that the unknown audience wants to move on, White Noise thanks the unknown audience for the company and proceeds to sit down at the television. He tells them that what he does and says are akin to commercial breaks.
  • DCRC icon.png The channel switches to the newest character, ending the first intermission.

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