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Pramen Kasahz

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Pramen Kasazh is a troll in the Haustoria chapter of Thaumatrope. His associated alchemic sigil is soot.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The name "Pramen" might originate from the Serbo-Croatian word for tuft or lock of hair.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Pramen is first seen in the village discussion about what to do with the disease. It's stated that he has been living in the village for 2 sweeps at that point, perhaps a runaway.

Due to his knowledge on cattle, Lutzia assigns Pramen to assist in the lab. For the same reason, Lutzia asks Pramen to check up on her mosquito larva lusus. While he explains he hasn't dealt with such larvae before, he assures Lutzia that her lusus is fine, but isn't exactly sure why it's taking long to pupate. Pramen says he believes it'll pupate eventually.

When Urodea starts violently coughing, Pramen questions Mecera if she scratched them due to her survival ability of venom nails. Soon after, Pramen runs off to find more help.

While Gerbat and Sahvel work on harvesting, Pramen walks up to them with a plant inside of a jar, showing off how weird it is. He explains that the plants can be found at the graves, Kheparia's life tree and mainly just anywhere around the village.

Pramen can be seen getting infected while cleaning a furnace. He finds a plant growing from the floorboards, and pulls out the entire root without gloves, causing an infection on his hand.

At one point, Pramen decides to check up on Gerbat. He gives Pramen some sort of tea he's been working on alongside "Hermit", assumably to test out wether it works. Pramen is concerned about the safety of it, but drinks it anyway. Soon, Pramen consults Sahvel about a weird vein he saw on himself. Sahvel suggests running a test, but Pramen decides to shrug it off.

One night he has a nightmare about his hand growing into the bed. After waking up, Pramen is met with a massive growth right above him, vaguely similar to himself. This causes him to get up and burn his hive down with the help of Borwik. Pramen gets questioned by her about any infections, and she comes to the conclusion that it's necessary to cut Pramen's arm off. He tries to convince her there might be another way, but with no budge. Out of fear, Pramen starts to run away, with Borwik chasing him while yelling that he can't leave. Borwik trips, losing Pramen, and she returns to the village in flames.

The current whereabouts of Pramen are unknown.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Pramen seems sheepish, generally unsure of things. Despite the way he's unsure or unaware in some ways like plant identification, he's still curious and willing to understand, even if that leads to theorizing or believing certain rumors. In general, Pramen is shown to talk quite a few times about stories and theories.

Pramen is the herder of the village, and is shown to have some knowledge on cattle.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Sheep lusii[edit | edit source]

Pramen is an exception with how trolls have a lusus, as he has a herd of sheep as multiple lusii. Pramen is shown to worry about them eating certain plants when the research was first getting started.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pramen was originally created by Vast Error writer Xamag.
  • His would-be classpect according to his would be Maid of Breath, but Xamag has said that the profiles aren't entirely canon to what's shown in Haustoria.

References[edit | edit source]

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