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Someone you loved has died.

The memory of it haunts you.


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Intermission 2, Side 1


Act 3 Act 1

The Second Intermission, Side Two has no current title from the Vast Error adventure map. The story focuses as to what happened during the Reconstruction Era, 9x sweeps before the Corporate Inception.

It also focuses on Sestro's ancestor: The Executive, as well as Arcjec and Ellsee's ancestors: The Unknown/The Forgiven and The Vivifier, respectively.

The Static

  • DCRC icon.png White Noise sits down as he tells the audience the unexpected control of the narrative by Mimesis apologizes about it.
  • DCRC icon.png WN goes on about his experiences as the television shows the images from the events that has happened during the Operation: Snowbound Blood.
  • DCRC icon.png Clarud Enthal, Sestro's ancestor is shown as the perspective switches to an unknown location.
  • DCRC icon.png A part of Repiton is shown, as the era is set in Reconstruction Era, 9x sweeps before the Corporate Inception.
  • DCRC icon.png A younger Clarud Enthal appears.
  • DCRC icon.png Clarud continues to travel in different locations as he reflects on his past, particularly the demise of his former partner.
  • DCRC icon.png Clarud arrives in his destined location, he once called his home.
  • DCRC icon.png Clarud enters inside of his house.
  • DCRC icon.png As he takes a look at the portrait, a silhouette appears behind him.
  • DCRC icon.png The Forgiven used his powers and slams Clarud on the wall.
  • DCRC icon.png The Vivifier asks whether or not he is Clarud Enthal. She told him that not only she knows him, but they've been searching for him.
  • DCRC icon.png The Executive reminds Sestro that he will be always bound to him, and the only difference is his justification.
  • DCRC icon.png The Executive also explains that they are vessels, who are meant to carry their own burdens and must learn to accept it.
  • DCRC icon.png The scenario switches to Necron's truck, with the rest of the survivors as they escape.
  • DCRC icon.png The survivors arrived at the barn, where Mshiri and Husske are currently living.
  • DCRC icon.png As Necron, Mshiri, Cinare and Oricka discuss, Endari tries to comfort Bytcon while Sirage and Hayyan helps Rypite. Raurou slowly approaches Sabine as Glomer sees Gerbat.
  • DCRC icon.png Hamifi and Turnin carried a bloodied and badly beaten Sestro inside of the barn.
  • DCRC icon.png Husske watches Valtel as he keeps saying that he told Secily everything that was going to happened, but no one believed him.
  • DCRC icon.png The sigil of The Unknown/The Forgiven is shown.
  • DCRC icon.png The perspective switches back to The Static as the television shows the sigil of The Unknown/The Forgiven once more, ending the Intermission 2, Side 2.

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