Sound Test I

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Sound Test I
AA Sound Test I.png


October 31st, 2019


Kurt "Rnd" Burton
Ian Kraemer
Grace "power46" Medley
Michael Guy Bowman

Sound Test I is the ninth album released on the Vast Error Bandcamp on October 31st, 2019. The album can be found here ♫.

Track List

  • Blue songs are songs that you can only get from downloading the entire album.
  • A " Decon-recon icon.png" indicates a song used in-comic, and clicking the logo will link you to the page it was used on.
  • [UF] denotes an unfinished track.
  • [Demo] and [Beta] denote a draft version of a track.
  • [Loud] denotes a track with a volume warning.

  1. Our Tapestry [UF] ♫ (1:18)
    • by votl
    • Planned to be the intro for Catch 322, but the file was corrupted before it could be finished.
  2. Calm Before The Storm ♫ (4:29)
    • by sympolite
    • Originally the title theme for 'You're Happy Now', a game being made by austinado from 2015-2016. Was going to be reutilized as an Arcjec song.
  3. Dismas's Theme [Beta] ♫ (1:21)
    • by pragmaticNihilist
    • Originally made for Catch 322, scrapped it was discovered that there were no plans for a Dismas-centric walkaround in the future at the time the song was made. May eventually be repurposed into a standalone track.
  4. Godroot [Demo] ♫ (8:08)
    • by Kurt "Rnd" Burton
    • Demo meant to be attributed to Wormwood, Denizen of Blood. Was planned to be attached to a now scrapped denizen album, most tracks of which ended up on Vol. 4.
  5. BLOODRIGHTCORE ♫ (2:45)
    • by psithurist, fucked up by Kohi
    • Literally just Blood Right from Vol. 3, but it's nightcore now. We are so very sorry, psithurist.
  6. Cultista De Le Sala (Radio Mix) ♫ (1:48)
    • by VeritasUnae
    • "A lo-fi Spanish version of Chamber Cultist that eventually (with the help of dbnet) became Pursuit of Happiness. Used in the 'War From Another World' radio play submitted for the Vast Error Yulepassing Fic Jam on AO3."
  7. Reverent ♫ (2:01)
    • by dbnet
    • Song originally meant for Vol. 3, but was scrapped due to a lack of satisfaction with the sound. Probably would have been related to Calder or Occeus.
  8. Tomatoes ♫ (4:14)
    • by Circlejourney
    • Yet another Solana arrangement meant for Vol. 4 but scrapped for time and a lack of polish. It was originally titled 'Belladonna' but since we already have another song on here titled that, we gave it a sillier name to distinguish itself.
  9. Minute To Win It [Demo] ♫ (0:54)
    • by SplitSuns
    • "Minute to Win It was originally created as a one-off doodle I made to test some instruments out. I came across this interesting 90s-electro synth backing while working on the UMSPAF track "Home" with power464646, and decided to throw together a quick song based around it. This is the first version of that file, with the synth lead, a rudimentary bassline, and some drum loops."
  10. Minute To Win It [Demo 2] ♫ (1:51)
    • by SplitSuns
    • "An updated version of the demo file with more sections; still relatively unpolished, but I began to add more instruments inspired by 90s big beat as well as a rough outline of the guitar outro."
  11. Minute To Win It [Demo 3] ♫ (2:00)
    • by SplitSuns
    • "The final version of the demo file. I added the SFX intro (made by throwing a quick snippet of a snare drum through tape delay) and polished up the composition and instrumentation throughout. At this point I realized I had made something deserving of more work than a demo: I talked to Austin about it and work on Minute to Win It began."
  12. Minute To Win It (No Intro) ♫ (3:05)
    • by SplitSuns
    • "An alternate version of Minute to Win It without the "video game startup" opening. This was supposed to be the version of the song that made it onto Catch 322, but I felt the SFX intro was too sudden to work well as an album opener."
  13. Minute To Win It (Slowed) ♫ (4:19)
    • by SplitSuns
    • "A "vaporwave" version of Minute to Win It I made for fun while working on the song."
  14. yo dogg whos bumpin that hotline miami noise at 5am [UF] ♫ (1:10)
    • by Cerulean
    • Scrapped track intended for Vol. 4, tossed aside in favor of Secure.
  15. JCore [UF] ♫ (1:41)
    • by Kal-la-kal-la
    • "One of the scraps I offered to develop for Vol. 3 for Austin, he preferred the other one which became Sunrise, I didn't expect anything to ever come of this file but I like the sound it had."
  16. The Creatures Of The Depths ♫ (1:44)
    • by Ian Kraemer
    • Originally meant to go on Spatial Interference, but was removed because it didn't really fit the storyline of the album in any way.
    • by whimsi
    • Created to be a Murrit track, but was eventually abandoned due to a lack of interest.
  18. Here We Go [Beta] ♫ (1:48)
    • by votl
    • Work in progress for a track that is meant to go on an eventual votl solo album, potentially focused on the relationships of the main cast.
  19. Albion's Theme (Ucklin Cut) ♫ (4:15)
    • by Grace "power46" Medley and Ucklin
    • Edited version of Albion's Theme with extra flourishes added by Ucklin. This was going to be the final version of the song, but it wasn't finished in time for the release, so the original cut was chosen.
  20. Serpaz's Happy Accordion Funtimes ♫ (1:19) DCRC icon.png
    • by VeritasUnae
    • All of the little accordion ditties from '[S] Serpaz: Play your soul out on the accursed accordion'. Plus a few that didn't make it in. Ordered by original conception, not including the section specifically taken from Weird Al's Polka song or John Mulaney's 'No'.
  21. Alpocalypse [Loud] ♫ (0:34) DCRC icon.png
    • by SplitSuns
    • Audio used in the hidden "WEIRDAL" screen of '[S] Serpaz: Play your soul out on the accursed accordion.'
  22. Kazoo Call ♫ (0:45)
    • by Kurt "Rnd" Burton
    • Joke track recorded as a prank for the VEMT.
  23. Immortal (Country Rock Mix) ♫ (2:55)
    • by Circlejourney
    • Edited version of Immortal, stripping down and adding some intruments to make it sound like a completely different song. CJ does not remember why this was done at all.
  24. At Death's Door [Demo] ♫ (0:45)
    • by dbnet
    • Riff concepted for Sorush, Denizen of Doom on the scrapped denizens album. It would later be revamped and utilized for 'Be All End All' on Vol. 4.
  25. Lovecraft [Beta] ♫ (1:32)
    • by Sympolite
    • Originally used as a barkeeper shop theme in 'You're Happy Now'. The song is being revised as a Dead Shufflers track.
  26. Ellsee's Theme (Take 1) [UF] ♫ (0:48)
    • by pragmaticNihilist
    • First of five concepts for Ellsee's Theme. One of which would eventually become Sirage's Theme in Snowbound Blood and another being the final version. This version was lost and then later found much too late.
  27. Ellsee's Theme (Take 2) [UF] ♫ (1:26)
    • by pragmaticNihilist
    • Second version of Ellsee's Theme. Scrapped because of dissatisfaction with the sound, but would influence what the final version became.
  28. Ellsee's Theme (Ft. Calder Kerian) [UF] ♫ (1:37)
    • by pragmaticNihilist
    • Fourth version of Ellsee's Theme, with the idea being that Calder sort of hijacks the track much as he tries to hijack Ellsee's role in the comic. Rejected as it didn't really seem to fit Ellsee specifically as a character.
  29. Belladonna (Radio Mix) ♫ (1:42)
    • by VeritasUnae
    • "A jazz take on Solana for the War From Another World radio play. This is the full amount of the song I made (so far? wink)."
  30. Hope Onwards ♫ (3:00)
    • by FRUITYTEE
    • Albion song originally made for Vol. 5 but the song file was corrupted. Basically finished outside of some mixing issues.
  31. The Static [Demo] ♫ (3:37)
    • by Kal-la-kal-la
    • The original full live recording of The Static, sans the record player effects by sympolite.
  32. Day After Day [Demo] ♫ (2:04)
    • by pragmaticNihilist
    • Original concept for Day After Day from Repiton, revised for the final album.
  33. Arcjec's Theme (Scrapped Guitars) ♫ (2:01)
    • by SplitSuns
    • "A version of Arcjec's Theme with different guitars. I made this part of the track over the course of a few days in April. I only revisited the song in late June, when I swapped out the guitars for the updated samples in the final version."
  34. Arcjec's Theme (Detuned) ♫ (3:03)
    • by SplitSuns
    • "An alternate take of Arcjec's Theme a quarter step lower in pitch. I considered using this for Catch 322 to match Minute to Win It's similar detuned effect, but decided on the original take instead."
  35. Arcjec's Theme (Slowed) ♫ (3:57)
    • by SplitSuns
    • "A "vaporwave" version of Arcjec's Theme I made some time after finishing the song. I had given Minute to Win it a similar treatment and wanted to see what it would make other songs sound like. Results were predictable: very cool."
  36. Hesitating [UF] ♫ (1:05)
    • by Circlejourney
    • A theme made for Jentha, meant to go on Catch 322. Scrapped because it didn't fit the tone of the album.
  37. Talking Hands ♫ (1:43)
    • by sympolite
    • Battle theme originally made for 'You're Happy Now', was going to be reutilized as a White Noise song.
  38. Disk Of Violet ♫ (2:52)
    • by Kurt "Rnd" Burton
    • A song based on the Star Childrens purple emotional response (compassion). Originally made for a scrapped Star Children album that never came to be due to a lack of interest and information.
  39. Rootin' Tootin' [UF] ♫ (2:29)
    • by dbnet
    • Scrapped Dismas track for Vol. 4, abandoned due to a lack of time and the sound not necessarily fitting the character.
  40. Satellites ♫ (8:42)
    • by Ian Kraemer
    • Cut track from Vol. 4, removed as it didn't fit the tone of the album.
  41. Anywhere Can Be Paradise [Demo] ♫ (3:18)
    • by votl
    • First version of Anywhere Can Be Paradise, originally lacking orchestration and made with a piano and chiptune lead in mind.
  42. Anywhere Can Be Paradise (Alt. Take) [UF] ♫ (1:02)
    • by votl
    • A sort of reprise version of the original Anywhere Can Be Paradise, scrapped in favor of the final track.
  43. Sympath [UF] ♫ (0:41)
    • by Cerulean
    • The first track ever submitted by Cerulean to the VEMT, sent more as a test than anything made to be finished. A test of their sound, if you will.
  44. Land Of Wave And Record [Demo] ♫ (2:04)
    • by Kurt "Rnd" Burton
    • Concept made for a scrapped land centric album.
  45. Negative Feedback [Beta] ♫ (5:38)
    • by whimsi
    • Originally made for Catch 322 but is currently being wholly revised for an eventual release, potentially on Vol. 5.
  46. Procel [UF] ♫ (1:01)
    • by votl
    • Unfinished track for Procel, Denizen of Void. Originally made for the scrapped denizen album.
  47. Alter Schmerz ♫ (0:37)
    • by sympolite
    • Song that plays after you die in 'You're Happy Now', was going to be utilized in a later walkaround but the initial concept that would have used it was scrapped.
  48. The Show Must Go On ♫ (3:56)
    • by SplitSuns
    • "A song I finished in 2015, at the end of 8th grade. This was one of the first songs I wrote entirely by myself without using Apple Loops, made on a Mac at my old middle school. It was a silly techno track that I decided to reference Showtime in just because I thought it sounded cool. Although I've improved since, the melody never left my mind: I ended up reusing most of it in Murrit's Theme years later, albeit altered and placed under a different chord progression."
  49. Murrit's Theme [Demo] ♫ (0:39)
    • by SplitSuns
    • "An early version of Murrit's Theme with a different chord progression on the verse. This take was very similar to The Show Must Go On, but after feedback from the team I decided to alter it for the final version."
  50. Bittersweet [Demo] ♫ (3:00)
    • by votl, extra guitar work by Sburito
    • First recording of Bittersweet from Vol. 4.
  51. Sweeps Past [UF] ♫ (2:43)
    • by sympolite
    • Originally a concept for the credits of 'You're Happy Now', then meant to be a track relating to the past of the main cast.
  52. you used to call me on my bell phone ♫ (3:32)
    • by Ian Kraemer
    • Concept originally meant to be expanded for Vol. 1, but ended up being scrapped for Renaissance.
  53. Solstice [Demo] ♫ (1:59)
    • by Kurt "Rnd" Burton
    • Scrapped track from Vol. 4, unfinished due to time constraints.
  54. The Midnight Meat Train ♫ (1:14)
    • by sympolite
    • Butcher shopkeeper theme from 'You're Happy Now', was going to be reused in a walkaround but was scrapped.
  55. Undone [UF] ♫ (2:02)
    • by Kurt 'Rnd' Burton and votl
    • Scrapped collab between Rnd and votl meant for Vol. 4, abandoned due to time constraints.
  56. Sea Level ♫ (5:01)
    • by Ian Kraemer
    • Cut track from Vol. 4, removed as it didn't fit the tone of the album.
  57. Star Crossed [UF] ♫ (1:46)
    • by sympolite
    • VHS rental store shopkeeper track from 'You're Happy Now', was originally going to be repurposed as an Albion track but was scrapped.
  58. Sickly Green Glow [Demo] ♫ (2:50)
    • by Kurt 'Rnd' Burton
    • Original concept for Sickly Green Glow from Vol. 3.
  59. Bohemian Rhapsody (VE Mix) [UF] ♫ (5:35)
    • by Michael Guy Bowman, Ucklin, pragmaticNihilist, and SplitSuns
    • An unfinished cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," featuring Michael Guy Bowman.
  60. Glimpses Of Perfection [Loud] ♫ (0:44) DCRC icon.png
    • by SplitSuns
    • Audio used in [S] WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM. Loops infinitely in the animation; this version consists of two loops and a fade-out.


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